Facebook does not return Email Python Social Auth

here's my pipeline in settings.py: SOCIAL_AUTH_PIPELINE = ( 'social.pipeline.social_auth.social_details', 'social.pipeline.social_auth.social_uid', 'social.pipeline.social_auth.auth_allowed', 'social.pipeline.social_auth.social_user', 'social.pipelin

How to use Django Social Auth to connect to Instagram?

How to setup Django to authenticate with Instagram by default? Tried django-socialauth, but no results. Which way is the best?It's simple first redirect your users to this url BASE_URL = "https://api.instagram.com/oauth/authorize/?" REDIRECT_URI

Add users connected via Python Social Auth to a group

When users are signed up through Python Social Auth, they get created as users in my database, which is fine and dandy, however I want them to be added to a certain group upon user creation. How to do that?There's a new user signal on django-social-a

python-social-auth url of custom redirection in Django

I am using python-social-auth package along with Django to manage oauth and openID logins. Now the issue is that, I can specify one redirect url in django settings.py, but in some case I want the user to be redirected to the same page from which he i

Django social-auth multiple account association

I am using django social-auth (http://django-social-auth.readthedocs.org/en/latest/index.html) and trying to create a user profile where the user can associate multiple accounts (like here on Stackoverflow). Currently I am at the point where single u

Collecting additional user data in Django Social Auth pipeline

I'm using Django Social Auth (v0.7.22) for registering users via Facebook, and that is working OK. My doubt is how to collect extra data for new users: How to detect a new user? Where to store the collected data (in the Django session or pass it thro

django social_auth surpasses additional arguments

So I have a referral url, something like http://.../ref/4Q3j9/ which when clicked takes them to a sign up page. They can signup using google account [Oauth2]. I store them in the template as a hidden variable. But when the user clicks on the google s

AuthAlreadyAssociated Exception in Django Social Auth

After I create a user using say Facebook(let's say fbuser) or Google(googleuser). If I create another user through the normal django admin(normaluser), and try logging again using Facebook or Google while third user(normaluser) is logged in, it throw

Adding community elements to a website with django

I was wondering the best source of information regarding community elements with Django. I have finished some great Django books, and tutorials, but I have not been able to find a website or tutorial which covers what I am looking for. I want to add

Identifying the backend provider of a logged-in user

With django-social-auth, is there a good way to find out the backend provider of a logged in user? Is finding the corresponding UserSocialAuth object supposedly the best way? Thanks!In your views, try: request.user.social_auth.values_list('provider')

How to access the Twitter API after connecting with Django?

I would like to play with the twitter API, but I'm lost with how access the API, get TimeLine, RT, etc, after login with django social auth. Can anyone provide an example of another twitter library that I can use to access streaming, timeline, etc. a

How not to set the user's email address in django social-auth

I have django social-auth installed (from omab) and the users have an email address in database that is the one I want to keep but when the users log in from facebook using social-auth, their email gets replaced by the one they have in their facebook

django-social-auth on google app engine

I'm having trouble getting django-social-auth to work with a Django app that I'm deploying on Google's App Engine using the djangoappengine and django-nonrel. I'm a noob at this and its quite complex for me ! I started with the django-nonrel template

No Facebook sign-in screen in django social auth

I am trying to build a small page using django which uses a facebook login, and I am using the django-social-auth package from agiliq: https://github.com/agiliq/Django-Socialauth and trying to follow the documentation. However, I am not able to see/t

Django-social-auth error when connecting to Facebook

I have problem in connecting with Facebook backend of django-social-auth. I have created a Facebook app and in my project setting, I have provided its settings: INSTALLED_APPS = ( ... 'social_auth' ) AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = [ "account.auth_backends

How can I handle the exceptions raised by django-social-auth?

In django-social-auth, there are a few instances where a backend will raise a ValueError (such as when a user cancels a login request or if a user tries to associate with an account that's already been associated with another User). If a User runs in