Delphi RAD 2010 Update of the latest version of Indy

I use Delphi RAD 2010 and Indy 10.5.5. Now I'm working with IdSMTP and IdMessage. But found some issues in them work. And find information that in late version, for example in 10.5.9 this problem has gone. But on Indy official site I can't find downl

Shortcut to the Indent code in delphi 2007

Is there a way to indent the code in delphi? I have to work on a programm that has thousands of lines of code. In eclipse which i had worked before, i have used CTRL + SHIFT + F to format all code by formatting tabs/whitespaces and also divide code l

Delphi - Manage Indy TCPServer connections with a list

I need to send a string message from IdTCPServer to a specific connected IdTCPClient. In the beginning I was using a Listbox, so I added the hostname to the listbox when client connected and remove when disconnect. At that time, Remy Lebeau give me t

Ideas for writing this better (Ohms law)

So I have a block of code that I feel can be written better. basically its a simple Ohms law calculator, it outputs 4 variable based on the user entering 2 of the variable. I am just wanting to know how I can reduce the repeating calculation of given

Access the Delphi registration fields via. or ^

I came across something in the Delphi language that I hadn't noticed before. Consider a simple record and a pointer to that record: TRecord = record value : double; end; PTRecord = ^TRecord; Now declare a variable of type PTRecord: var x : PTRecord;

Is there a simple way to get around a Delphi file utf8?

I have discovered (the hard way) that if a file has a valid UTF-8 BOM but contains any invalid UTF8 encodings, and is read by any of the Delphi (2009+) encoding-enabled methods such as LoadFromFile, then the result is a completely empty file with no

Mouse delay TEmbeddedWB / TWebbrowser (drag and drop objects)

I use a TEmbeddedWB in a Delphi project to display a HTML5/CSS3/Javascript game fullscreen. It uses IE9 embedded to render the page. That is working fine but i discover some lag, speed difference compared to other browsers and IE9 itself (when the pa

How do I create an alpha mixed panel?

I'm trying to display a truly alpha blended TPanel in Delphi XE2. I've found quite a few attempts online, but none of them work correctly. What I'm trying to achieve is a 'semi modal' form. A form that is displayed over the top of other controls with

How does ParentBackground work on forms generated by IDE?

This code works fine with an IDE generated form in a VCL Forms Application: Self.ParentBackground := True; But why? None of the ascendants (TForm, TCustomForm, TScrollingWinControl) publish the protected ParentBackground property of TWinControl. The

Discrepancy of types

Delphi. Why type myInt = Integer; myNewInt = -2147483648..2147483647; var a: myint; b: myNewInt; begin a := b; end; It is compiled normally though types formally different - one is declared here, another undertakes from other module. And if uses wind

Delphi XE2 background IDE compiler unable to find source path

I just bought XE2 version, installed the update 1 ISO, and made my Open Source projects compile with it. In fact: I added the source code paths of the library to the general settings IDE (for all platforms I use, i.e. Windows 32 bit and 64 bit up to

VirtualStringTree Correct / Recommended Use

I have been using virtualstringtree for a while now. I use it for two different things, first a s a normal tree for selecting ,displaying data and secondly as a grid to show outputs from SQL statements. All my data loaded in to the trees is from a da

Access Violation Error and FlashPlayer

I use a Web-Browser control on my Delphi application. the Web-Browser control should navigates some HTML pages that contains Flash(SWF) files. It is often OK and there is no problem, But sometimes i get this error when my app is running. Access viola

Get the position of the object in a list in Delphi?

I was wondering how you get a position of a certain object in a list that is created. Lets say it is like a graphical list where you can click on objects. Lets say you right click on a object and click "Refresh", how do I get the position of tha

Adobe X Enable protected mode at startup - disable by code

Our application, write in Delphi, generates a series of reports, most of then in PDF format, that opens automatically when it is generated. Adobe X introduced a feature that is enabled by default "Enable Protected Mode at Startup". The report pd

Delphi problem Streaming

I'm using a blob field in a kbmMemTable to store a custom component that I've developed from TComponent and I use the read and write component stream methods of the TReader to read and write the component to the blob field. The data in the kbmMemTabl

Delphi to c # question

I have a Delphi program I have to convert to c#. I have done most of the conversion but ran into a couple of challenges with VarArrayCreate. what I have is this : Line := VarArrayCreate([0, 1], varVariant); I can't seem to figure out a conversion or

Make a custom check more easily verifiable in TestComplete

(This might be better in the TestComplete forums, but I thought I'd give it a shot here anyway) We are looking in to automated testing of our Delphi 2010 application with TestComplete. The main control that our application uses is our own custom cont

Optimize SQL with Interbase

I was inspired by the good answers from my previous question about SQL. Now this SQL is run on a DB with Interbase 2009. It is about 21 GB in size. SELECT DistanceAsMeters, AddrDistance.Bold_Id, AddrDistance.Created, AddressFrom.CityName_CO as FromCi

Active Development X: VC ++ or VB or other technologies

We are in the process of creating active-x controls used within our application. Since Microsoft stopped supporting classic Visual Basic, is it wise to use Visual Basic to develop the Active X control or the latest VC++/ATL/MFC libraries provide more

Define Delphi environment variables (Win32)

I'm trying to set a system wide environment variable from within my delphi application. The Documentation says to add a registry key to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment and then broadcast a WM_SETTINGCHA

How do I get the property type name for custom properties?

In Delphi 2007, I added a new string type to my project: type String40 = string; This property is used in a class: type TPerson = class private FFirstName = String40; published FirstName: string40 read FFirstName write FFirstName; end; During runtime