Add an html object to another html object

before I start I wanted to tell you maybe my tongue is not enough to understand each other that is why I'm sorry. I have html codes which are the below; <div class="container"> <div class="column"> <input type="text

Why not apply the job on the functions of the DOM element?

Sample code document.body.getAttribute.apply(this,['id']); document.body.setAttribute.apply(this,['id','test']); The error Firefox: TypeError: 'setAttribute' called on an object that does not implement interface Element. Chrome: Uncaught TypeError: I

how to read some xml points using java

I'm new to XML and I want to append points from an XML file to a point container that I wrote. this is the XML file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> <container> <point> <X>56<

phonegap-facebook-plugin on WebApp, error JS

I am building a Ionic based mobile application and I am using the phonegap-facebook-plugin to login with facebook. I have managed to install the plugin on both android and ios and it works. However, while trying to use it for the webapp, I am having

Dom Loading Hierarchy

Iv'd been looking for this for a while found it once but cant find it agian, in which order does the different things get loaded in the DOM?? like css, html, scripts and so on?The same order they appear in the page Deferred loading like : document.on

javascript problem - firefox

Hi all Why this piece of javascript code doesn't work on firefox var nfiles = 1; function Expand(){ nfiles++ var adh = '<input type="file" name="File '+nfiles+'">'; files.insertAdjacentHTML('BeforeEnd',adh); return false; }; It l

Implementing a DOM listener

I was thinking there was no DOM listener so I implemented my own 'heavy' listener: function CvHelper(stackApi) { var that = this; // check if room is finished loading this.init = function() { if ($('#loading').length) { setTimeout(that.init, 1000); }

Retrieve content from another div and apply in a new div

I have an application that's dynamically creates div boxes and through AJAX loads images that are placed inside the boxes. If a box already exists I don't want to load the images (through AJAX) again. Instead the content (ie. the images) should be gr

Is it faster to insert HTML code or create a new element?

I have a question, I use prototype, but maybe this question could apply to native javascript as well. Which would be generally faster and more efficient to run: $(divElement).insert('<div>Hello</div'); or $(divElement).insert(new Element(div).ins

Get the first and the last word in the element text

In JavaScript, how can I get the first and last words from an element's text? For example: <div class="content">this is a test</div>// output 'this' 'test' <p>This is another test</p>// output 'this' 'test' How can I do t

Which library to use to create HTML documents?

Could please anybody recommend libraries that are able to do the opposite thing than these libraries ? HtmlCleaner, TagSoup, HtmlParser, HtmlUnit, jSoup, jTidy, nekoHtml, WebHarvest or Jericho. I need to build html pages, build the DOM model from Str

Parse HTML DOM using PHP

I have this html code: <marquee align="left" id="LatestNewsM" SCROLLAMOUNT="4" loop="infinite" direction="right"> <font dir="rtl" valign="top" class="StringTheme" sty

Which JS objects can be added via appendChild ()?

I am trying to extend the DOM. I "subclassed" from the Div element: var Subclass = function() {} Subclass.prototype = document.createElement('div'); Subclass.constructor = Subclass; var obj = new Subclass(); var obj.innerHTML = 'test'; document.

Firebug equivalent for Thunderbird

When I build a newsletter and send it to myself as a test, I would like to be able to analyze the resulting HTML in my email client (Thunderbird). Is there a tool similar to Firebug but for Thunderbird? I found one called "DOM Inspector" but it

Enabling domxml in php

I have installed xampp 1.7.3 and the php version is PHP 5.3.1.When iam using the function domxml_open_file() ,it throwing an error Call to undefined function domxml_open_file(). How i can enable DOM in php.Thanks in advance. I canot find 'extension=p

jQuery can not get a good formatted ID

I have a problem with this fonction: function test(value){ var id = "'" + value + "'"; $(id).remove(); } It gets an "Id", add simple quotes and then call the remove function. The "value" is a generated id by php. Fo

Is it possible to create your own HTML element?

Is there a way to create your own HTML element? I want to make a specially designed check box. I imagine such a thing would be done in JavaScript. Something akin to document.createHTMLElement but the ability to design your own element (and tag).Yes,

Change the node name of the element?

Is it possible to change the element's node name in GWT? I mean something like this: HTML h = new HTML(); h.getElement().setNodeName("mydiv") while there is no setNodeName() method for Element. I'd like to acquire <mydiv>some contents</

how to implement a jQuery live bind event on mootools?

How do I make elements that are loaded via ajax, adopt the events associated with the same class on mootools 1.11? As far as I know, in jQquery, if your ajax response consists of something like <div class='button'>, if there is an event bind using l

How to add text boxes dynamically in Javascript?

By default I have 5 textboxes. When a user clicks on a button, one textbox should be added. How could I do this?If you replace the innerHTML, the previously entered values will be cleared, to avoid that, you can append the input elements programmatic

DOM update delayed in IE6 using jQuery

I'm wrestling with a ridiculous problem in IE6. I render a page full of data on the server-side, and then iterate through the results (rows of an HTML table) on the client side, updating each row in sequence with the results of an AJAX call on each r