Processing Code Converted to Java Using the Eclipse Error

As mentioned in my other post, I'm a beginner in Java. I'm trying to run codes from Processing create spheres based on sales data and converted them to Java using Eclipse IDE and encountered errors below after running code. Also in lines where it sho

R can not be solved in a variable in Eclipse Android

This question already has an answer here: R cannot be resolved - Android error 105 answers This is my xml code R file is not generating please tell me where is the error and why R file is not generating <LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.

How can I find all the paths to access a java API?

I'm analyzing an Android App, looking for security flaws. I've decompiled the APK with JEB and I found a vulnerable method in it. My problem is: The App logic is too complex and it is very difficult to find a way to trigger this vulnerable method. I

What are the reasons for optimizing imports?

Are there any technical reasons to "optimize imports" via your editor? Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, and NetBeans all have ways to optimize imports. I'm wondering if there are reasons other than consistency. Also, is there a more optimal way of import

Exception when running the loan code

When I imported written code using Eclipse and run it as java application, I get an Exception during run ready code This is the error... Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: backtype.storm.topology.TopologyBuilder.setBolt(Ljav

Get an operator symbol from a string

If I have the equation 7 + 13 = 20 as a string, how would I go about getting the operator symbol + out of the equation? String operator = fileContent.substring(fileContent.indexOf('+')); I tried something along these lines, as well as changing severa

The Eclipse project disappears

I'm using Eclipse Java EE Juno version running on Ubuntu Linux. However, quite often when I launch Eclipse, my project disappears and I cannot find previous projects I worked on. So I had to re-import all projects into the workspace and I even had to

Can not run Android Emulator in Ubuntu

I've made an Android emulator in Android Virtual Devices Manager, but when I try to open it I get the following message: Starting emulator for AVD 'Android40' Could not launch '/home/andy/android-sdk-linux//tools/emulator-arm': Permission denied". Ho

Scala, Maven, Sbt and Eclipse

I am wondering what is the most efficient way to use Sbt and Eclipse together? There seems to be a Sbt Eclipse plugin but what is the generally recommended workflow post generating the eclipse config? It seems kind of wrong to then add dependencies v

How to monitor developer work data in Eclipse?

I am working on my bachelor thesis (this is my first research project) and trying to evaluate different possibilites to monitor a developers work during a day, aggregate it and illustrate it later. For this purpose, I defined some metrics, I want to

Getting started and problems with Eclipse

I decided to try to my hand at this, and have had a somewhat frustrating day. I've been downloading and installing all the developement software, but Eclipse has given me lots of trouble. I've figured most of it out, but have another problem. For som

Eclipse Git pushes upstream false

I clone and commit local changed files success in eclipse.Then I use Team->Push to Upstream it show wrong: An internal Exception occurred during push: git-receive-

Ignore the directory during an SVN validation in Eclipse

I am currently using Eclipse (Indigo Service Release 1) for Android development. When I do try to "commit" changes which I make to a specific project, I am prompted to commit all the files under "bin" directory. I do not want to commit

Change the background colors of annotations in Eclipse?

So in eclipse whenever there is an error it's underlined in red, and when you hover over it is displays an annotation with tips on how to fix the error. On my Windows OS it is correct and the background is a tanish color but on Ubuntu the background

Develop a Scala / Lift web application using Eclipse and Tomcat

So I have spent the past 11 hours now trying to get even the simplest Scala/Lift app to run on Tomcat through Eclipse. Apparently no one is trying to do this or it is the easiest thing in the world so no one has documented how they did it. Creating t

Eclipse custom Java compiler

I am using eclipse to create my jsf project. I created my own components, and I don't want the other programmers to be able to use jsf regular components like h:inputtext etc. How can I do it in eclipse, that if the user adds specific tags like h:inp

eclipse default jpa implementation library where to download?

In eclipse, the "default implementation library" what jars files do I need to include if I do not want to use server runtime? I'm refering to this tutorial