Bootstrap Toggle Button Does Not Work

The toggle button is not working to reveal the collapsed elements and I do not know why. When the window is resized the toggle button is displayed but upon pressing, nothing happens. This is my first time using Bootstrap so I may have made some very

Vertically align multiple dropdown lists in Bootstrap

Problem: Vertically aligning multiple dropdown's in Bootstrap. Right now the left-hand side of the navbar is correctly aligned but not the right one. Appreciate any feedback how you should reason in order to solve this. Minimal Working Example (MWE):

JQuery and CSS for the reveal or index menu

I'm trying to figure out how I might go about alerting my audience to when a sub menu is available below a landing page in our left menu. Currently users have to click the menu to show whether there is anything below it. I think at the top levels thi

How can I get values ​​from the drop-down menu?

I have made a simpel dropdown menu where i can select navn but I dont know how to get the sukker_g values from later parts of the array. What I want is to get the sukker_g value so I can use thise numbers later in the prodject var person = [ {navn:"I

fill in a drop-down list in PHP

I have a mysql database of games that you can hire. I created a query in php so that the user is able to type in a title or game description and the result will be shown in a table as a simple list. However, I want to display the results of my array

CSS drop-down menu does not stay open on hover

I am trying to make a make a drop down menu with css, but the drop down does not keep open when I hover it. I have used days on this now searching for what is blocking it to keep open so I can access the submenu item. Can anyone help please? A millio

How to make the submenu floats on div?

Hello all I have a sub menu that with a drop down menu but when the menu comes down it pushes the div below down. Any idea on how to fix so it loads over div? and also one is horizontal and one is vertical how to fix that aswell thanks! JSFiddle <ul

DropDownList elements and gridView

Big hello to all good people. I am learning ASP and have one problem that I cannot solve. Here is what bother me: I have one gridView that list all customers with all their info (city, address, phone etc). My idea was to add one dropDownList with all

The drop-down list does not bind with sqldatareader

i have a form with a collection of about five drop down . i have my query as follows . string sql = "SELECT a.clientID ,a.[cname],,b.[bname],c.contactID, c.[name] FROM " + " dbo.[CLIENT] AS a INNER JOIN dbo.[BRANCH] AS b " + "

The Bootstrap drop-down list will not work

I've been messing around with my website for a while now and can't seem to get the dropdown on my navigation to actually drop down. I've read a few questions regarding this and couldn't find something that was this specific. I have my .js file instal

Qt QML drop-down list as in HTML

Simple thing, but can't get find it. I want a simple dropdown selection box with a couple of selections. Like in HTML <select> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> </select> what is the code for QML for that ?Here's a

enable / disable the text box on the combo selection

I want to enable/disable a text box based on selection of drop down items in a combo box.Earlier text box is in disabled mode, when first option will be selected then text box will be enabled and when second option will be chosen then text box will b

Dropdown ajax people

I have the following issue: When i select an element from a drop down i want to auto populate another drop down via ajax. the idea is that the subcategory(sub_type) doesn't load after selecting the "type". HTML <select id="type" nam

Delete duplicate items from dropdownlist in .net

How can one remove duplicate items from dropdownlist in making sure that only unique values are listed in dropdownlist Sorry if this is the duplicate question. Searched the SO but couldn't find it. UPDATED CODE: private void BindDropdown(Drop

How can I fill out a drop-down checklist?

How can I populate a drop down list control (ASP.NET) from a SPListTemplateCollection (SharePoint 2007) ? SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web; ddlTemplateList = new DropDownList(); ddlTemplateList.DataSource = web.ListTemplates; ddlTemplateList.DataBin

automatically fill in the data with a drop-down list

ALL EDITED Hi, How can I auto populate the data from db by dropdown selected? and my dropdown result already appear as well, the code as following: <?php echo '<tr> <td>'.$customer_data.'</td> <td><select name="customer_