change the drop-down list to the ajax jquery checkbox in mvc

In my project I used cascaded drop down list using jquery ajax and it works, but I need to change the second drop down list to checkbox to select the City based on the districts selected from the first drop down list and also the items selected using

Why is not my text field added to the page?

I'm working on the interactivity of a simple HTML form. Specifically, there is a dropdown select box for job roles. If 'other' is selected, then a text field should appear, asking the user to be more specific. I'm a beginner and want to do this witho

Add a drop-down menu in the navigation bar

How do i add a dropdown menu for both of the icon classes? E.g of drop down menu would be like register, login, track order, wishlist etc. This is my nav bar menu with no dropdown/sublist. Can i see an example for both CSS and HTML? <ul id="nav-ma

Show the drop-down menu when hovering for 2 seconds

Hi Consider the following code.when we hover on the button,the dropdown immediately shows up without any delay.if there anyway we can delay the appearance of dropdown menu.because we want to avoid the accidental hover on the menus. <!DOCTYPE html> &

Mobile: Hiding Specific Options in a Selection Box Using CSS

@media (max-width: 767px){ #nav-container option:nth-child(3), option:nth-child(9), option:nth-child(13) {display: none !important;} } Above are my css codes in attempt to hide 3 particular options from showing in mobile view. However, only Chrome di

Show the text of the drop-down menu before the background

So i made a menu with a drop down effect with the css3 transition, but my problem is that you can actually see the text before the background is showing, of course the idea is not to see the text before the background. I have made a jsfiddle Html: <n

Closing the menu when I click outside using Jquery

I am trying to apply the solution found below to my design but I just can't seem to get my menu to close. I am new to this coding thing so any help would be appreciated. This is the fix I was trying to apply to my code: Click outside menu to close in

Show sub-category instead of Root in the menu

before domain transfer My menu looked like I cant understand what happened during the domain transfer and now menu looks like My Category structure is I am trying to restore the menu as it was before domain transfer, I have tried all the options on m

Multiple selection with jquery dilemma

I have a dropdown that allows users to choose certain options. After which it calls a php script for processing. The problem I have is that if I choose only one option, everything works fine, but when I choose more then one option, it doesn't work. H

selected item from DropDownList

How can I get selected Item of my DropDownList? @using (Html.BeginForm("Doctors", "User", FormMethod.Get)) { <input name="pageNumber" type="hidden" value="1" /><text>Hospital:</text><b

Select the drop-down option in bold in chrome

This question already has an answer here: How to style a select tag's option element? 5 answers Is there any way to make an <option> tag bold in a select box in Chrome and IE using CSS? It's working in Firefox. { background-color: #cc0000

Stop refreshing a page after triggering a function

I've been tasked with building a very simple app that that has a series of dropdowns in rows of 2, when 2 are selected, a simple functions concatenates the 2 values and gives an output next to them like so: dropdown1 dropdown2 Output What I'm trying

drop-down menu stops working after the page break

My head is about to explode as I try to figure out the reason why my dropdown menu stops working as soon as the page jumps to an anchor. There is some JS involved in the jump, too, but the same problem existed even with a plain html anchor jump. The

Add the attribute 'selected' using the value of the option

I have a select box with 10 options. Each time you select an option it sets in the localstorage the value you selected with id "select1". For example: If you select the first option you get in the localstorage: Key: Emailclient - Value: Option1.

View the selected country in a drop-down list using PHP

On my page I have a dropdown menu with a list of countries, this is a page for users to update their address details so I would like to have the "selected" value when they visit the page set to what the entered upon signup. I have <option val

CSS ignores overflow: hidden

I'm working on the navigation for this website and am having trouble with the dropdown nav. Basically, I have overflow: hidden applied to the container that holds the navigation items so that the rollover effect works properly (the bottom of the nav

Call a button or drop-down list inside a repeater

I have a label and dropdownlist inside a repeater. When I click a button outside the repeater I would like to access the label.Text value and ddl.SelectedIndex value. <asp:Repeater ID="rptProduct" runat="server" DataSourceID="o

Length of a string in pixels

I'm populating a dropDownList with arrayCollection of strings. I want the width of the drop down list control to match with the size (in pixels) of the longest string in the array collection. The problem I'm facing is: the font width of the strings i

JQuery language switch?

Is there a language switcher plugin for jQuery? It just should be a dropdown menu with languages and their flags. When you click on a language, it should add a ?lang=xx to the current URL. I know it's simple to code, but then I have to search flag ic