node: command not found on Debian

So, I'm working on a mac and as webserver, I got Debian 8 installed. However, I'm currently working on a node application which I developed on my localhost most of the time, where everything works fine - I can use node index.js without issues. Howeve

Scan, group and count file extensions in Linux

Is there a way to scan a path and group and count the file extensions?If I understand your question, you can use this command - ls -ls | awk '{print $10}' | grep "\." | awk -F. '{print $2}' | sort | uniq -c which count the extensions in the curr

Installing Solr 5 on Debian 8

I followed the instructions on As the root First I installed Java 8: mkdir -p /opt/java wget --no-cookies --no-check-certificate --header "Cookie:; oraclelicense

How to change the url on Chromium kiosk mode via ssh

I have a Chromium running in Kiosk mode. I want to change the URL of the page via SSH If it weren't in Kiosk mode I'd use xdotool: export DISPLAY=":0" WID=$(xdotool search --onlyvisible --class chromium|head -1) xdotool windowactivate ${WID} xdo

Until the loop does not work as expected

I'm currently learning Linux and as an homework, we have to create a few basic shell scripts. Nothing especially complicated but this one is giving me headaches. Here's my code : until [ "$toPrint" == 'fin' ] do echo "Enter file name to pri

linux / init.h: no such file or directory

I'm trying to build a kernel module for a class of mine and I'm getting a wall of errors, but at the top of said wall is the infamous 'No such file or directory' error. It seems to be the root of the problem. This not only seems to affect init.h, but

why I can not redirect the output of sed to a file

I am trying to run the following command ./someprogram | tee /dev/tty | sed 's/^.\{2\}//' > output_file But the file is always blank when I go to check it. If I remove > output_file from the end of the command, I am able to see the output from sed w

How to download other deb files with apt-get in Ubuntu?

Is there any way how to download another version of deb files with apt-get in Ubuntu 12.04? In Ubuntu 12.04, the default version is precise, and when we use the sudo apt-get install ** command to install packages, the apt-get can find the suitable pa

Working Syntax Debian Cron

33 */27 * * * python /root/ Would the above snippet run every 27 hours and 33 minutes, or every 27 hours starting at 33 minutes past the hour? If this doesn't make it run every 27 hours and 33 minutes, what is the proper syntax for that?It

Hostapd startup error

make wthis this manual with this config file interface=wlan2 bridge=br0 driver=nl80211 ssid=SupaAP country_code=RU hw_mode=g channel=5 preamble=1 macaddr_acl=0 auth_algs=1 logger_syslog=-1 log

GWT can not be found in intellij 12

I have installed IntelliJ 12.1.6 Community Edition and I'm trying to follow all of the tutorials they have for setting up GWT with it, but the GWT options for enabling and setting the GWT-SDK classpath is nowhere to be found in the settings. I tried

Python ssl login suspended on Debian

I am trying to use Python 2.7 mechanize to log into with the following code: import mechanize br = mechanize.Browser()"") this works just fine on OSX, but it hangs on debian. The issue seems to

UWSGI server does not respond

I'm trying to run a Django application using Nginx + uWSGI with no success. After hours of googling and debugging I made the simplest possible uwsgi configuration that must work: $ uwsgi --http --wsgi-file Where is def

Start the GPSD daemon programmatically in Linux

I am doing a project read GPS values output from a GPS dongle and need to programmatically start the gpsd daemon. i.e. I need to automate the following command; sudo gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0 -F /var/run/gpsd.sock I was able to read the coordinates through t

Install sbt on ubuntu

I have installed sbt on Ubuntu. :~/bin/sbt/bin$ ls classes sbt sbt-launch.jar target jansi.jar sbt.bat sbt-launch-lib.bash win-sbt However, whenever I try to launch sbt (from the same directory where sbt is located) it does not work: No command 'sbt'

PHP sort tables by specific key in another table

Possible Duplicate: Sort multidimensional Array by Value (2) How can i sort array by specific key inside it: array( array(5, 2), array(5, 3), array(3, 1), array(5, 4) ); It's an array that has several arrays with 2 values, how do i sort by the second

Installing node.js on Debian 6.0

So well, I have a vserver with Debian 6.0. Now I would like to install Node.js, but none of the tutorials on the web seem to work. I have tried all of the results google gives me when I enter "install node.js on linux" I mostly failed because I

avr fails to configure when building subversion

I am trying to build subversion 1.7.4 on my ReadyNas Duo, it's a Sparc box running Debian with a couple of disks in it I use as my NAS. When i do a ./configure --prefix /c/local/packages from my subversion-1.7.4 directory I get configure: error: No X

PAM authentication fails with suphp

I'm working on a script that uses PAM authentication in PHP. When I try to authenticate, it works fine for the user that owns the file, but any other user who attempts to log in will fail. How can I get any user who has a system account to be authent