View the main page when an error occurs

The application consists of only one page. Instead of error pages it should simple display the main site. How should I implement the error handles for that?You can do that with the help of error handlers i.e) @app.errorhandler(404) def page_not_found

Invalid object name even if it exists

Here is my code: InitializeComponent(); SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection("data source = DESKTOP-77FA1JE;" + "user id = DESKTOP-77FA1JE\\Chanloi" + "initial catalog = TransactionProcessingSystem;" + "integra

Get the folder file in Python

The issue has been reported here too. I have code like: from keras.datasets.data_utils import get_file path = get_file('babi-tasks-v1-2.tar.gz', origin='') tar = Wh

Go. Multiple value in a single-valued context in Interface

I read below topic Go: multiple value in single-value context But I don't understand this explain in my case. May be that's way because I want to use interface I get error multiple-value NewObject() in single-value context in below case type Facade i

Dynamic capture of server errors with PHP

my answer is quite simple: Is there a way to catch server-errors (like Error 400, 401, 403, 404, 500...) automatically with PHP and generate custom Error-Pages. For example, let's say I got a PHP-File with the page and it just inserts the Error-Code

Catch up on mistakes at the end of a chain of promises

I am using a factory to query data from, this occurs many times in my ionic app and would like to apply a little more DRY to my code. To call data I am using: ParseFactory.provider('Clients', query).getAll().success(function(data) { $localS

Custom Makefile error message

I have some problem with a makefile. I just want to test if the compilation on src/launcher.c failed or not. But before that, i just can't convert this bash code: out=$(gcc -c src/launcher.c -o /obj/launcher.o 2>&1) To "Makefile code" in

PHP error handling, the form is submitted anyway?

I have the following code, below. I would like it to stop the script and display errors next to the three selected input fields. However, when you leave one of the required fields blank and hit submit, the form processes anyway. If I replace the $err

Convert a list [Try [A]] to List [A] in Scala

I want to filter out bad input from input data. I'm currently using scala.util.Try to wrap any exceptions. Following is a simple example where 3I throws a NumberFormatException. I was wondering if there is a better way of doing this in Scala ? val da

cakephp: saving on multiple models using a form

I have one form that saves a person with many parts and many colors but it's not saving the parts and the colors; only saving the person(main model). On my list view, part of script: echo $this->Form->input('Person.person_name', array('required' =&g

Decoupling MSMQ by sending messages through a WCF service

I have several .Net applications (not yet built) that need to send error messages, warnings, alerts, heartbeats, etc. to a database so they can be viewed in an alarm summary dashboard. This can't slow the apps down too much. It has to be fast. I want

Zend framework management error with ACL

I have implemented database driven ACL functionality using controller plugin predispatch() function. It's working fine. But it stopped requests to be sent on my error controller. for example if specified controller / Action is not defined then system

.NET - Trace the print stack with variables

To improve application error handling I would like to log exceptions stack traces and variables values of each stack level. I've searched for Reflection but couldn't find anything. How can I see the variables?Without using additional tools (such as c

continue execution after launching in JS

i have this function in my code and I'm using throw to create meaningful errors (rather than failing silently). However, when i structure my function this way, if i call defineSandbox() with an error, it stops the whole script. //defineSandbox is in

How to properly handle an error in a generic class?

I am working on a generic class and am working on handling errors. I am using a try catch on one spot where I am getting an error. The question is, how do I return that error back to the calling method? public static DataTable GetData(string connStri

Can not disable notification errors in PHP 5.3.2

I recently migrated to PHP 5.3.2, and realized that I am unable to turn off notice errors in my site now. I went to php.ini, and in these lines: ; Common Values: ; E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE (Show all errors, except for notices and coding standards warnings.)

Error handling and polymorphism

I have an application with some bunch of code like this: errCode = callMainSystem(); switch (errCode){ case FailErr: error("Err corresponding to val1\n"); case IgnoreErr: error("Err corresponding to val2\n"); ... ... default: error(&qu

The AppDomain.GetData method is not accessible?

I am developing a Silverlight 3 application and I would like to delegate all unexpected error handling in a single instance of a class I have named ErrorHandler. This class has one method named HandleApplicationException, plus a couple of other metho

Quality standards in error reports?

It seems not good for me, reporting errors like 'General Error: '+...., Is there any quality standard in error reporting for developers to follow?Check: Exception Handling Best Practices in .NET User Friendly Exception Handling Strategies Microsoft A

System error 5 Access is denied when starting a .NET service

When I try to start a service I created in Visual Studio I receive the following error: System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied. I am running the command line with elevated privileges, so it's not that problem. Is there any place I can look to

Prevent & ldquo; Send an error report to Microsoft & quot;

I'm working on a rather large project, and its unlikely will catch everything. I've found the event that notifies me of unhandled exceptions, however I haven't found a way to programmatically shut off the windows error dialog. Ideally, if there is an