How can I use adb on WiFi?

This question already has an answer here: Run/install/debug Android applications over Wi-Fi? 19 answers I am debugging USB devices connected to my Android phone, this means I cannot use ADB over a USB connection. How can I connect to adb over WiFi? N

JavaScript Duck Hunt bug

I am trying to create a duck hunting game using JavaScript. The following code should move duck images from the left side to the right side of the canvas. There doesn't seem to be any syntax error but nothing happens when I test the code. I would app

Troubleshooting Identity Server 4

I am using Identity Server 4 for authentication. I have MVC client. Few days ago i was able to authenticate successfully. But recently i made some changes in Identity Server project which broke something. I am getting unauthorized_client The client a

Breakpoints are not affected in Xamarin Studio

My breakpoints aren't getting hit in Xamarin Studio. I'm not sure if this has to do with my code, or not, but I feel as though it doesn't because I've tried over and over putting breakpoints all over my project (in places where I know they should def

Get a definition of non-class found error in the error?

I am writing an android app but using JUnit to test it out some of the more java-specific functionality before creating activities and the android-specific functions. As I write out the JUnit tests and execute them bit by bit, I am finding failures a

Debugging post-mortem .Net

Added a .Net component (C#, COM interop) to an old VB6 application. The old application crashes sometimes (access violation), before and after the change. The difference however is that the post-mortem debugger (i.e. drwtsn32.exe) is not started anym

How do memory leak checkers like Valgrind identify for free?

I want to understand how does memory leak checkers identify if a free has been called for a given malloc. malloc can easily be identified by brk system calls, so if i am writing a profiler and do a single stepping on a process which breaks at system

debugging in c?

i found some error on my app and show some regarded information : (trunk:29564): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_tree_store_clear: assertion `GTK_IS_TREE_STORE (tree_store)' failed my question is : what is 29564 ?, is that offset of stack in code segment in

tips for debugging Android apps

I am now trying to improve my programming skills and specially I would like to now how you debug those situations where the app lags a bit. I tried to move most of the critical parts to threads but still I get some ANR. I guess my app is leaking memo

The Android SDK does not compile applications correctly

It seems that the Android SDK doesn't compile my android app correctly. After building an app, I sometimes get seemingly random exceptions. The error goes away if I comment out the offending code, rebuild, uncomment the code, then rebuild again. For

How can I turn link errors into execution exceptions?

Just as there is "treat warning as errors" set in our projects to catch early possible problems, I would love to have a runtime exception to catch them early. I have recently been bit by this problem and I would have been glad to have this. Can

How to ignore an instruction in Eclipse during debugging

Is it possible to skip a statement in Eclipse while debugging? Suppose the process stopped at breakpoint and I want to skip the breakpoint line ( or maybe a few lines below), can I do it? On the debug tab, it only has "Step into", "Step ove

Same scenario, work on one site, do not work on the other!

First of all I apologize in advance for this question, a bit off the rang of stackoverflow, but I've spend a day trying to solve that issue and I'm totally stuck. The issue: The search function of my script (php) works perfectly fine on one host but

Linux C debug library to detect memory corruption

When working sometimes ago on an embedded system with a simple MMU, I used to program dynamically this MMU to detect memory corruptions. For instance, at some moment at runtime, the foo variable was overwritten with some unexpected data (probably by

How to handle linker errors in the C ++ / GNU toolchain?

Given a C++/GNU toolchain, what's a good method or tool or strategy to puzzle out linker errors?With gcc toolchain, I use: nm: to find the symbols in object files ld: to find how a library links c++filt: to find the C++ name of a symbol from its mang

how to set the breakpoint in this way?

I want to set a break point and wants it to be triggered when a piece memory (begin address and length are known) are changed. I am working on Windows Server 2003 x64 platform. Either solution in Windbg or solution in Visual Studio are fine. My purpo

javascript / jquery leak and the browser crashing

Let me just preface by saying it's actually my crappy code that's leaking and crashing my browser, I just thought I better make the languages being used as clear as I could from the outset. I have a test page here and the javascript can be found here

Debugging .NET Dynamic Methods

We are using LINQ very widely in our system. Particularly LINQ-to-objects. So in some places we end up having a LINQ query in memory build up from some huge expressions. The problem comes when there's some bug in the expressions. So we get NullRefere

Avoiding, Finding and Removing Memory Leaks in Cocoa

Memory (and resource) leaks happen. How do you make sure they don't? What tips & techniques would you suggest to help avoid creating memory leaks in first place? Once you have an application that is leaking how do you track down the source of leaks?