An attempt was made to modify the identity column "ID"

I have problem with my project. My apache derby generate id, in table it works. But in app it doesnt work. In derby I set id autoincrement (start with 1, increment by 1), but i get this error: > Caused by: ERROR 42Z23 : An attempt was made to modify

SQL - multiple aggregation from multiple tables

Apologise if this has already been asked. Lossely i've these table create table sales ( sale_date timestamp not null, amount double precision } create table customers ( event_date timestamp not null, cust_cnt integer } create table details ( detail_d

Java connection with Java derby DB

This is my database connection class import java.sql.*; public class connectWithDB { public static void DBconnection(){ Connection conn = null; String url = "jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/"; String dbName = "MyTinyShopDB"; String driver

SQL Derby get the year

First off, I'm using Derby, which I hate, but I have to for this project. I'm trying to pull back specific years in a very simple query and keep running into errors. I'm hoping someone here will be able to point out what I might be doing wrong. selec

How to configure a Java Apache Derby database in Intellij?

So after many google searches, I still can't figure out how to set up a connectable derby server via Intellij. I do have the Ultimate version, click new project, add a derby remote: Host: localhost Port: 1527 (or empty) Database: same as projectname

JavaDB - autoincrement between multiple tables

Is it possible to have autoincrementing id among several tables? What I mean exactly - I have (let's say five) tables, one of them is a table containing information about sales (sale_id, sold_item_id) and another four contain info about different kin

How to see if Apache Derby is installed and running?

I am using an application framework that requires the use of Apache Derby database with Java JDBC. I would like to know if there is a simple command I can use at the command line in bash to see if Derby is installed and running. Thank you.Derby doesn

to save the contents of a jtextpane in derby?

How can I save the content from a jtextpane in derby? I am writing a software which has a jtetxpane and derby db , when i save the text as String, at the moment of read it, it lose all fonts styles like bold or italic. i save the string whit a prepar

How to connect to Derby included in WebLogic?

I'm trying to add the Derby included with WebLogic as a data source. I'm running WebLogic 10.3.5. I didn't see a Derby flag in the setDomainEnv.cmd, so I added the client driver to the CLASSPATH: set CLASSPATH=%PRE_CLASSPATH%;%WEBLOGIC_CLASSPATH%;%PO

How to pre-fill Derby in memory with tables and data?

I am trying to use Derby for my integration tests and I wonder how I can pre populate it with some data and table structure? I am not able to find the documentation for it (even though it for sure exists somewhere). I am using it with JPA.Same as you

NetBeans can not start the Java Database Server (MAC)

I am trying to start Java DB thru netbeans on my mac. I am getting following error: Thu Sep 05 21:47:23 EST 2013 : Security manager installed using the Basic server security policy. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerErro

Connect to Derby using JDBC

I am trying to connect to Derby database on my locahost using JDBC. I have started the database using the command: java -jar lib;derbyrun.jar server start, which starts successfully on port 1527. On another command terminal, I use the command: java -

execution of the SQL update request in java swing

I have a swing desktop application that is connected to a derby DB. I use native sql query to select all data from the table Now I want to update the data in the table with native sql queries but first I have to retrieve the input data from the swing

Derby SQL Update Trigger

I am attempting to write an update trigger for a Derby database. The trigger needs to update the ODS_CNTRL_AUDIT table every time a change is made/ a new record is added to the ODS_CNTRL table. (This is in Oracle) So far I have create trigger Update_

Problem with GROUP BY Learning Derby SQL

I have formed this query to produce the pitcher from each team who has the most wins. My trouble comes in that I need to group them a certain way and I keep having scoping issues when trying to do so. W is the number of wins for each pitcher. Here is

Why do I get com.vaadin.event.ListenerMethod $ MethodException?

I have big problem with my small database(DERBY) application. I am getting such an error when I click the button: 2011-12-25 04:21:38 com.vaadin.Application terminalError SEVERE: Terminal error: com.vaadin.event.ListenerMethod$MethodException Cause:

Can not connect to my Derby database

I created a new database using Java DB named "Test", and I tried to create a connection using java DB Embedded driver, but when I enter Test in database name and add user name and pass and press OK, an error appears: "Unable to add connecti

INSERT, and get the auto-incremented value

Consider the following table: create table language ( id integer generated always as identity (START WITH 1, INCREMENT BY 1), name long varchar, constraint language_pk primary key (id) ); To which I'd insert an entry this way. insert into language(na

The connection to the Derby server already exists

In my application I need to check whether the Derby server is already running, and if not start the server. Can anybody tell me how to check that?The simplest way I can think of is to retrieve a Derby Connection. If there's an exception thrown by ret

Derby INSERT SELECT null pointer exception

I'm writing a Java application that's working with Apache Derby via JDBC. I'm having problems with the code in the following snippet: byte md5[] = md5sum(file); PreparedStatement s = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO input_files (job_ID, hash) SELECT

How to connect the Derby database with Servlet?

I have never connected to a database in java before. May I know if I should go about accessing a derby database with servlet? I have checked this: How do I access a database from my servlet or JSP? But I saw comments on the article saying that this i

Derby vs PostgreSql Performance Comparison

We are doing research right now on whether to switch our postgresql db to an embedded Derby db. Both would be using glassfish 3 for our data layer. Anybody have any opinions or knowledge that could help us decide? Thanks! edit: we are writing some pe

Using Derby integrated with JRuby on Rails

Attempting to use JRuby 1.2.0 and Rails 2.3.2 with an embedded Derby database. I've copied derbytools.jar and derby.jar to $RUBY_HOME/lib, yet rake db:migrate still gives: The driver encountered an error: cannot load Java class org.apache.derby.jdbc.