What is the best approach to planning events?

I have an application in which the user is able to create different notifications, like sticky notes and set their starting times. When he presses the start button a timer starts and these reminders should pop up at the time they were set for. I've s

DispatcherTimer Updates TextBlock with MVVM

apologies if this isn't worth asking a question about but I'm puzzled as to why what I'm doing isn't working. I'm making a WP8 app and I want to display the current date and time (which will refresh each minute) on the screen. I've managed to get the

The Dispatcher timer triggers twice :(

i have problems with this timer, my function in the Tick event are appearing twice.. i want it to appear only once.. public void timerStart() { DispatcherTimer updaterTimer = new DispatcherTimer(); updaterTimer.Tick += new EventHandler(updaterTimer_T

WPF Countdown too slowly (DispatcherTimer)

I am currently writing a WPF application that I want to have a Countdown Timer in it. Here is my CountDown class: internal class CountDown : INotifyPropertyChanged { private readonly DispatcherTimer _timer; private string _currentTimeString; private

UI Does Not Work After DispatcherTimer

After implementing DispatcherTimer, my application that involves user interaction do not work. For more information, I am trying to develop an application using leap motion. Need the timer work together with the UI for user to make some gestures and

DispatcherTimer does not work in console

I'm curious as to why dispatcher timer doesn't work in console mode. I created a simple alarm that does something when the timer reaches it's limit. Can you use dispatcher timer with UnitTest or in Console mode? DailyAlarm works when I run it in a fo

Display the message box if the time of the date is reached?

I need help with DateTime. I want my application to check if DateTime end is up and gives me a messagebox. How do I write that? Code: private void listjob() { DispatcherTimer dispatcherTimer = new DispatcherTimer(); dispatcherTimer.Tick += new EventH

Timed refresh of GUI in WPF

I have a WPF canvas in which I want to display different color Rectangles (stored in a multi-dimensional array) every x miliseconds. Random rnd = new Random(); foreach (var i in Enumerable.Repeat(1, 100)) { _rectGrid[rnd.Next(0, 30), rnd.Next(0, 30)]

c # dispatcher timer and System.TImers.Timer pulling too early

I read on msdn that although timers cannot guarantee to fire at the exact interval (in my case 1 second) they will not fire before the interval. The timers on one pc is working fine (Windows 7) while on the other (Windows Server 2003) fires every 0.9

The countdown timer stops at random points

I have an application that requires multiple countdown timers to run (some simultaneously). They also update UI elements with the time remaining on the countdown. I have tried using DispatcherTimer for it's easy way to interact with UI elements. Howe

More DispatcherTimers in an application

I have an application behaving like autorefresh. It checks emails, new videos, jokes, etc. My client wants these single elements check in different intervals. For example emails every minute, videos every hour, etc. So there should be option for him

Implementation of shutdown in wp7

In my wp7.5 app, i have a block where i need to show a stopclock (say 30,29,28...1,0). I tried various implementations to achieve this using DispatchTimer and Timer classes, but none of them solved my problem. Approach 1: Here is the snippet i used f

Stop DispatcherTimer in its own anonymous Tick event handler

Is it safe to do something like this: private void MyFunction() { DispatcherTimer timer = new DispatcherTimer(); timer.Interval = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 1); timer.Tick += (object sender, object e) => { timer.Stop(); // Some code here }; timer.Start(); }

inactive status detection silverlight 4 application

What's the best way to detect idle state for a silverlight application? I have read quite a few articles on the net by now and usually they are either for wpf/mobile apps etc. I have created a DispatcherTimer which locks the screen after 5 minutes an

Will this timer be released from memory?

Consider this pair of functions in C#: void func1() { DispatcherTimer tmr = new DispatcherTimer(); tmr.Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5); tmr.Tick += func2; tmr.Start(); } void func2(object a, EventArgs b) { // Called every 5 seconds once func1() is

DispatcherTimer and UI Refresh Limits in C # silverlight

Again I apologize for a question that might be simple to all of you. I have a limited understanding of what goes behind the scenes in Silverlight. I have a charting app (Visiblox) that I use as a rolling scope updated every 20ms, adding and removing

Time spent with DispatcherTimer at a precision of 1 millisecond

I'm trying to measure the elapsed time in milliseconds between keypress events using a dispatch timer but when declaring a dispatch timer to have an interval of 1 millisecond and then establishing the tick event it doesn't fire every 1 millisecond bu

How to add a delay after a countdown

I am using a DispatcherTimer to perform a count down before triggering the release on a camera. The UpdateCountdown method is used to change the image displayed to the user before the camera fires. Rather than having the TakePicture method execute im

Make your own custom .NET event processing loop

A few years ago, I read a book that described how you could override the default event 'dispatcher' implementation in .NET with your own processor. class foo { public event EventHandler myEvent; ... } ... myFoo.myEvent += myBar1.EventHandler; myFoo.m