Move the element in & lt; select & gt;

Is there any way to move selected item up or down (to order the items) with jQ? <select name="menu_select" class="form-control" size="10"> <option value="">opt1</option> <option value="&quo

Localstorage selection Javascript - save CSS

I want to make a drop down menu with three selections that change the color of the nav and saves it in local storage, when you update the page the color you picked is still there. I want to do this in Javascript and not with any help from jQuery. Her

Make bootstrap drop-down transparent

I need to get the bootstrap dropdown transparent. How can this be achieved. Below is the html <div id="mydiv" class="dropdown transparentbar" style="z-index:4"> <button class="btn btn-default dropdown-toggle&quo

How to add another dynamic selection box chained to this code

I'm using this plugin from CSS-Tricks for php/mysql/jquery two chained select boxes using PHP, jQuery and Mysql. I'm considering adding an additional box whose choices depend on the first and second box. I've tried to replicate and modify the second

Drop down div does not stay visible

I am trying to make a drop down list and I have made it somewhat work. When I put the mouse over the area, a div in the shape of the drop down becomes visible. Then when you put your mouse over anything in the div, it disappears. That is obviously no

MVC4 drop-down menu for the genre

I am new to MVC 4, i want to create a drop downmenu for listing the gender.I tried a lot but nothing helped me, also i google it but invain.Please help me in it tha thow to create dropdown menu for gender please guide me.say we use an enum for the ge

Transform a CSS3 navigation menu

I found a wonderful tutorial for what I think is a pretty decent menu. I'm trying to turn it into a vertical dropdown one similar to : or

How to add a submenu to the drop-down menu

I want to add sub-menu to this drop down function,but i have little knowledge of css , i am not getting how to do this. i want the sub-menu open to right side when cursor is placed on it Here is the css and html relating to it CSS ul.dark_menu { list

Drop-down menu with click

I am attempting to create a drop down menu which activates on click rather than on hover. So far I have the on click working with a little javascript, but whilst the sub menus show well and if another menu is clicked other submenus hide, I can't work

HTML / Jquery Hiding + Displaying dependencies

So I have a drop down list and a several check boxes. The drop down list pertains to a primary choice where the user can only select one option. The check boxes pertain to a secondary choice where the user can select as many as they like but the one

Drop-down menu on iPad

I'm using CSS for a dropdown menu on a site I'm building. When you hover over a parent tab, the dropdown menu fades in using CSS3's transition-property. The problem I'm having is the parent tab links off to another page, so when you tap a parent tab

Menu bar with subcategories Hover?

I am trying to create a menu bar that has 2 levels of menus. The top menu is is the main one. Then the second level underneath it has some sub category items. Right now you need to click on the main menu first and load that page to get see the sub ca

How to select the value selected in the parent drop-down list

I have a dropdown in a for loop. I also have a download pdf button in this loop. I want to be able to click on this download pdf button and then in javascript select the selected value in the dropdown which then will eventually run a function and fin

2 selectboxes one to update the other onclick cakephp

I have a form callled "Project", it contains a selectbox with the names of the companies , the other selectbox is hidden and is called "Staff" and is to be made visible and filled with the names and ids of users that are working for th

DropDownList switches from Spanish to English?

Why would a DropDownList switch from Spanish into English when one selects a new item in it? And how does one prevent that from happening? <asp:DropDownList ID="ddl_r1pc" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" OnSelectedIndexC

I have a drop-down php form that has to send information

I have a dropdown menu that is filled by a mysql database. I need to select one and have it send the information for use on the next page after clicking submit. It does populate the drop down menu like it is supposed to it just does not seem to catch

Linking DataSource DropDownList to an XPathSelect

Greetings! I have some XML like this: <Root> <MainSection> <SomeNode>Some Node Value</SomeNode> <SomeOtherNode>Some Other Node Value</SomeOtherNode> <Areas> <Area someattribute="aaa" name="Alpha&

jQuery gets a specific option tag text

All right, say I have this: <select id='list'> <option value='1'>Option A</option> <option value='2'>Option B</option> <option value='3'>Option C</option> </select> What would the selector look like if I wan