CSS does not load on the application engine gcloud?

So, I'm trying to host a website on the google cloud app engine, but css and other static files are not showing up. Here is the relevant directory structure: myapp -app.yaml -manage.py subapp -apps.py -models.py -urls.py -views.py static -style.css A

Azure WebJob deployment continues to fail

Since yesterday I'm suddenly having consistent deployment failures for my existing WebJobs. The error I'm getting is Start Web Deploy Publish the Application/package to https://octotrip-api-test-dev.scm.azurewebsites.net/msdeploy.axd?site=octotrip-ap

Deploying the Node JS Application Server

I have a dedicated Godaddy server. I need to run a node app on it. I can do that by SSH running node app.js The problem is that when the ssh connection is disconnected ... The app stops working. How do I run it so that it does not stops.Create a shel

Build and deploy a strategy for a Java project using Git

So I am creating a personal Java project with two other friends and we are using git for source control. And we want to just be able to commit changes to the repo which will be on a remote server(sort of staging environment) and then I want to be abl

Deployment of Weblogic12c EJB ambiguous error

I'm trying to deploy the application in Weblogic 12c. During deployment, I'm getting the below error weblogic.management.DeploymentException: weblogic.application.naming.ReferenceResolutionException: [J2EE:160092]Error: The ejb-link "BeanClass"

EF6 Seed without update-database

I have an app set up right now to use EF6 Code-First Migrations. I use the standard workflow of Add-Migration followed by Update-Database in the Console. I use the MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion initializer locally, as well as in our development envi

Deploying an enterprise application does not work on iOS 7.1

We distribute apps via an Enterprise account, using an itms-services:// URL. This has always worked fine, but after installing the iOS 7.1 beta on our iPad it refuses to install. Instead we just get the generic Cannot connect to example.com message t

Grow Github on a remote server when it receives updates

What is the set up for having Github automatically push any updates to a remote server? This is useful for maintaining a codebase on Github, and having a website run off that codebase. I have my repo on my own computer, this is where I work. I commit

Best alternative to Web Deploy projects

I have a solution with a fair few projects, 3 of them web-based (WCF in IIS / MVC site). When the solution builds, it dumps each of the components of this distributed system in a 'Build' folder. Running the 'configurator' part of the whole output wil

How to protect my source code when deployed?

Is there a way to encrypt or enclose my code on my Linux server after deployment? I know Zend does some kind of encryption, right? Is that what people use? Is this even possible? How do I go about keeping my code secure online?You are right, you can

How to deploy a DLL in constant evolution?

I have created several small applications that use my own DLL. The problem is, this DLL is constantly changing. My current solution to this problem is that I have a Setup project in the class library solution that creates and registers the DLL. In al

Tomcat deployment strategy

This is a somewhat different question about Tomcat deployment. It has been covered partially by earlier questions but I would like to here from those who have actually done Tomcat deployments. In my organization I see two types of deployment. WAR dep

Structure for a PHP MVC application

I am currently developing a php application using MVC techniques. I started it without thinking about a useful directory structure. I'm planning to deploy the application to a apache2 server now. This is how it looks right now. I have a httpdocs fold

Deployment in the Program Files directory

I have developed a C# application and I would like to deploy it to the C:\Program Files\Company Name\Product folder. I am not seeing the "Company Name" folder created on the target machine. I copy the files from the "published" directo

the remediation approach for the asp.net site

I'm working on a new project that is in .net 3.5. Currently the client is using stored procs and we would really like to use LINQ to SQL instead. The main reason they use stored procs is because they believe they are easier to update and such, they d

How can I exclude the source file in mvn deploy?

When I run "mvn deploy:deploy", maven deploys 4 jar files to my internal remote repository. They are: [module-name]-1.jar [module-name]-1.pom [module-name]-1-sources.jar [module-name]-1-tests.jar There are actually more files, such as md5 and sh

How to manually deploy a web service on Tomcat 6?

I'm learning how to develop SOAP web services with Java. So far now I've been following this excellent tutorial http://web.archive.org/web/20120626005333/http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2SE/jax_ws_2/ It all goes well, I have my web s

Deploy the C # Windows Forms application on Windows and Linux

I know that it's possible to create MSI installers in Visual Studio using a setup project, but what would be the best way to automatically create a setup file (or packaged file of any kind) for both Windows and Linux? I like the MSI installer on Wind

How to build a task 'gems: install'

I am deploying my rails app to a linux server and i have some of the rake tasks missing inlcuding rake gems:install and rake db I am running rails 2.3.4 from GEM. Why is this? How do I fix this? can I update somehow? they are missing from rake -T lis

ASP .NET deployment template for an online site

I have recently inherited a brownfield application that is currently live. Through response, or a response with a link, how and what is the best method to make changes to a site and deploy them to a live ASP .NET website.I always develop on my box fi