Java / Android - Calculate the difference between timestamps

This question already has an answer here: How to format a duration in java? (e.g format H:MM:SS) 12 answers I have a problem figuring out how to calculate the elapsed time between two timestamps (hours, minutes, seconds). This is the result: String s

Elapsed time Form Calculation in JavaScript

I'm working on a time elapsed calculator were the user enters in a month, day, and year. From their input and the current date, I want to calculate how many days are in between and then display how many years, months, and days have elapsed. I started

How to get a very accurate elapsed time C ++

I'm running my code on Ubuntu, and I need to get the elapsed time about a function on my program. I need a very accurate time, like nano seconds or at least micro seconds. I read about chrono.h but it uses system time, and I prefer use CPU time. Is t

Calculate the elapsed time since a date?

I need to get the elapsed time from a date, for example: I have this line Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:20:00 +0100 If the datetime now is: 12/09/2016 10:40:02 And I need to get this as final result: 20 mins ago Another example for the same question to explain

Implementing time and date on a conference bridge

I am working on a MCU and my aim is to implement time/date on the MCU. I use a timer that ticks per seconds and store it on uint32_t count that has enough size to store 136 years. I want to have 2000 as a reference and max should be 2099. here is my

Calculation of time elapsed between midnight and current time

I'm trying to determine how many hours, minutes, seconds have passed throughout the day. The timer restarts at midnight for every new day. So if the current time is 2:15 PM, I need to calculate that to be 14 hours and fifteen minutes. I know how to d

How can I do something after Elapsed Time in Android?

I am new in programming. I want to turn off wifi after 2h (I know how to turn it off) in the background I googled and found out, that the Elapsed Real Timer is needed for that. I have also find this code and implemented it (this is the only code I ha

elapsed time from the database

I am trying to create an elapsed time using date_purchased from a database table called order. I know I am getting the date_purchased as I can <?php echo zen_datetime_short($order->info['date_purchased']); ?> and get the date and time formatted a

Winapi: GetTickCount () can not have a ELAPSED time

Hi I got a simple FPS counter in my animation. FPS counts fine but I don't know why I can't measure the animation time. Normaly I get that time by glutGet(GLUT ELAPSED TIME) but since I have to go Winapi I would like to (or must) use GetTickCount() H

Pass a variable (time) from one form to another C #

Let's say I have two forms. The first one will contain the start button and the other one is the stop button. Is there a way wherein I can determine the elapsed time between pressing the start and stop button and show it in the 2nd form. I tried doin

Time elapsed in Java?

I'm doing a homework assignment in my Java class. I got most of it except for this one part about elapsed time. We have to use methods. Here's the assignment and the code I have. "You have just been hired by a company to do it's weekly payroll. One o

Python - How to calculate the elapsed time since date X?

I have a database table with articles and each one of this articles have a submitted date. I need to calculate the days and hours since the article have been published in the database, like: This article has been published 4 hours ago. This article h

Php mysql elapsed time

I have an app [iphone], that sends to a server some times [using json], so the times look like hh:mm 24 hour format, the time gets saved in the db as varchar, I need to calculate the elapsed time = endTime - startTime but my problem is that I have th

How can I find the number of days between two dates?

I have two Dates. How can I tell the difference between these two dates in days? I have heard of SimpleDateFormat, but I don't know how to use it. I tried this: String fromdate = "Apr 10 2011"; SimpleDateFormat sdf; sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(&q

How to get elapsed time running a function in C ++

I tried some codes by googling : clock_t start, end; start = clock(); //CODES GOES HERE end = clock(); std::cout << end - start <<"\n"; std::cout << (double) (end-start)/ CLOCKS_PER_SEC; but the result elapsed time always was 0