Node encrypt with a public certificate

I am trying to do the equivalent of the php seal function. What I have is a string to encrypt, a public key and a randomly generated secret key, and I have to encode the string using the 'rs4' algorithm. So far I managed to encode the string with the

Simple AES encryption in Java

This is my first project in Java and I decided to make a simple text encryptor using AES. The error I am getting is: The method init(int, Key) in the type Cipher is not applicable for the arguments (int, byte[]) Code: import java.nio.file.Files; impo

why my python code does not encrypt or decrypt my message

For some reason when I run the code at the end it just displays the message without encrypting or decrypting it im really confused please do not hate on me if this is really obvious I am very new to python and barely know the basics #declare variable

how to secure a valuable stored procedure in the sql server

This question might not be perfect for this platform but I trust people here a lot. I am coding a data transfer application for an ERP system, many people create C# projects that are slow, not flexible and full of errors. I found a way to do it in SQ

Hash decryption, which algorithm can I use

I have written hash calculate function: var hash = function (string) { var h = 7; var i = 0; var letters = "acdegilmnoprstuw"; while (i < string.length) { h = (h * 37 + letters.indexOf( string[i++] )); } return h; }; Where string = "agdp

Encrypt data in Android and decrypt in Ruby using AESCrypt

I'm trying to encrypt a JSON string in Android and decrypt it in Ruby using AESCrypt. AESCrypt.decrypt(dataToDecrypt, secret) With this Java code I could decrypt second half of the data! MessageDigest md = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA-256"); m

Rails 4 does not encrypt the content of cookies

Hello I'm trying to encrypt and secure the data contained in my cookies but It seems like the data only gets encoded (base64) This is an example: cookies.signed[:example] = { :value => 'can you see this?', :httponly => true, :expire_after => 30.m

File encryption of smarty tpl module in WHMCS

I am trying to encrypt a tpl file with ionCube in my module in WHMCS without modifying WHMCS smarty.class file. Anyone have any idea how can I do that? For further information see course you n

how to get the Diffie-Hellman key exchange settings?

I want to decrypt https stream in my https server. I have succeeded in decrypting it which used RSA secret exchange when i have private key. But I dont know how to descryt it when it uses DHE for secret exchange because I dont have any

Encrypt / decrypt the last 64K of the file

I am trying to encrypt/decypt last 64 KB of a file, but one of the file folder is missing from the encrypted file. Here I am trying to implement on a zip file. Currently here are 3 folders in the zip file and at the resulted zip, it is only showing t

the protection of the encryption key in C #

Is there an industry standard for solving following problem: Story; I have a program (=>game) that saves it state (=>level,..) in an xml file; this state should not be user editable; and I want to prevent people writing patch software that can patch

how do you get the hash password of a zip file?

I was doing a CTF sample, and they gave me the files hash. I ran it through JtR and i got my password for the sample. The thing is, the hash was given to me. Is there a way to find the hash of that file if it wasnt given? There are 2 points that need

Hashing using SHA1 as the innermost hash in a chain

A client program (over which I have no control) is authenticating by sending me a password, hashed as SHA1(password). I'm reluctant to store the password hashed using only SHA1 in my database, so I'm proposing to store passwords in the database hashe

Blowfish decoding in string python encoded by javax.crypto

Using the code found at, I did thefollowing: bash-3.2$ java -cp . JBoss -e testpython -27038292d345798947e2852756afcf0a bash-3.2$ java -cp . JBoss -d -27038292d345798947e2852756afc

Secure ConnectionString in WinForm Applications

How Can I Secure my ConnectionString in WinForm Application?You can't. Although you can encrypt the connection string in the app.config file, the application needs to be able to decrypt it and it is therefore always possible to retrieve the unencrypt

Submit a Javascript form without password in clear

I have a username and password stored in a db with 2 way encryption. I would like to use these to log into a site with a JS form like this: var form = document.createElement("form"); form.setAttribute("method", "post"); form.

What encryption for UDP packet encryption?

I have an application that does time-sensitive communications over UDP (like video streaming or a game). Packets may be lost, and do not need to be re-transmitted. What cipher should I use to encrypt the datagrams? I'm leaning towards blowfish in ECB

Please give some tips on performance in C # file encryption

I have created a test (not real) encryption function which takes a byte[] and replaces all the bytes with 0xff and returns private byte[] encrypt(byte[] input) { for (int i = 0; i < input.Length; i++) { input[i] = 0xff; } return input; } Now i want t

Why not use AES for password encryption in PHP?

Everywhere I have seen people talking about storing passwords in a database, they have almost always used MD5. What is wrong with AES, or SHA1?If you store a password encrypted, it can be decrypted. Since many people reuse passwords across many diffe

TripleDES in Perl / PHP / ColdFusion

Recently a problem arose regarding hooking up an API with a payment processor who were requesting a string to be encrypted to be used as a token, using the TripleDES standard. Our Applications run using ColdFusion, which has an Encrypt tag - that sup