How can I capture events from a switch in a UITableViewCell?

In Xcode 8.3.2 Swift 3.1, I have a UITableView where each row contains a label and a switch. I can manage the switches as a group (process the array), but what I would really like is to have a ValueChanged event fire in the parent UIViewController wh

Managing ScrollEvent on TableView takes CPU time too much

I have a TableView named tableVerre and I want to have every row of it checked for a criteria ( stock column value ) and execute some code on them as I scroll so I wrote this code but it makes the program consume a lot of CPU time, I'm not familiar w

Why is it impossible to register an activity with EventBus?

I'm working on an Android project which use EventBus to provide message to a client. I used the line of code below to initialize my bus and to register the activity. bus = new EventBus(); bus.register(this); I also created a method called onEvent but

How to make an event that fires in another class

In my code for the PluginManager the event PluginEvent gets triggered after a plugin has been added. But I want to get the event also triggered in the test class. Somehow I cant solve this problem. The event only gets triggered in the PluginManager c

Starting streaming from an integrated system

I'm using a fairly limited embedded system so I can't use any of the libraries and I'm on my own building HTTP requests. I'm able to handle the stats pretty well with polling but I'm trying to turn on Rest Streaming The Nest site directs you to the F

How to restart a thread, no break or sleep

I've searched around and I want to abort a thread and restart it, something who should be really simple but no one is answering. Basicly I have an user who conenct throught a form, when the user is authenthified it raise an event to connect the user

Change the JLabel background on the MouseRelease event

I am trying to write a Java program that when you click on a certain element in the JFrame, the background of a JLabel is changed. The function that the event handling method calls to change the background does not work when called from the event, ho

Who creates the event objects and where are they created?

I would like to know who creates event objects in Java? My question is not How to create custom events in Java rather it is who creates event objects. For instance, a mouse is clicked on a JButton an event is generated which means an event object is

Disable div with the click event

I want to disable my div with image and click event that event does not call. I try do it with KO: <div title="Delete Series" class="deleteSeriesButton" data-bind="css: { disabled: true}" ></div> but this does not

Communication between the Java GUI

I have three classes where i create objects that are JPanels ie MyObject extends JPanel. I call all three panels in a main method call. MyObject1 mo1 = new MyObject1(); // contains a textfield and a button MyObject2 mo2 = new MyObject2(); // contains

Raise an event that modifies a different class form

I am wondering if it is possible to make and Raise an event from a class, to a form? I have a class that just loops through itself continually, but when a condition is met I want a button to become visible on a form. I am looking into different ways

Skip the methods in the interface

I have the following interface: public interface IModuleTile { void AddEvent(/*Type here*/ methodToAdd); void RemoveEvent(/*Type here*/ methodToRemove); } And I want to do this: public partial class TestControl : UserControl, IModuleTile { public Tes

How to hide a jButton Event method in Netbeans

I'm programming with NetBeans using Java to create a GUI interface based on JFrame. In the JFrame I have a jButton and I had created an event for this button which is mouseClicked. But now I would like to delete this event(& remove it's corresponding

Get SOurce of a drag and drop

I have an WPF-Datagrid where I can drop an element. This is a Textelement dropped from an .txt file (open for example with notepad++). Is there any possibility to get information about the .txt file on my Drop-Event ? Edit: void OnDragDrop(object sen

How to create a custom event in symfony2

I want to create custom events called user_logged so that i can attach my listeners to those events. I want to execute few functions whenever user has logged in.Create a class which extends Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\Event. Then, use the event

Messaging / Event framework in the Spring project

I need a messaging or event framework in my Spring project. Basic requirements: Single producer/sender, which will create the messages/events Global channel/queue/etc where the producer will send messages into Multiple components should be able to re

Static class, another thread and events

I am trying to learn networking by making my own little network library. Currently I have a list of new clients that a code like this can use. The NewClientConnected() method returns true if there's anything in the list and removes the first element.

simple custom event

I'm trying to learn custom events and I have tried to create one but seems like I have a problem I have created a Form, static class and custom event. What I'm trying to achieve is when I press button Form will call static class function and then fun

USB event management

I wish to do event handling in C/C++ monitoring USB activity-insertion and removal in Linux.Can you suggest me some resources where I can learn the same?You can use libusb - to scan the USB devices libudev - to monitor devices or add a rule to udev t

How to use a Command Command .NET object as a non-string object

Ok so it appears in the .NET framework API docs that the CommandArgument property of the CommandEventArg class is of type 'object' suggesting that I might assign to it something other than a string object yet I get an InvalidCastException using the c

Java vs. C # events - new to Java

I am new to the world of Java. I'm coming from C#. I'm trying to set up a custom event. Here is how I would have done this in C# class A { public EventHandler Changed; public void FunctionA() { if(Change != null) Changed(this, null); //fire the event

jQuery ~ Two superimposed click events?

I have a container element say <div id="myContainer"> <form action="" method="post"> Radio: <input type="radio" name="myRadio" id="myRadio" value="1" /> </form>

How to identify an EKAlarm in an EKEvent

I'm developing an app that will require setting and removing alarms accordingly. I'm wondering if I set an alarm for an EKEvent, how can I identify it when I want to remove it? The only accessible properties of the EKAlarm are absoluteDate and relati

Firefox hangs div as if it were an image

I'm using this HTML,CSS and Javascript code (in one document together if you want to test it out): <style type="text/css"> #slider_container { width: 200px; height: 30px; background-color: red; display:block; } #slider { width: 20px; heigh

Determine if an event has already been attached

I have two objects - one that contains some code with will fire an event, and one that contains the handler for that event. I can't "AddHandler" in the Load of the first object, because an instance of the second object doesn't exist yet. When I