Downloading files from outside the application

This question already has an answer here: how to download image from any web page in java 7 answers I'm using jsf 2.2 Primefaces 6.0 and i already implemented a solution to download an images from the ressources file inside the application and it wor

Download the source URL in Android

I try to save page's source to string. My code: public static String saveSource(String link) throws IOException { String source = ""; URL akt = new URL(link); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(akt.openStream(), "u

Set the dynamic download path to django

How i can set a dynamic download path to django by change this part: (settings.MEDIA_ROOT, 'folder/path/file.pdf') with open(os.path.join(settings.MEDIA_ROOT, 'folder/path/file.pdf'), 'rb') as fh: response = HttpResponse(, content_type="appl

Unable to download Bluemix startup code

I have created multiple applications from boilerplate templates and for some reason, it is no longer possible to download the Starter Code. I open the application panel, select Start Coding in the left pane, then select Eclipse Tools for Bluemix. Fur

Zip inside the zip (php)

Hi everyone it's been a couple of days I'm trying to solve a problem without having any response, I'm not excelling at php but I am doing my best. I want to put automatially for download, and without saving on the server a zip called Bigzip Inside th

how to download a video from url in xamarin forms

Actually i'm developing a app with the visual studio by plugin xamarin forms for all 3 platform ,searched a lot to download a image,video,file from the url but didn't get clear idea. If anyone have idea about this please help me out.Downloading the v

How to download the image using the link button?

I am trying to download image using link button. Any one know how to download a image using link button. Help me to find a proper solution. Thank you. Code: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { pdfDataSetTableAdap

How to get my Android device Internal download folder path

This question already has an answer here: how to access downloads folder in android? 4 answers It is possible to get the Android device Internal Download Folder path?if a device has an SD card, you use: Environment.getExternalStorageState() if you do

Using OutputStream's Memory for File Upload

So I'm not really sure what actually happens deep-down. Let's say we are in a web application and user request to download a dynamically generated file which can be several mb in size, possibly even 100 mb or more. The application does this String di

Problem of downloading the IE8 attachment via SSL

While downloading excel file on IE8 over SSL, we are getting error: "Unable to download Document.ashx from MyHostName.Unable to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later." We tri

Android POST HTTP Download Manager

In android, i have this URL to which i must do a POST request the returned inputstream of said request returns a downloadable object... How can I use the Android Downloadmanager itself, or a custom created one, to handle the downloading process for m

downloaded file from mysql database using php is changed

I'm able to upload a file to mysql but when i download it, the content changes.. example i have test.txt with "hello" on it.. when i download it, the test.txt becomes < pre class='xdebug-var-dump' dir='ltr'>string 'sfasfsafasfsaf' (length=

Why does wget give me two different download times?

The last 3 lines of wget -i urls.txt: FINISHED --2012-05-16 12:58:08-- Total wall clock time: 1h 56m 52s Downloaded: 1069 files, 746M in 1h 52m 49s (113 KB/s) There are two different times: 1h 56m 52s 1h 52m 49s Why are they different? What do they s

Download the timeout when the connection is stopped

Possible Duplicate: Timeout when connection is gone. HELP ME PLEASE I'd like to put in my code a time-out. When the file is being downloaded and i stay without internet, it count to 60 secs and if the connection don't back, gives a message. Here is t

How to control base64 images when the user registers as

I'm making an app where i want to show the user a range of base64 encoded picture. They are shown by using data-url. If the user wants to save a picture, it can simply rightclick and save as (or drag it into a folder). Are there any way to control th

The file download script does not work when called from Ajax

I'm using the following script to initiate file downloads: if (file_exists($newfilename)) { header('Content-Description: File Transfer'); header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='.basename($

C #, calculating the download speed, where is the problem?

I want to calculate download speed as kbps (kb per second). There's a problem in the code, it doesn't show actual speed. And I'm really tired of this work. Also, when using (TotalDownloadSize / ElapsedTime) formula it shows more realistic results but

Curl request does not work on the live server

Can anybody tell me why this CURL code only works on my local server and not on live server? Tried on 3 different hosting and nothing works. Checked everything on live 1) Curl enabled 2) PHP version is OK 3) Curl executes without any error but no res

Where can I download older versions of Xcode?

I am able to download the current versions of Xcode and other resources from the Apple Developer Center(s), but where can I download older versions? Specifically, I am looking for current stable XcodeLog in to Click the Resources

PHP only half of the file is downloaded

I have some larger files which I need to share with people and to make it easier for them (and for the fun of developing it) I am developing a small browser-based FTP client. It's nothing more than the standard functions in PHP. Yesterday I made a qu

download the html page for offline use

I want to make an html page available for offline viewing by downloading the html and all images / css resources from it, but not other pages which are links. I was looking at httrack and wget but could not find the right set of arguments (I need the

Secure Rails Download

I am building an rails app and I want to secure the user's downloads. The scenario is: There is an item with a download column of "/some_directories/". A user buys the file, goes to "My downloads" page and clicks "Dow

GWT code download progress bar - like Gmail

I have to use code-splitting in my project. but anyway there are some codes for initial downloading for first time. Now I want to show to end-user the progress for code downloading (.cache.html - or other code-splitting) like gmail startup progress.

JavaScript reference for offline navigation

I am going offline for a few days, and would like to bring the JavaScript documentation with me on my laptop :) Does anyone know of a place where I can get downloadable reference documentation for JavaScript, preferably for Firefox? I have checked th