Cmake generated the Eclipse project - No source

I am attempting to use CMake to generate eclipse project files. Although I am able to build successfully, I am unable to browse or edit the source in eclipse. This is an out of tree build, where my build directory is at the same level as my source di

to import examples encog in eclipse

I am trying to import encog example into eclipse. encog is basically a java library to implement neural network and another machine learning algorithm but I am keep getting the error: Description Resource Path Location Type Project 'encog-examples' i

Eclipse: automatic execution and code generation during backup

I'm using Eclipse and I wanted to create a system that automatically generates java source code every time I save the project. More precisely I want to search for some files in a directory, generate static attributes for each of them and generate som

Eclipse errors in projects

I am using eclipse for a project development. Yesterday all my projects were working quite well and today when I opened my eclipse its showing errors on some projects, when I expand the project there is no error markers either in the src folder nor a

I have an error while using setOnClickListener

This question already has an answer here: NullPointerException accessing views in onCreate() 12 answers I got the program to crash when using the simple code below as it is closed automatically after installing it package com.zaki.thenewboston; impor

The Eclipse LogCat window is not empty, but empty

I am debugging an android app on a device and the LogCat window is blank, but not empty. What I mean by that is there is a scroll bar that looks like stuff is being added to the window, and I can indeed click on a line in the window and it highlights

Download / save the selected image with Parse as backend

Ok guys, so after spending one day trying to figure out how to upload an image to parse servers i finally decided to ask for your help. I didn't find any full example on how to do this. What i want to be able to do is: select image from gallery (alre

Eclipse with Glassfish 4 DEBUG source search does not work

I'm running Eclipse Kepler with Glassfish 4. I'm developing a set of bundles/plugins, which get deployed to the glassfish autodeploy folder. Also deployed to that folder are bundles from my target definition. The problem is when debugging the source

Layout in AVD not the same as ADT?

I don't see it but the layout on AVD isn't the same as what i expected based on ADT. I have one image button 1/3 and one regular button which should be 2/3 of the width. I created a realtivelayout and for the buttons a linearlayout, why is the layout

Pad is disabled in the emulator

I am using android sdk 4.0.3 ,I have created an Emulator of it. Now I have a problem that the emulator is showing the Disabled DPAD Buttons .I have set up the Hardware keyboard present and display skin with buttons option in configuration. So i just

How can I add another button intent next to the previous one?

Here is my code: it contains a button named as button1A and when I click on it, It opens a list named as list1. How can I put a code for my another button named as button2A which open a list as List2. import android.os.Bundle; import

how to use jdk for java projects in eclipse?

I install jre and jdk, then install Eclipse, I want to create new java project and run it with jdk. For another program I need rename jkd on jskd, in tip JRE in eclipse I can't choose jsdk, how to change this?It's really difficult to understand what

Unable to launch the android project on the emulator

Right now i am trying to display some text on the screen,but my project is not getting launch and i could not find the accurate reason.Has any one met this situation? Here i have given you every thing in detail for your reference.please find below LO

Android countdown to date

I am trying to make a countdown timer for a game/date in android. I want to create a timer that displays the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to a date I specify with a final variable. The timer then sets text views to show the days, hours, minutes,

I can not create an Android project?

When I click for creating android new project this window open .I have been restart even though I can't do this. error image is as. and when click for check update from help menu then this error occure and pop up is that no update found what is probl

AVR ISP MKII, avrdude, Ubuntu 11.10

So, I have had this working on Ubuntu before. But then I upgraded to 11.10. Now, no such luck. Note: if you are still messing with getting this to work on eclipse, you might want to try this command line stuff... if it doesnt work here, its not going

How to install SVN on Eclipse Indigo

I want to install svn repository. Is there any differences between Subclipse and Subversion? I searched everywhere about Subversion but I couldn't find something about Subversion, all I got is Subclipse. Could you give me some instruction how to do i

How to use tomcat folder with .jar extension as jar files?

I have in Eclipse web application project that depends from other projects. When I run debug on embedded Tomcat in lib folder that Eclipse copied not jars, but folders with names like: dependent_lib1.jar dependent_lib2.jar dependent_lib3.jar ........

Eclipse / Subversive: How to commit always on Eclipse exit?

I wonder if (and how) it is possible to always automatically commit a repository once Eclipse is closed? I didn't find any option in the Eclipse "Team" preferences.Don't ever do that. Committing should be done when code compiles unit tests pass

How can I type a literal tab character in Eclipse?

I feel very silly asking this question, but here goes. :) I've configured Eclipse to insert spaces instead of tabs, but I'm working on a Makefile, which requires literal tab characters (see Can you make valid Makefiles without tab characters? for a g

Eclipse function to organize a class file?

Eclipse has tons of features, i'm wondering if this one exsists? Or if any shortcut ways of doing it exist? I want to arrange my class data into Variables, Constructors, Methods in that flow(Top to Bottom) Further refined I would like to arrange by a

How to ignore an instruction in Eclipse during debugging

Is it possible to skip a statement in Eclipse while debugging? Suppose the process stopped at breakpoint and I want to skip the breakpoint line ( or maybe a few lines below), can I do it? On the debug tab, it only has "Step into", "Step ove