How to force my Symfony PHP project to stay in dev mode?

If I access symfonyproject.local/app.php, it uses the production environment. If I access symfonyproject.local/app_dev.php, it uses the dev environment. I want to develop and test quickly, so I need any URL to load app_dev.php. But when I click a lin

Good workflow for the application that connects to the server?

So here is the situation. I have made an app that needs a server to work properly. For making new releases I spin up an test server with the same code, but with a different ip address. Currently I change the ip address in the app itself test the app

Yii: introduce DEV and PROD environments

I would like to write Yii code, which differs on DEV and PROD environments. For example, on PROD I would like application to send real e-mails, while on DEV write everything to file or send to local mailbox. Also it would be nice to have db profiling

URLRewriteFilter in the development environment?

I am using UrlRewriteFilter to forward all requests to my domain to the "www" version for SEO. I have a basic rule: <rule> <name>Domain Name Check</name> <condition name="host" operator="notequal">www.

Configuring the development environment for Raspberry Pi

Lately I've decided to jump on the minicomputer "bandwagon" out of curiosity. I bought a pair of Raspberry Pi and BeagleBoard since they were both so cheap I couldn't resist :) but here is where my problems start. I had an idea for these devices

control of mercurial android version with dropbox if possible

I'm looking into how I could develop on my android tablet and desktop computer. I have all the development tools I need on the android tablet. However there is a few of us that work on these projects. Currently with the the desktops we share a mercur

Write on the console rails

When I want to try or debug smthing I run rails console and do some stuff there. I can print some text or variables from code by raising exception with raise "blablabla". Question: How I can just write to rails console without exception raising

Choose a Ruby / Rails environment under Windows 8

I am a junior programmer and beginning web developer seeking to build a reasonable developement enviroment under windows 8. I bought a new computer a few days ago and for a bunch of different reasons i'm stuck in Win8 for a while to come (let's not g

BlueGiga BLE development tools

I'm looking at trying out the BlueGiga BLE112 kit to do some BLE development for iOS. I am switching from the TI CC2540 keyfob kits because my IAR Embedded Workbench eval-license expired (30 days) and that software is $2500+ for licensing. I'd like t

Should class members be sorted?

On a new project with a new team, should we enforce to sort the members of the classes automatically in a specific order (e.g. by modifier and alphabet) prior to check-in? The alternative is to let each developer group the members as he thinks. And s

Python Replacement for RVM / Bundler / Capistrano

I'm just moving over from Ruby/Rails development to Python/Django and i'm trying to find the best replacements for RVM/Bundler/Capistrano but it seems to be a total mess? I've found these so far: pythonbrew virtualenv envwrapper pip easyinstall setup

MS Windows Programming Tips for Mac / Unix Developers

I have a few years of experience writing Unix command line tools (no GUI experience) in python, C and C++, and only recently crossed into the GUI world (Cocoa and IOS only). I've learned quite a bit of objective-C and am getting to understand how coc

How to automatically configure a development environment?

I have been tasked to set up a Java based development environment across multiple Windows machines. The problem is that I want to the process to be done automatically and easily on each machine so the developers don't have to waste time downloading a

Strategies for configuring Java Web App

Part of my webapp involves uploading image files. On the production server, the files will need to be written to /somepath_on_production_server/images. For local development, I want to write the files to /some_different_path/images. What's the best w

PHP: What do you use to write it?

Possible Duplicate: What is the best IDE for PHP ? Hello again everybody, I finish my work placement next week and have over a month off before I start my studies again. Being the super cool party animal that I am I have decided to use the time getti

Solutions for automated deployment in development environments?

I am setting up an automated deployment environment for a number of decoupled services that are in active development. While I am comfortable with the automated deployment/configuration management aspect, I am looking for strategies on how best to st

How is your Mac set up for Windows development?

I'm looking at buying a MacBook Pro to replace my tiring laptop. My day to day job is as a .NET web developer so I am looking to use VMware Fusion to run VS and SQL server etc. As I've not run my dev environment in a VM before, I would like to know h

Question of completion of text code

I know the ESC key does code completion, but is there a way to get a pop-up(tool-tip I guess) that shows you all the possible choices for a piece of code? As an example, it would be nice when writing Javascript to get a list of available actions. Oth

Linux preinstalled for web developers?

Does anybody know an ISO image of a up-to-date Linux distribution aimed at web developers with one, some or all of the following features: LAMP stack readily set up (Readily installed Apache 2, virtual sites directory structure (hosting), PHP install

Place the file on a specific port on Localhost

I need to put a file at this address: http://localhost:51547/file.txt What folder would I put it in on C:/? TonyIf I understand your question correctly and you're trying to expose a file via the ASP.NET development server at that location (http://loc

Can I assign a global shortcut key to an Adobe AIR application?

Is it possible to assign a global hotkey to a specific feature in an Adobe AIR app, i.e. the app feature responds to the hotkey whether the app is active or not (it must be running of course, but only in the system tray).I don't this it's possible wi