Docker - `top` like real-time metrics in the command line

When running Docker containers, I'd like to get real time metrics reports of all my running containers? I'd like to see the memory, cpu and network usage in real time, like the top command on Linux.You have some tools from docker to start with docker

The path is not writable in the container

I have a Laravel app running in a docker container and am running into Path "/var/www/app/storage/clockwork" is not writable. According to the info Laravel provides, the user is www-data. Originally it showed that '1000' and '1001' where the use

Contents of docker container filesystems on the host

I've read quite a lot about how docker works using cgroups and namespaces. If that's correct the host should be able to see all the processes and filesystem tree that is used by the docker container. However I seem to be unable to figure it out. Coul

How to expose the ports only in the docker network?

I have a few apps running in a Docker network with their ports (3000,4200, etc) exposed. I also have an nginx container running within the same Docker network which hosts these apps on port 80 with different domain names (, But r

Use git in the Jenkins pipeline with the docker agent

When I try to run the pipeline below, it fails with this error: Cloning into '/go/src/'... fatal: unable to look up current user in the passwd file: no such user package exit status 128 As far

Connect to rabbitmq on a local host from a Docker container

I have a java app running in a docker container and a rabbitmq running in local host (mac). The app need to communicate with the rabbitmq on local host, could some one point out how could i achieve this?Docker engine provide a virtual network interfa

How to deal with the state & ldquo; Exit 0 & rdquo; in Docker

I have build a Docker image and afterwards run a container using Docker Compose. The following command will do the job for me: docker-compose up -d I have restarted the PC and now I want to start the previous container that I've created before. So I

Dockerize ASP Classic on IIS

Microsoft has been investing in running docker on windows. Is it possible to run a legacy ASP Classic application on IIS through Docker? How? finally got this all working. It was a lot more complex than runnin

How to update Gemfile.lock on my Docker host?

When using Rails inside a Docker container several posts, (including one on use the following pattern: In Dockerfile do ADD Gemfile and ADD Gemfile.lock, then RUN bundle install. Create a new Rails app with docker-compose run web rails ne

docker - how to disable automatic restart on a container?

I can enable auto-restart with --restart=always, but after I stop the container, how do I turn off that attribute? I normally run a webserver and typically map port 80: docker run -d --restart=always -p 80:80 -i -t myuser/myproj /bin/bash But there a

Sharing the ip container and the port on the hosts

We have a set of docker containers spread across the several hosts. Some containers are part of the same logical group, i.e. network so containers should be able to talk directly, accessing each other IP and Port (which is randomized by docker). The

Unable to connect to the Docker daemon on Mac OS X

I would like to run multi-container application using docker-compose on Mac OS X El Capitan (v10.11.2). However, the command $ docker-compose up command complains that it can't connect to the Docker daemon. ERROR: Couldn't connect to Docker daemon -

How can i pass an argument with docker-dial up

I have a docker-compose.yml file and in the terminal I am typing docker-compose up [something] but I would also like to pass an argument to docker-compose.yml. Is this possible? I've read about interpolation variables and tried to specify a variable

Redis + Docker + Django - Error 111 Connection refused

I'm trying to use Redis as a broker for Celery for my Django project that uses Docker Compose. I can't figure out what exactly I've done wrong, but despite the fact that the console log messages are telling me that Redis is running and accepting conn

How to build a docker image from the github repository

In official docs we can see: # docker build It just works fine to me. docker-firefox is a repository and has Dockerfile within root dir. Then I want to buid redis image and exact version 2.8.10 : # docker build github

Deploy the last docker containers with ansible

I have been trying to get ansible to deploy my containers, and I have been successful with the following config, but the problem I am running into is that it will not start the most recent version of my container. - name: Deploy hosts: staging tasks:

Docker Hub Automated Build - Marking

When specifying an Automated Build on Docker Hub, I can set some settings (Type ('Branch' or 'Tag'), Name, Dockerfile Location and Docker Tag Name). But unfortunately I didn't find any documentation for those. I assume, that when I choose Type 'Branc

How to send files as docker arguments?

I'm not sure that I'm trying to do it the right way, but I would like to use as a way to package some programs that need to be run from the host. However these applications take filenames as arguments and need to have at least read access.

Start services automatically in the Docker container

I'm doing some initial tests with docker. At moment i have my images and I can put some containers running, with: docker ps I do docker attach container_id and start apache2 service. Then from the main console I commit the container to the image. Aft