Finding single sentences in two files

I have two files and I am trying to print unique sentences between both files. For this I am using difflib in python. text ='Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines. Perhaps the oldest through its inclusion of astronomy. Over the last two m

Python program to compare two files to show the difference

I have the following code to compare two files. I would like this program run if I point them to files which are as big as 4 or 5 MB. When I do that, the prompt cursor in python console just blinks, and no output is shown. Once, I ran it for the whol

Best Fuzzy Match Performance

I'm currently using method get_close_matches method from difflib to iterate through a list of 15,000 strings to get the closest match against another list of approx 15,000 strings: a=['blah','pie','apple'...] b=['jimbo','zomg','pie'...] for value in

How to compare two models to make with Markdown using Django?

What is the best way to check for changes (edited/added/deleted text) in a post between two post's versions (original and edited one)? I am using Markdown so I am not sure if using difflib.HtmlDiff is a good idea. My goal is to mark with a green back

Compare two csv files to multiple columns

[Using Python3] I want to compare the content of two csv files and let the script print if the contents are the same. In other words, it should let me know if all lines are matched and, if not, the number of rows that are mismatched. Also I would lik

ignore spaces when comparing python strings

I am using difflib python package. No matter whether I set isjunk argument, the calculated ratios are the same. Isn't the difference of spaces ignored when isjunk is lambda x: x == " "? In [193]: difflib.SequenceMatcher(isjunk=lambda x: x == &qu

Python Difflib comparing files

I am trying to use difflib to produce diff for two text files containing tweets. Here is the code: #!/usr/bin/env python # difflib_test import difflib file1 = open('/home/saad/Code/test/new_tweets', 'r') file2 = open('/home/saad/PTITVProgs', 'r') dif

Approximate matching of author names - modules and strategies

I've created a small program that checks if authors are present in a database of authors. I haven't been able to find any specific modules for this problem, so I'm writing it from scratch using modules for approximate string matching. The database co

How does the python function difflib.get_close_matches ()?

The following are two arrays: import difflib import scipy import numpy a1=numpy.array(['','','','',''], dtype='|S15') b1=numpy.array(['','','

Generate and apply diffs in python

Is there an 'out-of-the-box' way in python to generate a list of differences between two texts, and then applying this diff to one file to obtain the other, later? I want to keep the revision history of a text, but I don't want to save the entire tex

Comparing two .text files using difflib in Python

I am trying to compare two text files and output the first string in the comparison file that does not match but am having difficulty since I am very new to python. Can anybody please give me a sample way to use this module. When I try something like