Why is my drop-down menu not working?

I can't get this to work! I've tried messing with the boostrap source, gone through other problems with dropdowns on stackoverflow and threw it jsfiddle a bit earlier and didn't work there either. Help much appreciated! Cheers <link rel="styleshee

webcomponents - hide the drop-down menu on window.onclick

dropdown menu is created in shadowDOM almost perfect, but the problem is how to hide the dropdown menu when click on any where else in window class NavComponent extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super(); let template = document.currentScript.owne

Javascript, automatically select a drop-down menu

So What I am trying to do with Javascript, is make it so when I do something similar to document.getElementByID("product-select").value = "34"; It will automatically press it for me. Whenever I try to do this what it does is it makes t

The drop-down option is not selected

I have the following code to build a dropdown form field: if ($current_user->ID) { $output .= ' <form action="" method="POST" class="profileForm" onSubmit="return validateMobile()"> <div class="form

Odd visual behavior of ToolStripMenuItem

I've got a Drop Down Menu that is dynamically filled every time it opens, here is the logic that does it: private void joysticksToolStripMenuItem_DropDownOpening(object sender, EventArgs e) { _joysticks = _joystickWrapper.FindDevices(DeviceType.Joyst

Make an animated drop down menu using Pure CSS as Bootstrap

I'm working with my own project to build a stylesheet(CSS) as what bootstrap does. However, I try to use only PURE CSS - no javascript or jquery even flash to do that. Now, I'm having trouble with the Animated Menu Dropdown when small resizing as wha

need help on drop-down menu css (dirty dash)

im trying to make css drop down menus : http://jsfiddle.net/zaesegaff/fjC3U/ <ul id="nav2" class="sf-menu"> <li class='current_page_item'><a href='index.php'>HOME</a></li> <li><a href='?content=ma

Drop-down menu does not display vertically under the main menu

Right then... I created a menu which worked perfectly fine but afterwards found out I needed to add drop-down which I done but for some reason it is showing horizontally and aligning itself to the left instead of being vertical and aligning itself un

Check if the form is completed before submitting

I have a form called choose_dates.php that submits to a file called process.php. The form consists of a textbox, a dropdown list and a submit button. I have set it up so that you can submit either one value, or the other, or both at the same time. I

ASP.NET AutoPostback does not work properly

I am having a problem with a div in my application. I created a div called divUpload and I need it to be visible only if the selected value from the dropdown menu is "IN". The first time when I open the page everything works fine (maybe because

Edit or export drop-down lists in Excel

Working on an existing spreadsheet which contains two dropdown lists. Is it possible to export or edit data from these drop lists?In a Data Validation list, you can have these 3 scenarios. A) A formula which refers to a range in the same sheet B) A L

Using jQuery-menu-aim

I just found: http://bjk5.com/post/44698559168/breaking-down-amazons-mega-dropdown, and I want to implement it on my site, but frankly I don't know how. I read the documentation, and it is as follows: https://github.com/kamens/jQuery-menu-aim But I'm

CSS menu help only needed

I would like to add a CSS-only drop down menu to a site. I am able to do this with just one drop, but am having trouble with adding another tier to the menu. I am able to get the list to hide initially, but when the trigger is hovered over, the entir

ASP.NET Control Parameter Problem Dropdownlist

So I have two dropdownlists, the first containing items from a datasource with values of a GUID and a static item. <asp:DropDownList runat="server" ID="CategoryDDL" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" DataTextField="Name&qu

Onclick change the top position does not do anything

I think the problem's already stated. When you click the plus extra content is show(the Hello Guest and Register and Signup). Is their a better and working way of doing this or do I have a bug. New at java-script so don't hate. ---> http://jsfiddle.n

How can I fill a drop-down list in an infowindow (Maps API v3)?

I have two arrays: one for article names, and the other for url links to each article. I am trying to populate a dropdown list within an infowindow with the article names, linking to each article when selected. It seems as if the links may have to do

javascript set selected for the select option

I am dynamically generating dropdowns e.g.someDropDown0, someDropDown1, someDropDown2 ...etc and write it a div in page . I want to know how can set the "selected" option value to onChange of the drop. The reason when i add a new drop down via b

Android dynamically populates the drop-down list

I would like to dynamically populate a drop down list . I would make a request to a server , get my data from there and according to my data ( for example I'll take some ids) I would like to make the list bigger/ smaller. The example that I found on

Control caused the return

I have a form that contains a dropdownlist, on index changed method,i will call my user control class .cs with parameters choosen by the user, when im putting my code inside the index changed like the code below, it doesnt work, which is a normal beh

JSP dropdown list

I would like to ask a question I want to show 3 drop down list in one JSP page, where the the second drop down list is based on the selected value in the 1st drop down list, and so on... According to my limited knowledge, when user selects a value fr

Dropdownlist and Datareader

After trying many solutions listed on the internet I am very confused now. I have a C#/SQL web application for which I am simply trying to bind an ExecuteReader command to a Dropdownlist so the user can select a value. This is a VS2008 project on an

Using jquery, How to redirect when the drop-down list changes?

I have a drop down list, if someone selects an option I want to redirect to another page based on the selection. How can I do this via jquery?Bind the logic to the $.change() event, and get the current value from $.val() to determine where the user o

PHP sets the selected value from the drop-down list

I have a dropdown box that I construct with PHP. Here is the code: $region_result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM region ORDER BY region"); $dropdown = "<select name='region'>"; while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($region_result)) { $rid