C ++ text file: write at the end of a specific line

I'm trying to create a program where I can write a string to the end of a certain line in a text file. For example, this is the text file with just a bunch of random numbers: 12 23 53 23 Now what if I had a program that adds another two-digit number

Сoncatenate two lines in condition with awk

I'm trying to concatenate two lines when the number of fiels does not match a given number. Here is an example of input file: 1, z 2 3 4 5, w 6 7 and here is the result I want: 1, z 2 3 4 5, w 6 7 I tried the following code: awk ' { if (NF!=1){ first

java regex $ metacharacter

I am new to java regex.I saw this in Docs: $ The end of a line But when I try this snippet: String str = "firstline\r\nsecondline"; String regex = "$"; System.out.println(str.replaceAll(regex, "*")); I guess result will be: f

Line end / carriage return character

I'm reading a normal text file and write all the words as numbers to another text. When a line finishes it looks for a "new line character (\n)" and continues from the new line. In Ubuntu it executes perfectly but in Windows (DevC++) it cannot o

Matches the end of the line (EOL) with the match in vim syntax

When I hit / in vim and search for $ it highlights all eols. But when I try to match them with syntax match it does not seem to work. function! ConcealNonText() set conceallevel=1 set concealcursor=v syntax match NonText /$/ conceal cchar=ΒΆ endfuncti

String continuity on multiple lines, no new line characters

Am using the RODBC library to bring data into R. I have a long query that I want to pass a variable to, much like this SO user. Problem is that R interprets the whitespace/carriage returns in my query as a newline '\n'. The accepted solution for this

Vim no end of line on last line or eof

I am trying to setup vim to skip adding eol on last line or eof, i have tried this :set binary :set noeol :w which is not perfect cause binary override filetype for later use. Any other option to set this, i don't need newline on last line.I wanted t

JEditorPane is the last line

Using a JEditorPane, is there any way to tell if the caret is currently on the last line? I cannot find anything in the API or more importantly JTextComponent of which JEditorPane is derived. I need to find this out when the user uses the down arrow

Javascript: Convert textarea to a table

How would you go about breaking up a textarea value into an array, based on the end of line separation? Use of jQuery is cool by me...This should work (tested in Firefox and Google Chrome): var arrayOfLines = $('#textAreaID').val().split('\n');

Remove end-of-line characters from the Java string

I have string like this "hello java book" I want remove \r and \n from string(hello\r\njava\r\nbook). I want a string as "hellojavabook". How can I do this?Regex with replaceAll. public class Main { public static void main(final String