has no exported member 'DROPDOWN_DIRECTIVES'

i installed 'ng2-dropdown' in angular2 app. it gives error: [ts] Module "has no exported member 'DROPDOWN_DIRECTIVES'. import DROPDOWN_DIRECTIVES". when i import DROPDOWN_DIRECTIVES in component as import {DROPDOWN_DIRECTIVES} from "ng2-dro

Clickable drop-down menu in the navigation bar does not work

I'm trying to implement a dropdown menu inside the navigation bar which should show up on user click and disappear on clicking anywhere outside(like Facebook's dropdown menu having logout,etc.). But the dropdown isn't working the way it should. I hav

Django: replacing the default ManyToMany widget

I know who to replace the ManyToMany Widget in the django admin interface: class SomeModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): filter_horizontal = ('users',) But how to replace the default widget in all views? I guess this could be implemented without changing o

Styled-Select drop down, option box positioning

I have this styled-select dropdown, which shows only 5 options out of all existing options: <div style="background:grey; height:400px; width: 400px;"> <div class="styled-select"> <select id="campaignListId" nam

Kendo MVC UI DropDownList Lens for Filtering

I am using MVC Razor and Telerik Kendo MVC. I have a dropdownlst that I would like to automatically set focus on so that the user can immediately begin typing and filtering for the desired value. The ddl is: @(Html.Kendo().DropDownList() .Name("ddlLo

drop down menu box sizes are different

I am fairly new to the whole Web making world. I am having trouble with my drop down menu. The boxes in the drop down menu are different sizes depending on the word in it. Is there anyway I can make these boxes all the same size as the biggest on and

HTML 5 CSS3 Drop-down menu

I am trying to create a css3 and html5 simple drop down menu. For whatever reason though I have hit a road block. The basic function is what is supposed to be happening, but I pushes the entire menu bar down with it. How do I make it like a normal dr

Count single selection from multiple drop-down lists

I'm new to jquery, I'm working on a survey form and I have multiple dropdown menus for different questions but they all have the same dropdown value. Supposed I have: <select name="Forms[AgentIsPitch]" id="Forms_AgentIsPitch"> &l

script does not work in mvc4

im using script to bind my dropdown in my mvc project using web service and my webservice is present inside app_code but its not calling and error is called in my script $(document).ready(function () { $.ajax({ type: "POST", contentType: "a

dynamically created drop-down menu does not work

I want to create a dropdown javascript menu dynamically in javascript. I have created a javascript array of menu items in php from a mysql db and now I want to use a javascript function to create the menu on the fly when ever I want, so I can update

Formatting dynamic drop-down text (money)

I am trying to format the text of my drop down list but nothing seems to work. Here is my code below: Drop down list: <asp:DropDownList runat="server" ID="ddlSalary" CssClass="ddlBox" CausesValidation="true" Auto

Using the div value as a php variable

I have a script like this <script type="text/javascript"> function showSelected(val){ document.getElementById ('selectedResult').innerHTML = "The selected number is - " + val; } </script> <div id='selectedResult'><

The Select Box option continues to change

<Select id="amount" onchange="document.formName.submit(); updateCost();"> <option id="0" value = "0"> Select amount ... </option> <option id="1" value = "2000"> $2000 <

Separate identification numbers in a column separated by one,

I need a bit of help separating id's that are separated by a comma and then displaying them in a dropdown list. Here's the code below that i am working with, if the clothing_type_id has only 1 number in it, it works fine, if i add more numbers so it'

The display of my drop-down menus does not work

I have javascript function where if values "abc", "abcd" or "abcde" has been chosen from the dropdown menu "optionDrop", then display the other dropdown menu "numberDrop", else output "N/A". The

View specific items in the drop-down list based on conditions

I have a dropdown list with four options like: New Reviewed To be Reviewed Presented I need to display only specific items in the dropdown list based on some conditions. I mean sometimes with only 2 items New Review Sometimes with 3 items New Review

Delphi Custom popup / dropdown, how?

I want to make a custom dropdow/popup menu with a shadow nicely beneath it. The problem is that it is not a standard menu and I need to put some components on the popup/dropdown. So basically I want a dropdown I can do whatever I want with, not being