How to show the component only in a specific route?

I have a componente called hero (in application.hbs) and I wish display this componente only in home page. I researched about how do this but without any success. Thanks!After a few minutes and some searches on GitHub... Just install ember install em

EMBERJS: How to trigger an action in a child component?

I know the concept of Data Down / Actions Up, but I'm facing a situation on which I don't know how to do it with the DDAU. I searched on differents forum and blogs how to do it, but it does not fit my request. I have a controller with two components.

Ember makes an unwanted call backend in the model hook

I want to be able to retrieve a certain conversation when its id is entered in the URL. If the conversation does not exist, I want to display an alert message with a record not found. here is my model hook : model: function(params){ return

In Ember how can I create a component by name programmatically

I can find lots of examples on how to create a component in Ember programmatically and add it to the DOM like this: var comp = App.FooBarComponent.create(); comp.appendTo('#someArea'); But what would you do if you wanted to do it by a name provided?

ember-data: relationship between parent / children

I have problem defining the relationship between my models in order to get cascading property. I would like to MapLineString to be deleted when Trail is deleted or Draw is deleted. But I DO NOT want Trail to be deleted when MapDraw or MapLineString g

Duplicate data on all items when backing up with Ember-Data

I have a page where a user edits an uploaded photo and applies a tag for individual photos on the model using Ember-Data. However, after saving on the controller, and transitioning to a page with all of the photos listed, the tag appears on all of th

Restore model changes without Ember-Data

I have a model created from a JSON object that has many properties bound to the UI (a preferences panel). I would like to allow the user to update their preferences, but I also need a way for them to revert their changes to the model after they've ma

Run the observer once the model is loaded

i am trying to have an observer execute when a model is loaded sortAttachments:function(){ console.log('sorting') var attachments = this.get('model').get('attachments'); for(var i = 0;i<attachments.length;i++){ var a = attachments[i]; if(a.type=="

Ember adds a blank line to the data with slug as identifier

I have a resource where I list all my projects from server /projects. You can visit specific project going to /projects/:slug. When I visit projects resource I see this data in Ember Inspector: /projects id | Slug | Title | --------------------------

LinkTo does not work after updating the ember

After updating app packages (Ember from rc6 to 1.0.0, handlebars from rc4 to 1.0.0 and jquery from 1.9.1 to 2.0.3) all my linkTo helpers stopped to work; if i click on a link i get this warning: This link-to is in an inactive loading state because at

Ember: Simple way to focus in a field

I am looking for a simple way to set focus into a textfield or textarea. I prefer not to mix Jquery syntax with Ember syntax ... and I prefer not to create seperate views for each textfield or textarea in which I ever want to set the focus. Any sugge

How to use handlebars.js to fill cells in rows

I'm trying out ember.js/handlebars.js for the first time, and although it's very straightforward, I have a simple use case that I can't figure out. With the following data: var columns = ['col2', 'col3'], rows = [{ col1: 1, col2: 2, col3: 3 }, { col1

Mapping the route to an explicit path does not work

I am defining a resource as explained here: () { this.resource('phones', { path: '/nodes/extensions/phones' }, function () { this.route('new'); }); But this is not working. Finding the phones performs a request to /phones inst

Caching Remote Data in Local Storage with EmberData

I have a question about loading and caching remote objects with Ember. I'm developing an Ember app that uses server-side storage through a REST API. Some of the fetched data is rarely changing, so fetching it from the server each time the application

Implementing the history of the new Ember.js router

I think I checked all the documentation but I cannot use the 'history' implementation of the router. Anyone have a short example on how that should be used? Or, generally, how should router parameters be passed to the new router (logging too, for exa

Separate the JSON API REST server and the client?

I'm about to create a bunch of web apps from scratch. (See for overview.) I'd like for them to be able to be accessed from many different clients: front-end websites, smartphone apps, backend webservices, etc. So I really want a

Ember model at json

I am looking for an efficient way to translate my Ember object to a json string, to use it in a websocket message below /* * Model */ App.node = Ember.Object.extend({ name: 'theName', type: 'theType', value: 'theValue', }) The websocket method: App.i