The drool condition does not match

I am writing currently trying out an example on Drools in which i am trying to check a perticular condition based on less than and equal to operator. My drools .drl file is : //created on: May 7, 2015 package inlife.rules.controller //list any import

Spring boot and drooling integration

I'm trying to run drools 6.2.0.Final with Spring Boot 1.2.2.RELEASE. I configured drools as the documentation says. My kie-context.xml configuration file is where I keep the drools beans and looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="

JBPM 6 configuration with maven

I am developing an application using Jbpm 6 rest api. I am trying to use following code to interact via REST with the remote runtime. // Create REST session RemoteRestSessionFactory restSessionFactory = new RemoteRestSessionFactory(deploymentId, depl

jBPM 6 in Eclipse

I have just started my working with jBPM6. I can make new jBPM Process with "a simply hello world process", but I don't know how to use it and i'm looking for some tutorial, in which I can see how to use jBPM in Eclipse, some example etc. Can an

Drools singleton StatefulKnowledgeSession as a Web Service

I am working with Drools 5.6.0 and I'm ready to upgrade to 6.0 so this issue is relevant for both versions. I have googled a lot about using Drools in a multithreaded environment and I am still unsure how to proceed. In the following scenario I'm try

Get an exception when using Drools in Visual Studio 2012

I am trying to implement Drools in .Net. I am new to .Net as well as Drools.I've read the following document for implementation of Drools: I've downloaded this project and it w

JavaScript-based Check / Rule-based toolkit based on syntax

We have been given a project in which we have to accept a set of large text files with very specific requirements, ~150-200 rules. Each rule can pass, fail, not applicable. The pass fail can be the existence or lack of a matching regex. Some rules wo

Runtime error Drools

I'm trying to run Drools sample ( the HelloWorld sample when creating a new Drools project ), I didn't change anything in the project but I'm getting an error. Here's the stacktrace: SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder"

Creating a DateTime from two other dates

Basically I want to see if someones birthday is within 3 months of todays date. I am going to use Days to do this and just say "90" days. My thoughts are as follows: I will set a new datetime as todays date and then grab the DOB of the person in

How to achieve the automatic completion of Drools in Eclipse?

Auto completion of Drools (5.5.0.Final) seems not out of the box by default in Eclipse Juno SR1. What I did are download, unzip it add update site

Drools Guvnor on Glassfish error

I'm trying to deploy Guvnor (guvnor-5.5.0.Final-tomcat-6.0) to a fresh glassfish server ( build 5) and am getting the error below. I did try the other WARs without any luck and I get the same error on OSX and windows. Error occurred during de

Price comparison engine using WSO2 products

We are using WSO2 ESB for an aggregation project. We are getting prices for some products using SOAP from six vendors, response formats are already unified in ESB and each response contains 5-10 products. Here's some sample responses: Response from V

Drools hello world maven outbuildings

I'm trying to run very simple application using Drools and for a couple of hours now can't set up pom.xml with all dependencies. Here is how it looks now: <dependencies> <!-- Drools engine --> <dependency> <groupId>org.drools</g

Support for Drools Java 7 in Eclipse

I created a Drools project in Eclipse (Indigo) configured to use JRE 1.7. But I get an error pointing to my .drl file: com/sample/DroolsTest$Message : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 The com.sample.DroolsTest.Message class is imported by the .dr

Solve sudoku with heuristics: a good idea?

I was trying to solve a partially initialized sudoku puzzle (the kind that appears in newspapers) with the 'Drools Planner' package. While it can generate a (random) puzzle from scratch in 3 seconds, it gets stuck in a loop solving a partially initia

Drools: How to use an enum in the lhs of a rule?

I am having difficulties in writing a rule which match with an enum value in its lhs. For example, if I have the following enum: public enum EStatus { OK, NOT_OK } I would like to use it in something like this: rule "my rule" dialect "java&

StatelessKnowledgeSession and Drools Flow

Is it possible to run a Drools Flow process from a StatelessKnowledgeSession? If so, how? It doesn't have the startProcess(id, params) method and seems to only implement rule functionality. I have a service whose method runs a process. So far, I've u

Forward chaining and backward chaining

What is one good for that the other's not in practice? I understand the theory of what they do, but what are their limitations and capabilities in practical use? I'm considering Drools vs a java prolog for a new AI project, but open to other suggesti

Too many open files in one of my java routines

I have a multithreaded code that has to generated a set of objects and write them to a file. When I run it I sometime get "Too many open files" message in Exception. I have checked the code to make sure that all the file streams are being closed

how to learn Drools or another fast rules engine

We're embarking on a module which will generate some recommendations based on some criteria. The criteria will be in the form of set of Business Rules and hence I was considering using a Business Rule Engine like Drools(open source and java :-) ) we

Use Maven to download the sources of drool

I'm new to maven and drools, so this could be obvious... I'm trying to work off of the drools snapshot repository using maven/eclipse. I'd like to be able to link the sources/javadoc when updating using maven but I keep getting messages similar to: C

Spring-Drools integration?

There used to be spring-modules project that provides this integration; however, that project is deprecated now. Does anyone now if there is any continued support for this integration? Thanks.Work is in progress.