HOW TO: Amazon Mail Server?

I am trying to build an email server for my domains... What I'm doing now is receiving emails through SES and storing them in a S3 bucket, then when a user access the inbox it fetches the new emails and store them in my EC2 instance database. Though

How to send SMTP emails with PHP without using a third class

I've been using PHPMailer to send SMTP emails, and also have heard some recommend various other 3rd party classes. I've always been a surprised and a little disappointed that this functionality is not native in PHP. Do I still need to use a 3rd party

Moodle - Send e-mail confirmation as spam

My friend (creating his project using Moodle) asked me about how to prevent/exclude the sent email confirmation from his Moodle project to being classified as spam on new user's email. I cannot answer him because i am not that great with Moodle. Can

Create a stored procedure in SQL using date and given emails

I am setting up job schedule for sending notifications using the email addresses present in my table where their active flag is set to true. This notification will be sent every 24 hours. In my table, I have this: Email ID Request ID Receiver Date Cr

Convert the string to an email message object javax

I am trying to get the attachments out of a mail message string. I assume the best way to do this would be to take the raw string, convert it to a javax mail message and then follow this tutorial. I can't find a way to take a raw string and convert t

The newsletter by email does not load css

I have created a webpage to use as an email newsletter. I have used basic CSS and tables in the code. When I copy the content from the browser and paste it into the email compose page, the CSS is not being loaded. I read a couple of other articles ab

Outlook truncated images 2007/2010/2013

I am building a responsive HTML email template, and when I Litmus test my layout, the images are being cut off at the top, as shown below... Any reason why this is? Here is some code, with a jsfiddle <table style="color: #4b4b4b; font-size:12px; f

Prepare Email for Thunderbird / Outlook /

Is it possible to prepare an email (From, To, Subject, Body, Attachements) in PHP and, instead of directly sending it with PHP, open it with the client's email program (Thunderbird / Outlook / ...)? My context is : in a form, the user select the "To&

Codeigniter removes characters from HTML Email

I have developed a CMS and when user forgets his/her password / the system will generate a new random password and send it to the user through email but when i open the email it automatically strip some character from my email body replacing them wit

Attach an image to an email via the Android app

My app successfully makes email but when I try to attach an image the code crashes here is the code snippet Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEND); i.setType("message/rfc822"); i.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_EMAIL , new String[]{"email address&

Send HTML in an email via PHP?

How can I send a HTML format email with pictures using PHP? I want to have a page with some settings and a HTML output which is sent via email to an address. What should I do? The main problem is to attach can i do that?It is pretty simple,

Silently sending an e-mail from a Windows Phone 7 device?

Is it possible to silently send an email from a Windows Phone 7 device? The reason I ask is because I would like to have a system from which an app will send information to a server which the server will log. I figure if I use emails it would be a lo

How to get data from the activation link with Java Servlet

I am using GWT and after that a user registers, I need to send the user a mail with an activation link. The activation link might contain the username of the user and a hashed value. With PHP, I know to retrieve these values using get method. I am ne

Firebug equivalent for Thunderbird

When I build a newsletter and send it to myself as a test, I would like to be able to analyze the resulting HTML in my email client (Thunderbird). Is there a tool similar to Firebug but for Thunderbird? I found one called "DOM Inspector" but it

How to implement the scheduler in Apex?

I see scheduler like feature in salesforce but it is somewhat tied with existing features that salesforce provide and no sample source code is provided as far as my research goes. What I want to do is to create my own scheduler that sends simple emai


I have one table ( members ) and five columns ( username , password , FirstName , LastName , Email ) I need to get the Email for the user admin. How would this be done? SELECT Email FROM members WHERE username = 'admin';

Sending plain text emails using PHPMailer

I have a problem sending plain text emails using PHPMailer. I have text that I read from a text file and mail it to mail recipient via PHPMailer When the recipient gets the actual email, the formatting of the mail is not like in the text file, everyt

Hudson email plugin bug?

I am getting an error using my email ext plugin from hudson. I am trying send an email to the following schema: "< firstName >_< LastName >@< subgroup >.< companyName >.com ex: [email protected] I cannot send e

Looking for real-time IMAP notification of new emails

I'm looking for a way to monitor a GMail inbox for new e-mails. However, I want to avoid checking every few minutes and I'm looking for some sort of real-time notification. I've noticed that Outlook (and other IMAP-supporting clients) instantly show

How to send signed emails from Java?

What APIs/Libraries do you recommend for sending signed emails from Java code? What are the requirements on our company's SMTP-Server to make it transport these signed mails, if any? We already hava a PKI infrastructure running, so certificates are n