Delphi - Creating forms and objects on the newly created form

The dynamic form creation subject has been covered many times, but I could not find something to solve my problem, so here I am... again... :-) My previous questions lead me to think that my application would start faster if not all forms were create

Help for TWinControl

I like to "override" the TWinControl.CNKeyDown, to use the Enter key as Tab, without modifying original VCL sources. I do the same, with SetFocus, witch works well. The helper type declared as: type TWinControlEx = class helper for TWinControl p

Firebird sql update command does not work in Delphi

This question already has an answer here: Invalid request BLR at offset 258 , function HASHMD5 is not defined? 1 answer I'm trying to make a firebird database management using Delphi - RAD Studio X5, but I have a problem every time I execute this com

Delphi fmx how to click through the image and shape?

I make a transparent form with TImage and can't click mouse through image. Through transparent form I can click without problems, but no idea how to click through image. SetWindowLong(Handle, GWL_EXSTYLE, WS_EX_LAYERED or WS_EX_TRANSPARENT);

to install the iOS8 development with Rad Studio XE6

i'm having some problems building a out of the box mobile project. i get a compile error where it seems that /usr/lib/libextentions.dylib does not exist for the Arm 7 platform. my setup is: XE6 XCode 6.0.1 iOS8 SDK iOS8 mobile phone i have followed t

Delphi rebuild the modal form at runtime

For example I created a small project as for you to understand what I'm trying to achieve. I've got a ModalForm that has some buttons on it created at runtime, but when the user presses a " special button" I want all the buttons from the form to

FastMM Reports a Memory Leak for the Recording Thread Variable

FastMM reports a memory leak (UnicodeString) for the following code snippet that uses a record thread variable with a string: program Project10; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$R *.res} uses FastMM4, System.SysUtils; type TContext = record Value : String; end;

Keep an open TCP / IP connection

I am using TClientSocket and TServerSocket to comunicate with a server the problem is that sometimes connection is lost either by the server issuing me the following exceptions : Error on WsaSend, acess violation etc or by the Client : Asychronious s

How to use animated gif in a delphi form

I think theres no native support to gif animated images. How is the best way? any free component that allow that? I was thinking in using a TImage and a ImageList + Timer, but I need to export each frame of the gif to a separated bmp file.It's pretty

Differences in Delphi code execution under WinXP and Win7. Why?

The following piece of delphi code compiled with DelphiXE under Windows 7 is running differently on a Windows XP system. In a form we have a procedure handling user response on VK_Fxx keys. procedure TfrmGA010.FormKeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Wo

How to write LONG RAW data using OCI and Lob locator?

I want to fix zeoslib bug in writing long raw data bug description: Memo1.Lines.LoadFromFile('c:\t\ZDbcMetadata.pas'); // file size ~ 170Kb ZQuery1.SQL.Text := 'insert into t1(id, b) values(10, :p1)'; ZQuery1.Params[0].AsBlob := Memo1.Lines.Text; ZQu

Is there a faster TList implementation?

My application makes heavy use of TList, so I was wondering if there are any alternative implementations that are faster or optimized for particular use case. I know of RtlVCLOptimize.pas 2.77, which has optimized implementations of several TList met

How to avoid focus on the Delphi application?

I need develop an application (Delphi) that never receive the focus, I use the DLL to display the video on second monitor (I found in Torrys Delphi - Dr.SAGURA Media Player v.1.0) that receive the focus every time play the video, how avoid this ? I t

How to handle incompatible lists for a Zip algorithm

I'm thinking about writing a Delphi implementation of the functional Zip routine, which takes two lists and outputs a list of pairs of elements. So, feeding it [1, 2, 3] and ['a', 'b', 'c'] would give [(1, 'a'), (2, 'b'), (3, 'c')] as the result. Whi

The secondary shortcut does not fire

I am using Delpho 2006. The Scenario: On the data module I have an ActionList. One of the actions has a shortcut Ctrl+F4 and I want to have a secondary shortcut Ctrl+W. I tried all of the following: Adding Ctrl+W to the actions SecondaryShortcut list

How do I know which procedure raised an exception in Delphi?

I am using Delphi TApplication.OnException Event to catch unhandled exceptions This works well but does not give sufficient information about where the exception happened i.e. 'Catastrophic failure' How can I find out which procedure made the error h

How to recover a resource from a tWebModule

I am trying to extract a gif image embedded as a resource within my ISAPI dll using WebBroker technology. The resource has been added to the DLL using the following RC code: LOGO_GIF RCDATA logo.gif Using resource explorer I verified it is in the DLL

Delphi Resources for Existing .NET Developer

Can anyone recommend some decent resources for a .NET developer who wishes to get a high level overview of the Delphi language? We are about acquire a small business whose main product is developed in Delphi and I am wanting to build up enough knowle