Send username and password to another application

I would like to send a user name and a password to another application, and process the input. so I have Application A which has a window that requires a username and a password. and we have Aplication B that is running. Application B needs to search

C # App .exe console not running outside of Visual Studio

I'm trying to run my .exe file for a console app I made. When I go to /bin/debug/~~~.exe it won't run. However, it still manages to build from inside Visual Studio. How can I get this to work?I have experienced the same situation, my exe is just a si

Py2Exe No file or directory errors

I have a simple python 2.7 script using external module ("requests").. I'm using py2exe and having problem when running the exe. code::: import requests r = requests.get('') print r.status_code print r.text setup.p

Running a C # executable from Iron Python

I want to create a WinForms application. However, the application I want to run it with only supports Iron Python scripts. Is there a way I can create the form in C#, and then call that exe from Iron Python? I would build the form in Iron Python, but

to export the powershell cmdlet as an executable

Are windows power shell cmd lets stored on the computer as individual files or not. If so what is the extension of those files. If not is there a way to export them as individual files? this would be useful say if I only needed a few cmdlets I could

Make any command in CMD works in a .BAT file as a .EXE file

Redirecting CMD Commands To An EXE File Long story short, basically I have the problem that every time I run BCDedit on the .BAT that I converted into an .EXE it never worked and I thought that the reason why it wasn't work was because it wasn't on P

How to start form2 in a new process?

I have a project with two forms, and I need to start form2 in a new process, how can I do this? I know there is Form2 f2 = new Form2(); f2.Show(); this.Hide(); But in this case that is not good for me. I need to start in a new process (as an another

how to convert an msvc exe project to a dll project?

in the exe project: int WINAPI WinMain( __in HINSTANCE hInstance, __in_opt HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, __in_opt LPSTR lpCmdLine, __in int nShowCmd ) { g_hMainWnd=CreateDialog(hInstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_DIALOG1),NULL,(DLGPROC)DialogProc); RECT rcWnd;

pyInstaller: Import Error

I'm in Windows, using pyInstaller to package an python file. But something error occurred: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 2, in <module> File "D:\Useful Apps\pyinstaller-2.0\PyInstaller\loader\

Return of .Net EXE Data to Powershell

I have a powershell script that calls an executable to do some data crunching and the script needs to retrieve the results from by the executable file. Wondering what options I have on plate for this inter process communication Can I have the executa

Can not kill a process in Perl

I wrote a code to run an exe file as follow: #!/usr/local/bin/perl use Cwd; $directory = 'e:/USER/'; chdir($directory) or die ; system("Bnc25-Windows.exe -nw"); Now I want to write another code to stop it. I wrote: #!/usr/local/bin/perl use Cwd;

EXE The size is too large in Delphi XE2

I have created a simple project in Delphi XE2 with only 3 or 4 delphi forms which are only 8 or 9 KB in size. But If I see the exe size, its 12MB. I don't know how? What could be the reasons?You're using the default Debug build configuration, which i

How can I compile C files into an executable (.exe) file?

I am unsure about compiling C files into executables by using Cygwin under Windows 7. Can anyone please tell me how to do this? I've read some tutorials but still don't get it. I understand that I need a Makefile, but what shall I write into it to ha

is there a tool to package an Adobe AIR to exe?

I am creating an adobe air application, I want to package the AIR file into an exe file with customs installer properties..Is there any tool available??? Please help meAdobe AIR application is designed to run with Adobe AIR Runtime. If you have the o

The executable file runs by double-clicking

I have written and compiled a program in c using gcc through cygwin, and everything works fine when I run the program from the command line; however, when I double-click the executable file, the command window briefly flashes on the screen, but nothi

Reduce the exe file

Using Delphi (or in general any tools, if exist of course), is it possible to reduce size of an exe file, removing all code that not is used but that is present there? (for example, a function or procedure that is present but is never called). I reme

How to group a JRE with Launch4j?

I have Launch4J on my computer and it's a great program. One of its features I'm interested in is the ability to bundle a JRE in the general .EXE file. However, I can't find any documentation that describes how to go about doing this. How do I bundle

Problems with Batch to EXE Running CD

As a favour, I'm compiling a number of videos on a DVD. They're all different resolutions, codecs and containers. To save myself sometime I thought I'd just bundle in MPC and have a batch script launch them. I was told they need an icon and since the

How to make Selenium IDE as exe?

I downloaded Selenium IDE code.Now i want to start selenium IDE just by double clicking on it not as firefox plugin.Any Idea which helps me to start IDE as a desktop application is appreciated.Thanks in advance.As everyone has noted; Selenium IDE is

Exe possible service?

Is it possible to have a .exe run as a windows service?You can use a Windows app called SC.exe :

run an exe file in the c # .net application panel

I want to run an exe file on my winform .net application within the panel using c# code I'm able to run exe file on the button click with System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo and Process p = Process.Start("notepad.exe"); but what is the code to r

How to load an integrated icon from an exe file with PyWin32?

I have an exe file generated with py2exe. In the I specify an icon to be embedded in the exe: windows=[{'script': '','icon_resources': [(0, 'my_icon.ico')], ... I tried loading the icon using: hinst = win32api.GetModuleHandle(Non