How to package a library in a .jar file?

I want to put jar into my generated jar file . i want to include a new dependency (external.jar) for my executable jar file.the external.jar do not contain a main method.Use jar cf jar-file input-file(s). I recommend reading

Pass dependencies to an angular module

So I am somewhat new to angular, but not javascript. I am working with an app someone else wrote and am trying to create a new controller in an existing module. The controllers are almost identical to each other as far as dependencies go. The questio

Maven: How to use an addiction that does not have its own repo

I have one of my own custom projects that is an API. What I want to do with it is use it with another one of my projects, however I don't have a maven repository for it, so I cannot add it to the pom.xml for anyone to build What do I need to do? Than

npm - saves installed packages as dependencies

I've installed some packages via npm install $package, without setting up a package.json first. Now I would like to create a package.json file, but keep all installed packages as dependencies. Simply running npm init doesn't offer this option, can I

Angularjs: How to inject a dependency to solve routeProvider

I have a problem injecting resolve parameters from the routing into the controller. I'm setting the resolve value to an object {name: 'Banner', slug: 'banner'}, but I get an error. App.js var app = angular.module('CMS', ['fields', 'ngRoute']);

Managing Library Dependencies in the Maven Project

As a beginner with Maven I have a little problem to fully understand and find the best way how to manage all dependencies in my Java Application. In my app there is about 20-30 external libraries. These libraries have own dependency libraries, some o

What are the dependencies of Google Maps v2?

I am new to Android and want to embed Google Maps v2 to my application, but can anyone please tell me which dependencies should I install on phone or include to project?Include Gradle dependency: dependencies { compile '

Dependencies of Gradle Artifactory: SNAPSHOT Model Problems

I'm having an hard time trying to figure out how to resolve a dependency over a remote artifact in Artifactory, from a Gradle build. This Artifact is available at :

How can I correctly package applications with rubygems?

I've been working on some utilities (not libraries) that I'd like to share. What is the proper way to use rubygems to package them? Are there any best practices? Specifically, I'd like to know how to deal with the possibility of the user having multi

Dependency test with Python

I would like to write unit tests to test whether a dependency exists between two python packages. E.g.: a/ ... b/ ... a unit test to check that modules in package b don't import anything f

search for updates Maven outbuildings / rest

this far i've been working on projects without using any build manager, i've used Maven just once before and found it pretty useful, so i'd like to start implementing it on my new projects. I'm starting a Web application that uses Hibernate, JPA, Str

Perceiving objects accessed / updated by DML in Oracle

I'm implementing the dependency system for changes in our DB, so eg for this and this change we need that and that object in such and such state. With DDL dependencies it's easy, but i need to know, what objects are referenced by the given DML clause

CMake & amp; ExternalProject: Can not find a specific file

we have some dependency libraries in our repository. The main part is build with cmake. Now the cmake-makefiles shall build the dependency libraries, which do not have a cmake build system. For one specific library there is a "Makefile.squirrel"

Remove the DLL dependency for an application

In my application, I need to Zip and Unzip some files. For that I have used DotNet Zip Library (Ionic.Zip.dll-- DotNet Zip Lib ) Everything works fine but when I take EXE of my file and try to run it from different folder, it fails to run. I have to

Verification when two headers are included at the same time

I need to do an assertion based on two related macro preprocessor #define's declared in different header files... The codebase is huge and it would be nice if I could find a place to put the assertion where the two headers are already included, to av

provide dependency across the base class

I have a list of Parts and some of them need a pointer to an Engine, lets call them EngineParts. What I want is to find these EngineParts using RTTI and then give them the Engine. The problem is how to design the EnginePart. I have two options here,

Unit test with an external host process dependency

I'd like to run some NUnit unit tests against a class in a .Net class library assembly which is designed to be hosted by an external process (outside of my control) and loaded at runtime. The class I want to test derives from a class defined within t

Tint2 compilation

I'm on a network where I don't have root access, so everything I install is under a prefix ~/bin (actually referenced by its full path). So I have openbox working fine, which is what I'm using to send this from. Imlib2 I do ./configure --prefix=~/bin

Xcode dependencies between different build directories?

I am trying to set up Xcode for a project which contains multiple executables and static libraries. I have created multiple targets and set up the linking and dependencies, and initially everything works great. The catch... This is an existing projec

makefile query

I have a few questions about makefiles. I have defined my own version of a dependency file (.d) by creating it in code and called it say .dd(Looks just like a normal .c dependency file except that this is for some internal file format). Now this file

Could not load file or assembly error

Can anyone help me figure out what the problem is. I am trying to start up a C# winformsa app in visual studio and i keep getting this error: Could not load file or assembly, Foo.dll version1.93343 or one of its dependencies The system can't find the