How to stylize the rocking effect?

I am a newbie to html and CSS. I am designing a website for our conference.I am using the following code to get a toggle effect for the invited speakers of our conference which will give a drop down list box carrying their research interests. <tr>&l

Linking json tables in angular js select the option

I am working with select box in angular js. i need to bind the data to the select box from the json,How do i populate json with arrays inside a select box in angular. i have the following code. HTML <div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="myC

Drop-down menu opens all submenus

I have created a sidebar menu with MDL, and currently I am trying to solve dropdown menu issue. After clicking on menu item, it should open sub menus just for a single menu item, but it opens them all - every single menu item that has sub menus. HTML

hoverable drop-down menu not showing

I am trying to create a hoverable dropdown menu that will work like this. However, it seems that my website's dropdown menu does not appear. After inspecting the code (using Developer Tools in Chrome), I found out that my dropdown menu is covered up

Hover horizontal navigation menu

I am fairly new to HTML and CSS. I have created a horizontal menu and the drop-downs hover as they should. However, I want the drop down to appear ONLY when the mouse hovers over the links, and not the space below it which occupies the actual drop-do

Color problem in the drop-down menu

I'm coding a website for uni right now and it's going pretty well, with the exception of a dropdown menu issue. I've given the li property an ID of "selected" on some menu options (when the user is on the page in question), so that it changes co

checkbox drop-down entry in brilliant

Is it possible to have a dropdown list in Shiny where you can select multiple values? I know selectInput has the option to set multiple = T but I don't like it that all selected option are visible in the screen, especially since I have over 40. The s

Why is not my menu & ldquo; to display correctly?

I used a layout similar to a menu how it has the main menu and a submenu that appears when you hover over it. In this case, I'm trying to have a "Share" menu with the icons the submenu on the same line. I picked details from

Level 2 submenu always visible

I have spent almost a whole day looking through various examples and still can't figure out a way of setting the 2 level submenu invisible. I got this template of the net and trying to customise it. Here is the navigation bit from css file (I know it

no use of models in Cascading Dropdownlist mvc

I have a controller that search the database values ​​from a column and put it in a DropDownList: public ActionResult Index() { var listPro = db.P1_PRODUTOS.Select(c => new { c.id_produtos, c.sgl_produtos }); ViewBag.Produtos = new SelectList(listPro

jQuery validate the text box in the drop-down list

I have a form that has a dropdown list. When the Other option is selected in the dropdown i show some textarea fields. I would like to validate those fields when the Other option is selected in my dropdown. If any other option in my dropdown is selec

Twitter Bootstrap 2 top drop dropdown covered by subnav bar

I'm creating a Twitter Bootstrap main nav and sub nav with a drop down menu on the main nav. The problem is that I can never get the drop down menu to be shown above the sub nav. Here is the HTML: <div class="mainnav navbar navbar-fixed-top navbar

Fixed the alignment of the drop-down menu in IE

I am currently working on some client work and I make use of a simple dropdown menu i built. It seems to work fine in most browsers, except for IE. Debugging has been a real pain as IE doesn't really offer much insight and I haven't been able to pin

drop-down menu css does not work but worked before

I hope you'll be able to help me. I have the a dropdown menu that used to work across all browsers but for some reason, starting today it stopped displaying the dropdown submenus. Could you please have a look and let me know what is going on? I have

FindControl - Can not find the drop-down list

I have a dropdownlist: <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlGoalKeeper" runat="server"> </asp:DropDownList> A nice little one. I have some code to find it: DropDownList myControl1 = (DropDownList)Page.FindControl("ddlGoalKeeper&qu

DropDownList and update panel

I develop address control, which contains 2 DropDownLists (for cities and countries) and several TextBoxes. The second DropDownList DataSource depends on the first DropDownList DataSource. <fieldset> <legend><%=Title%></legend> <

How to pop up the dropdown menu on a drop-down list in IE6?

I'm facing a problem in IE6 : My website contains a drop-down menu and some pages contains comboboxes. When I roll-out a menu and it's covering a combobox, the combobox always appears over the menu ! My website is to be used exclusively on IE6, so I

Binding binding + an object to Dropdownlist

I have an array of type Person, which contains string objects: FirstName, LastName, login. I have this bound to a dropdownlist. Now along with this array, I also want to display one more item called "Desk". How can i do that? My current code is:

IE 6 dropdown selection area too narrow

I have a dropdown menu with the width set to 142px however the selection area when you drop down the menu needs to be larger as it has text that exceeds this width. Firefox (and most modern browsers) is clever and extends the selection area to fit in