Retrieves the first element of the Django for loops

Template: {% for code in group_codes %} *_{{ }}_*<br /> {% if test_info.test_type = 0 %} {{ code.pre_testing_fail }}/{{ code.pre_testing_total }} failed pre-test<br /> {% else %} {% for shelf in final_shelf_info %} {{ }}

django remains back result that combines filters

I'm new to Django rest and i'm trying to return response that have to use two query sets: The first one is for the specific project and the second one is only for specific users inside this project: class ProjectFiltersSerializer(seria

Time limit in the django model

I need a help with time-limit. I want to show user how many time he has got to rent a car. This is my views: class CarRentView(RedirectView): permanent = False query_string = True model = Car def date_of_return(request): car = Car.objects.all() car.r

Django and Querysets forms

Lets say I need to filter the options available in a multiple select box. in my view I have: class ArticleCheckbox(forms.ModelForm): article= forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField(queryset=Article.objects.all(),required=False, widget=forms.CheckboxSelectMul

Try using django and dropzone /

I'm trying to use dropzone.js with django. I'm following the somewhat dated guide here ( I strongly suspect My view is at issue. def test(request): print

Django: Passing the model value to the view

I HAD this situation: Clicking on a html submit button, I call views.stream_response which "activates" views.stream_response_generator which "activates" and return a StreamingHttpResponse and I see a progressive number every

Regex URL in django for the GET request

I have a django URL url(r'^my/url/(?P<number>[0-9]{10})/$',My.as_view()), and the request URL is my/url/?number=9876543210 The view is a JSONResponseView class My(JSONResponseView): def __init__(self,*args,**kwargs): super(SendMobileLinkResponse,sel

update the URL after returning a specific view with django

I have a django app samplesubmission with two different views. The index view (localhost:8000/samplesubmission/) lists the last 5 samples and an add view (localhost:8000/samplesubmission/add/), which adds a new sample. If everything works, I return t

Django: A drier way to prevent editing / deleting objects?

After reading the permission Django documentation, I'm still confused. I'd like to prevent access for user to edit or delete objects they didn't own. I dit it this way and it works: In def deleteReward(request, reward_id): reward = get_obje

Date ValidationError in Django

I want to block users whose premium plan has expired after 30 days(though I might change the days later). And redirect them to the payment page. I'm doing this by checking the db if the expiry date has reached so it can block them from viewing exclus

Update only specific fields in a models.Model

I have a model class Survey(models.Model): created_by = models.ForeignKey(User) question = models.CharField(max_length=150) active = models.NullBooleanField() def __unicode__(self): return self.question and now I want to update only the active field.

Django import error: no module named templates

I keep receiving the error Could not import movies.views. Error was: No module named models Here is my traceback: Environment: Request Method: GET Request URL: http://localhost:8000/movies/awesome-movie/ Django Version: 1.3.1 Python Version: 2.7.3 In

Calling multiple views and including templates

I'd like to create a form to insert in multiple pages. In the example below I created a template "form.html" and tried to input in "index.html". I already have a view for index (simplified in this example). Thus, I don't know how to ca

Get items by ID in Django

I'm trying to get data by id in my django app. The problem is that I don't know the kind of id the user will click on. I tried adding the below code in my views but I'm getting this error: ValueError at /findme/ invalid literal for int() with base 10

the session ID changes when using redirect () in View

I have a page with a form that I use for site search. The form uses POST verb to submit data to search for. The search results are displayed under the form after it is submitted. In an attempt to solve the "Page has expired" problem on IE I use

How to use Httpresponse in view in django using Ajax

I am using this def ajax_create( request ): if request.is_ajax(): form = SourceForm() template = 'ajax_form.html' data = { 'form': form, } return render_to_response( template, data, context_instance = RequestContext( request ) ) I get this error ajax

Django: passing an object as an argument to a view

Is there a 'convenient' way to pass generic, dynamically created objects from one view as arguments to another view? As far as I can tell from the documentation, only strings can be passed. I was thinking of two work arounds: Base the object on a mod

Determine the age of a session in django

How can I determine the age of a session object in django?OK, here's what I have come up with. Much better. I think this is as cheap as using post_save on a Session object is going to get: from django.db import models from people.models import Member

Refresh the model in Django

I have a view like this: def form1(request): if request.method == 'POST': form = SyncJobForm(request.POST) if form.is_valid(): # do something in_progress = True return render_to_response('form1.html', {'in_progress': in_progress}) I would like to kno

Insert language characters in Django

I am following the link Basically i am trying to insert hindi characters into mysql db I have created the files in the test directory as in the above said link and using django version 1.1 an dpytho

Why is Django django.views.static.serve () not secure?

According to the Documentation using the django.views.static.server() function is: inefficient and insecure. I understand why it's inefficient, but in which aspect is it insecure?It's as insecure as the Django test server itself, for starters, like t