railways, what is it referring to?

I'm familiar with how this is used in JS. The example from the ember docs for creating routes is: Router.map(function() { this.route('about', { path: '/about' }); this.route('favorites', { path: '/favs' }); }); Their explanation leaves a bit to be de

Ember c. 2.x: look at the seller's file

I'm developing an Ember-JS application with a lot of JavaScript that performs of all kind of UX and styling tasks. Because these tasks fall out of the scope the MVC-logic, I've put them into modules that I put in the vendor map. Putting them into the

Ember unable to retain the value of the drop-down list

I am using Ember 2.5.0. In my application, I have created a page with a dropdown using the ember-select-list plugin. I am able to render the dropdown, but unable to retain the value of the dropdown. Whenever I select the value, I am getting the follo

Get an item by ID in Ember

I am running two ember applications. One has the following component: import Ember from 'ember'; export default Ember.Component.extend({ tagName: 'a', click: function() { Ember.$('#wrapper').toggleClass('toggled'); } }); and the other one, has this o

How to test an action is called in a component ember test

How can I test that an action was called in a component? There are multiple ways of triggering an action like clicking on a button. Now I want to test that the action that is called when clicking on that button is actually called. Something like expe

Starting the ember-cli application with docker-composer

I'm trying to run my ember-cli app using 'docker-compose up' command, but getting the following error.. front-end_1 | Future versions of Ember CLI will not support v0.10.25. Please update to Node 0.12 or io.js. front-end_1 | version: 1.13.8 front-end

Conditions in models with data retrieved with getJSON

I'm trying to figure out how to do something incredibly simple: Use conditionals in templates with data fetched with getJSON. I need to show info based on the type key on the JSON hash. As an example, I've included a HBS file of what'd I'd like to do

Relationship with Ember CLI Mirage

I'm new to Ember and I'm trying to create an easy app where I have 2 models, Mountains and Ranges. A range has many mountains while a mountain belongs to a range. I want to create a relationship between them. I've searched through the web but I've fo

Ember model without div wrapper

Semantic UI (a HTML5 component library) provides the Sitebar component, which needs a specific page structure directly below <body>. Since Ember introduced HTMLBars, it wraps all templates' content within another <div> tag before injecting it

In Ember how can I create a component by name programmatically

I can find lots of examples on how to create a component in Ember programmatically and add it to the DOM like this: var comp = App.FooBarComponent.create(); comp.appendTo('#someArea'); But what would you do if you wanted to do it by a name provided?

How to tell ember.js and ember-data version of ember-CLI?

Doing ember -v only shows ember cli version. How can you view ember.js version and ember data versions?The version of ember.js and ember-data is determined by your app's dependencies. Bower dependencies are listed in bower.json file. npm dependencies

Ember CLI can not find partial

I am working on an addon. I try to use partial. In my addon/templates/components/form.hbs I got {{partial "pane"}}. My _pane.hbs is in addon/templates folder but ember can't find it: Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: Unable to find partial with

Ember.js - CSS transition does not always work

I'm using Ember.js with ember-cli and ember-data. Until now, development went quite smoothly but now I encountered an issue with css transitions which I can't solve myself. I have a list. The list contains elements which have subelements. These subel

chuck http-mock request.body is undefined

just migrated to ember-cli 0.1.12 and now http-mock is not working for me. Its working fine for get request . request.query returns all the query parameters. However for POST request i cannot get the request paramters as request.body is undefined. Ca

Ember-CLI + application Using the Ember-CLI addon

So I have this Ember-CLI Application that I am working on that has a shared resource Ember-CLI Addon that it uses. I am developing on both of them at the same time. I was wondering if there was any way to setup the Application to auto reload when cha

ember-cli is suspended from the order of the ember server

I just followed the 'getting started' post on ember-cli's homepage. I installed ember 0.1.2, bower, phantomjs, etc. I created my app, however, when I run 'ember server' it outputs the following: version: 0.1.2 Livereload server on port 35729 Serving

EmberJS - Strange behavior Model recovery from the controller

I also posted this on discuss.emberjs.com but trying to see if anyone here knows the solution. So I am trying to retrieve the model from the ArrayController but for some reason I cannot retrieve it as it is giving me undefined/empty arrays. On my ini

Use jquery in Ember-cli

I am relatively new to both Ember.js and Ember-cli and would really appreciate some help please with using a jquery tooltip in a custom view. All code is below, but when my template is injected, I get the following console error: [Error] TypeError: '

How to properly generate resources and routes with Ember CLI

I'm trying to define a resource and route like this with Ember CLI. this.resource('events', function() { this.route('view', { path: "/:id"}) }); If I try this: ember g resource events/view I get this: this.resource('events/view', { path: 'events

Multiple & ldquo; apps & rdquo; with ember-cli

I'm trying to migrate to ember-cli from some old homegrown build tools. Our app is quite large and is actually split into several ember.js single page apps (e.g. index, admin, reports, etc) that share a common set of utils and components. I'm trying

ember-cli: create a wizard that would make a view?

I'm trying to reproduce Ember-TodoMVC with ember-cli. I'm stuck with this part. I've created a view like this: app/views/action-edit.coffee ActionEditView = Ember.TextField.extend didInsertElement: -> @$().focus() `export default ActionEditView` When