Problem with JQuery for a multilevel dropdown

I've been working on the nav menu for a website that should have multiple levels. I'm having trouble with the JQuery in terms of having the correct drop downs appear on click. I'm new to using Javascript and Jquery in webpages so I appreciate any hel

Hide section if no option is selected in angular ng-hide

I have a two selection boxes. One that is populated depending on the selection of the first box. I wish to hide the second box if nothing is selected in the first. I have tried the following but cant seem to get the box to show once you select a opti

Hide the drop-down menu by clicking outside

I have a dropdown menu with checkboxes inside. I want to close the dropdown when the users click outside. My code is: <form> <div class="multiselect"> <div class="selectBox" onclick="showCheckboxes()"> <s

Rails select_tag / dropdown with enums

I'm got a model Lead which has a field Status which consists of multiple values via an enum. enum status: { open: 0, closed: 1, qualified: 2, rejected: 3 } I'm trying to create a select-field (in a table) where the new status will be saved via ajax.

Using an increment operator in a drop-down list

I have a drop downlist named MonthDropDownList consisting of months bounded by a sql data source. Now i want to access the value of MonthDropDownList like MonthDropDownList.selecteditem++. So if MonthDropDownList.selecteditem=January then MonthDropDo

Hide Cross Browser option

Isn't there any way to do it? I have made jsFiddle which is not working in IE. The piece of code is given below: The HTML <select id="testing"> <option value="1">Option 1</option> <option value="2">Opt

Delete selectbox selection after choosing the option

I'm getting a selectbox with an undefined amount of options. Example My selectbox contains 50 options with different values. What I do is to just show option 1-10 and 25-30. The others are detached. By clicking option 30 the detached options are atta

select from a drop-down menu does not fall

Why don't my dropdown-menus drop down? I am unfamiliar with using style sheets and wonder if I have to tell it something because in earlier appengine work without css, the menus dropped down as expected. Could the problem be that the jinja2 syntax is

How to put a grid in a drop-down menu

I have something like a grid of buttons which you can see in the jsfiddle code. What I want though is the grid to be displayed from a drop down menu like in this example here. Does anyone know how to link my grid into a drop down menu like in the exa

How to make a drop-down list

How make a dropdownlist? [Edited - almost working code] View: <div class="editor-label"> Firma <div class="editor-field"> @Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.ID_firma, Model.firmaList) @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => mod

Dropdown select in the form does not work in Internet Explorer

This is my first question on this site. I have an issue with Internet explorer. My contact form works fine in Chrome, Safari and FF but not in IE. Here is the link for my form. Basically the problem(s) are that there is no text in the dropdown select

DropDown List Selection

I have three DropDown List Controls.each dropdown contains the static values 1,2,3,4 what i need to do is when a item is selected on the first dropdown(on SelectedIndexChanged Event) same items should be selected in other two dropdownsHere's what you

Several drop-down menus jquery on one page

I'm new to jquery and i'm trying to make a dropdown menu list like on (mens and woman sizes). I came pretty close but when i click 1 of the buttons all of them open (or on my second try only the first one). Thus my questions: Does any

Make GridView answer to 2 dropdown lists

I have got 2 DropDownLists on my Form and 1 GridView. I want the GridView to display the data according to the selection from the DropDownLists. For Example, One DropDownList contains Names and another contains Dates. Both the DropDownLists can post

Custom drop-down list with autopopulated items

I have the need for a dropdownlist with the U.S. states in it. I could need this dropdownlist on various pages. Instead of always having to create a listitem for each state, I want a simple control. I don't want a UserControl - I want to extend the e