Creating an image icon from a local file for eclipse

So I am trying to add an image to a JLabel object which is added to a JPanel called "topPanel" which is part of a JFrame called "primaryWindow". I have already declared the "topPanel" and "primaryWindow". I found on

embedding resources in python scripts

I'd like to figure out how to embed binary content in a python script. For instance, I don't want to have any external files around (images, sound, ... ), I want all this content living inside of my python scripts. Little example to clarify, let's sa

Where to add files in NetBeans (8.1)

I've created a Java Swing application and it all seems to work fine until I try and distribute it. I'm making use of a HMTL file (which is located at the project root), however when generating the final .jar for the project, this file (along with the

Trying to add an image to a label but will not work?

I'm trying to add the image "Pic.png" to this JLabel "label1" and display it on the JPanel "panel1" on a JFrame "window1". But it when I hit run it doesn't display my image. Anyone help? (I read about adding it to t

How to set the image on jlabel from the project folder?

I am trying to make a Java desktop application. I want to set an image on JLabel. I am using NetBeans. From my project folder, my directory structure is: F:/>MARKET | |___src | |___lib | |___src | | | |__defaultpackage | | | |__images | | L

Java internal reference image file

This question already has an answer here: Including Images with an executable jar 2 answers I am attempting to set an image to a JLabel and within my project I have a folder "images", within that is the logo.png I am using the following code to

Access to the csv file in jar

I tried everything to access to csv file when a run my jar. I put the csv in resources package in Eclipse, and it's fine when I run the code from this, but it doesn't work when I run the jar from an executable. ClassLoader c = MyClass.class.getClassL

Icon path for JFrame

I need image icon on jframe but I dont want to give path. I am using this jLabel1.setIcon(new javax.swing.ImageIcon("C:\\Users\\ABC\\Desktop\\folder name\\1.jpg")); Because every system has different path and this is the reason I can not compile

Problems with adding images to JFrames

I have been trying to load imageicons into a jframe. I have no idea why this code doesn't work. I have tried using jpanels and jlabels, and also other ways of loading images, but those don't work either. I think because of this it has something to do

The setIcon method of the custom JButton subclass does not work

EDIT: This is a Netbeans project. So I have created a subclass of JButton called Card. I am trying to set an icon to the button on creation. package matchinggame; public class Card extends JButton { final static ImageIcon defaultIcon = new ImageIcon(

How can I get the .txt file in my jar?

I want to say I search a lot even google and stackoverflow. There are many topics about this but I dont find exactly what I need. My problem is : I want to define file which is in my own package folder.File's format is .txt. And file is in xxx\src\xx

Loading images into a pot

I am using eclipse and I use the following code to load my image from a folder. getClass().getResource("/images/image.jpg").getFile()) The image folder is located inside the bin folder in the project folder. It works fine when loading in eclipse

WPF - Can not Get Resource File

I have file animaha135.gif in /Images folder, set "Build Action" as "Embedded Resource" or "Resources", I want to get this image to bitmap: var image = new BitmapImage(); image.BeginInit(); image.UriSource = new Uri("pac

JNLP download location for the jars on your local system.

Is there a way to determine where the jars have been downloaded while accessing JNLP file. Can it be governed programatically.? I need to extract a resource from jar to use it for further processing. It would be better even if I can specify that down

How to open a PDF file that is also a project resource?

I have a PDF file that I have imported in as a resource into my project. The file is a help document so I want to be able to include it with every deployment. I want to be able to open this file at the click of a button. I have set the build action t

Embedded Resources in VB.NET and C #

Question: I have embedded ressources (SQL scripts) in my application, which get used by my DAL dll, which i use in my application. Now the embedded ressources reside in folder SQL/SQL_Server/ and SQL/MS_Access/. I read them out at runtime, using the

How can I access the built-in resources in a C # project?

Most of the threads I've read about this question answer that you just have to access them like this: <MyProjectNamespace>.Properties.Resources.<MyResourceName> But at the build process I have this message: <MyProjectNamespace> does not

Free static memory? no, it can not be true

I've been playing around with embedding resources into my c++ program. In order to do this I hexdump the data to a simple array, i.e. unsigned char image_png[] ={ 0x0a, 0x0b, 0x0c, 0x0d, ... }; Some of these resources are not used after loading (i.e.

Embed icons in the WPF application as a resource

I am trying to embed an icon into my my WPF application so that I can pull it out for use as an icon in the Windows 7 JumpList using the following code: newScene.IconResourcePath = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location; newScene.Icon or Spotify API

I was hoping someone could offer me advice, Im looking to build a website, and was hoping that I could inergrate my radio station or my spotify account into it so the users can listen to what I am. I know there are API's for each but do any o

How to embed a text file in a .NET assembly?

I would like to embed a text file in an assembly so that I can load the text without having to read it from disk, and so that everything I need is contained within the exe. (So that it's more portable) Is there a way to do this? I assume something wi