Angular - how to concatenate var name

I just started to learn Angular, and I tried to make concat var name so I can control it dynamically. This is what I tried - <div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="myCtrl"> <button ng-click="myFunc(1)">Click Me!</b

CSS Alternate color lines in the dynamic table

I'm using Dreamweaver and I want to color the rows of a dynamic table alternately. I can't seem to find any answers that work for me or that I understand. Could you give a sample CSS on how to do it? Explanations would help because I'm not confident

find dynamically added controls from the container

I am generating dynamic textbox controls on drop down selected index change event. protected void ddlCategories_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { foreach (Attributes attribute in getAllAttributes(Convert.ToInt32(ddlCategories.Selecte

Dynamically resize an enriched text box according to its text?

If i were to want to re-size a richtextbox in vb6 so that its width is always equal to the length of its text how would i go about doing that? I'm not aware of any methods for measuring the proper length of a text string in the richtextbox control. a

Access an element of a 2d - c ++ dynamic array

I created a dynamic array. typedef float* DynamicMatrix[MAT_SIZE]; DynamicMatrix matDyn; // allocate rows and initialize to 0 for (r = 0; r < MAT_SIZE; r++) { matDyn[r] = new float[MAT_SIZE]; for (c = 0; c < MAT_SIZE; c++) { (matDyn[r])[c] = 0; // I

Can C # constraints be used without a basic type?

I have some classes with common properties, however, I cannot make them derive from a base type (LINQ-to-SQL limitations). I would like to treat them as if they had a base type, but not by using Reflection (performance is critical). For example: publ

ExpandoObject with a selection clause

I have to populate below class in Linq Query public class Emp { public string name {get; set;} public dynamic Obj { get; set; } public Emp() { Obj = new ExpandoObject(); } } public LoadData() { var emp = (from d in dbContext.Employees select new Emp

Dynamic allocation of C structures

I have a problem with dynamic memory allocation. Here is the code so please help. #include <stdio.h> int i; typedef struct{ int A; }node; typedef struct Model { node *m; } Model; Model M; void initialize(Model *a, int size) { a->m = (node*) mallo

to change the listview divider height dynamically?

This question has been asked here a link Also I want to clarify the question I have 10 List Items in a Listview I want to have the deviderheight of each List Items differently like for first Item it should be setDividerheight(2) for 2nd setDividerhei

Create a table dynamically from the mysql query

I'm trying to create a page where I input a MYSQL query: SELECT column1,column2 FROM table;, and dynamically create an HTML table with column titles. EDIT: removed most of my question, just left the question part. I have since created a script that d

.htaccess redirection for dynamic search pages

I need help with dynamic search pages. I need to change: /download.php?q=search to /download.php?mp3=search So only search pages need to change q to mp3. I would appreciate if someone could help. I want to do this through .htaccess Thanks in advanceT

Using Dynamic to call an overloaded method

In C# its possibly to use AsDynamic to invoke a overloaded method on a subclass (example here) thus allowing an abstract class to invoke methods it does not itself define. Is something similar possible with Scala 2.9 applyDynamic ?. I tried the follo

jQuery toggle () with dynamic div ID

I need some help with some dynamic jQuery - if thats what it would be called. Basically, I have a number of DIVs, each with the same name, except an increasing number is added on the end - for example: <div id="category-1"></div> <

Read items from an array of objects using C # reflection

How can I get the list of elements and datatypes of an array of an object in c# with reflections? Scenario: I have a method with an array parameter in my web service (asmx). Using reflection I am reading the method parameters and loop through the pro

Which JS objects can be added via appendChild ()?

I am trying to extend the DOM. I "subclassed" from the Div element: var Subclass = function() {} Subclass.prototype = document.createElement('div'); Subclass.constructor = Subclass; var obj = new Subclass(); var obj.innerHTML = 'test'; document.

jQuery: dynamically apply the plugin

i'm having this markup: <div plug=tButton></div> and wrote a little plugin which makes a button ouf of the div like this: var cmd = $("[plug]"); cmd.tButton(); my question: when only having the div (and its plug-attribute), how can i

How to dynamically load CSS rules in Webkit (Safari / Chrome)?

I currently have issues in Webkit(Safari and Chrome) were I try to load dynamically (innerHTML) some html into a div, the html contains css rules (...), after the html gets rendered the style definitions are not loaded (so visually I can tell the sty

Dynamic LINQ and Dynamic Lambda expressions?

What is the best way of dynamically writing LINQ queries and Lambda expressions? I am thinking of applications where the end user can design business logic rules, which then must be executed. I am sorry if this is a newbie question, but it would be g

Linq error when I use First () and FirstOrDefault ()

I try to use this query with linq: myQuery= myQuery.Where(c => c.RelatedEntity .FirstOrDefault() .MyStringProperty .Contains(myString)); But it says that it is not possible to use First(), that I have to considerate to use FirstOrDefault(). But if I