Step size in RatingBar

What is a step size in a RatingBar? This is what I found in the documentation: The step size of this rating bar. For example, if half-star granularity is wanted, this would be 0.5. I tried to find it over here:

Convert swagger json to mashery io-docs json

Does anyone know about the existence of a JSON-сonverter from Swagger API Docs to Mashery I/O Docs?Tibco/Mashery is supporting Swagger - IODocs conversion in their new cloud tooling, where you define your APIs in Swagger, then can import it in Masher

How does Github render the .wiki extension?

I've just added a .wiki file ( to a Github repository. To my surprise, it is rendered as HTML by Github. Which wiki syntax does Github use? What is their rendering engine?In addition to GFM, GitHub supports a number of other markup formats,

What are the new documentation commands available in Xcode 5?

One of Xcode 5's new features is the ability to document your own code with a special comment syntax. The format is similar to Doxygen, but appears to only support a subset of those features. Which commands are supported, and which ones aren't? Do an

Manual installation of PHPDocumentor on Mac

After trying to install PHPDocumentor with PEAR install with no success, i tried it manually as is detailed on the official website: I downloaded the files and i make an alias on /usr/bin/

Windows / Linux rosette stone for C ++ development?

I've always done C++ development on Linux, and now my company is moving to Windows, so I'll have to re-learn the terminology and tools. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere that could ease the transition? Ideally, it would be something like this: Linux W

Why is the search in XCode's documentation so bad? [waiting]

Every time I type a search term into XCode documentation I get the spinning progress indicator, which sometimes takes 20+ seconds to return results. Worse, it starts searching without hitting Enter, so I get halfway through typing a longer class name

iPhone - setValue: forkey: undocumented

I have these lines in my code : [defaults setValue:someValue forKey:@"someValue"]; [animationGroup setValue:@"someValue" forKey:@"someValue"]; // CAAnimationGroup NSString* animName = [theAnimation valueForKey:@"someValu

How to delete documents a month ago

We are using Solr 1.4. How to delete the documents a month ago?We are doing something similar where we purge items from one of our indexes, using curl and taking advantage of the timestamp field in the Solr schema. Here is the curl command that you w

Where can I find sources for JavaEE packages?

I'm developing a JavaEE system (distributed on Weblogic App Server), but I don't have the sources for the JavaEE packages (javax.ejb.*, for instance). Where can I find the sources (not javadoc) for these packages?Java EE is an abstract API. It exist

How to generate HTML code from Emacs Lisp documentation?

Emacs calls itself self-documenting. This means that you can use Emacs to read the documentation that is encoded in the Emacs-Lisp files. Is there an easy way to export this documentation to HTML, so that the documentation can be placed on a website?

Do I have to use multilingual documentation?

It's possible to interleave a C++ source file with an HTML document: //<![IGNORE[ /*]]> <html> <head> <title>Example</title> </head> <body> <p>Example</p> </body> </html> <![IGNORE[*/ #i

VS: Tooltip help for doxygen style commented functions?

I am using Visual Studio and an external library that is commented in doxygen-style. Is there any way to display doxygen documentation in the editor tooltip like DocXML?The VS plugin Visual Assist shows doxygen comments. From what I can see, it doesn

VB.NET documentation and exception

Let's say I have this sub in VB.NET: ''' <summary> ''' Validates that <paramref name="value"/> is not <c>null</c>. ''' </summary> ''' ''' <param name="value">The object to validate.</param> '''

RESTful API documentation

I'm going to design a RESTful API soon, thus I need to describe it in order to enable other people to start implementing clients using it. I've looked around a bit, but unfortunately, I've not found any standardized form of describing web-based RESTf

A way to generate WSDL documentation from Javadoc with JAX-WS?

I'm hoping that an extension of some kind is available that does this (although I suppose that my hope is foolishly optimistic). /** * <p> * Gets the {@link ResultObject} given the identifier. The following * fields are not available for some users

Awesome C # Code to learn design templates and best practices?

Anyone know any open source c#/ projects that are well documented, use design patterns appropriately and contain the best practices? I want to read high quality code, learn from it and apply it to my job.I highly recommend reading through Fram

Substitutions in links in reST / Sphinx

I am using Sphinx to document a webservice that will be deployed in different servers. The documentation is full of URL examples for the user to click and they should just work. My problem is that the host, port and deployment root will vary and the

How do you keep the reference documentation up-to-date?

I'm doing Yet Another PHP Framework for the fun and sport of it, and I'm doing the first rounds of documentation. I'm planning to code a little, document what I've coded, code some more, adjust the documents to reflect the code's new abilities, repea

Document the key ingredients of developing good software?

I am writing an architecture and design document for software development at our company, that will contain the rules and guidelines for developers to follow. It is targeted at J2EE web applications, but I constantly keep mentioning the same basic 'i

What is the best way to document data reader method calls?

When working with namespaces such as System.Data.Odbc or System.Data.OracleClient the various data reader methods generally require an integer corresponding to a column be provided to the functions (e.g. OracleDataReader.GetInt32). My question is thi

JavaScript reference for offline navigation

I am going offline for a few days, and would like to bring the JavaScript documentation with me on my laptop :) Does anyone know of a place where I can get downloadable reference documentation for JavaScript, preferably for Firefox? I have checked th

Document Delphi

Is there a good tool for scanning a Delphi project and organising the units, forms etc. Maybe it could go down to procedure level and say output to Word or RTF. This would allow me to get a first cut documentation going for a large product.I think th