How to fill Dropdown with jQuery each () Loop

i want to to exactly the same like this: window.onload = function populateDropdown(){ console.log('Hallo i bims, ein Method') for(var i = 0; i < 100; i++){ var select = document.getElementById('age'); select.options[select.options.length] = new Optio

Hidden HTML submenu hovers after adding CSS

I have added a CSS caret to "Right-A" menu from the example below (or see . If you hover on "Right-A", and try to click on any item in the sub-menu, you will see the submenu getting disappear. It looks r

How to align a drop-down menu under a & lt; div & gt;?

When I hover over "Dropdown >", the dropdown menu appears at the left side below the top bar. How do I align it just below "Dropdown >"? Note that I am trying to do this with only CSS and HTML. My Code: * { margin: 0; padding: 0;

NetSuite Online HTML Form - link to the list in NetSuite

I have an online html form that uses a select field to choose a record from an existing record list (postcodes specifically) which then auto-populates other fields on the form with the rest of the address. This all works fine except that the dropdown

CSS - dropdown menu

I'm new with CSS and testing some stuff. I created a dropdown menu but this doesn't work correctly. Here is my code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <link href = "├╝ben_css.css" rel = "stylesheet" type="text/css&

Html.EnumDropdownListFor: displaying a default text

In my view I have a enumdropdownlist (a new feature in Asp.Net MVC 5.1). @Html.EnumDropDownListFor(m => m.SelectedLicense,new { @class="form-control"}) If I execute the above code I get dropdownlist for my following enum. public enum LicenseT

See if an array element is true

I'm trying to put a menu together where it will sense what page is loaded. This site is not done in a CMS and is straight PHP/HTML code. I currently have the navigation working for the primary links. There is a dropdown where I am having problems. I

How to populate a drop-down list in from a DB table

I'm new to and I want to populate a dropdown list with values from a table I created. I only want to populate the list with one of the fields- the languages in my table. I think I have connected to the data source correctly, but I don't know

Work with dropdownList and TextBox in c #

How do you add values to a database using a dropdownList or a TextBox without using a button in C# application?You need to set AutoPostBack property to true and save it on index changed event. <asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runa dropdownlist ajax call without ajaxtoolkit

I have searched on SO and search engines, but can't find a solution. Is it possible to make an ajax call for an dropdownlist without using an ajaxtoolkit or jquery? If so, how would I make an ajax call for a dropdownlist box (selecting a valu

How to display the button in a drop-down event?

Hai i have a button and dropdown.When i change the dropdown i hide the button its working fine.Event after i want to show the to do this. once i hide i cannot view the button.i need to hide only the dropdown change function other time i wa

CSS drop-down menu problem

I am trying to build a CSS menu with dropdowns,something like: MENU1 MENU2 MENU3 Item1 Item1 Item1 Item2 Item2 Item2 Item3 Item3 Item4 The Menus bar is a UL with further li and sub ULs for menu dropdowns. I have wrote the CSS and the dropdown occurs

Custom scrollbar with jQuery

I'm already using jQuery to customize my select boxes, but recently i've noticed in one of the drop-downs that the list is really huge. So I wonder how it's possible to style scrollbar with CSS3 + jQuery. I would like to apply that style to all scrol

Drop down menu hidden behind the javascript slider

Currently my nav menu's drop down portion is being hidden behind the javascript slider I have directly below it. See the problem here. How can I have the drop down menu display over the slider? Here is some of the CSS for the two divs that contain th

IE DropDown Tooltip 6

I need to place tooltip for dropdown selectbox for IE6 only.The requirement is , I have select box of width:150px and i have 4 option values.The text inside the option value is greater than '150px' So, it is not showing the complete text in the selec

Show DropDownList in aspx page

I created dropdownlist in C# code. How to display this ddlist in aspx page? My code: <% DropDownList list; for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { list = new DropDownList(); list.ID = i + "_ID"; %> <!-- how to display drop down list here??? -

Set the font of the individual option in a drop-down menu?

Is it possible to set the font-family for each option in a drop down list? If so, how is it done? EDIT: Specifically, I'd like to see this work in Chrome.Browser support is variable. option.aClass /* or some other way to identify the specific option

Unwind menu list problems

I am trying to make the drop down menu lists display inline(horizontally) but end up vertically. If I set the ul_dropdown width to 600px or so, it'll do the result I want. However, I want it to do it without me setting the width. Here's my simplified

Problems with the drop-down menu and its functions

I have created a simple drop down menu, with functions in it. And then I realized that after I execute functionA, I could not execute it again. I have to execute functionB(another function) before being able to execute functionA again... May I know h

CSS Dropdown Problems

I am a .NET / Java guy and have to do some website stuff. Complete beginner with CSS etc. I've been working with a template and had to convert the menu to a drop down and have been having loads of difficulty. I've uploaded the current iteration and i