Truncated names in the DB2 tables list

In the Windows command line when I ask for the table names in a certain schema the names are truncated: db2 => list tables for schema SCH Tabela/Exibição Esquema Tipo Hora da cria ------------------------------- --------------- ----- ----------------

DB2 SQL Compare on JOIN

I have the following data: TABLE1: ADDRESS INTER1 INTER2 12345 E AVE STREET 44444 55555555 888 OtherStreet 44444 55555555 TABLE2: ADDRESS INTER1 INTER2 12345 E AVE STREET 44444 55555555 I can probably resolve in code this way: if(tblOneInterOne == tb

Recovering two words in the DB2 char field

Using SQL, how can I retrieve the 2 words from the right end of a CHAR(30) field? namefield = "My name is Bill Smith" results = Bill SmithThis is untested, but maybe something like: SELECT REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE(namefield) , 0, CHARINDEX(' ',

Connect the IBM database using PDO

I tried connect IBM database through PDO using below code. But, it is not working try { $db = new PDO("odbc:DRIVER={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};DATABASE=BLUDB;HOSTNAME=hostname;PORT=50000;PROTOCOL=TCPIP;", "username", "password"); e

Pass the parameters dynamically to the stored procedure

I am trying to pass values dynamically to the following stored procedure in db2, CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE E_Enquiry (IN SourceQueue1 VARCHAR(30), IN ExceptionId1 Integer, IN EventSource1 VARCHAR(30) ) LANGUAGE SQL DYNAMIC RESULT SETS 1 BEGIN DECLA

Query prepared with Prepared statement in db2 fails

We have a db2 database v 9.7 FP 1 We have a table something like this: CREATE TABLE TAB1(COL1 VARCHAR(30),...); Our application takes col1 value from front end and forms a PreparedStatement in Java 7, something like this: SELECT FROM TAB1 WHERE COL1

Update only 1 record in DB2 from multiple identical records?

I'm trying to update a single record which is the exact copy of another record. Is there any way to limit or select only 1 record while updating? ThanksYou can use FETCH FIRST n ROWS clause . UPDATE ( SELECT colA FROM tableName t WHERE <where conditi

Slow response of DB2 on multiple JOINs in a query by JDBC

I have 3 different tables (without any primary or foreign key) in DB2 database as CREATE TABLE XW ( SRCLB VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, SRCFL VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, SRCMB VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, NAME VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, VARSQ DOUBLE NOT NULL, UNIQUE (SRCLB, S

DB2 running a script in another script

I am facing a problem in DB2. In my Oracle environment it was very easy for me to include multiple scripts in one master script, which were executed sequentially. e.g.: Master.sql: connect .... @script1.sql @script2.sql Now I have to build up same lo

SQL query to select one of the multiple rows of a table

I have a table which contains more than one row for a particular value . Here is the table structure: NAME,NUMBER,STATUS,DESC,START_DATE,END_DATE A,3,X,DetailsOfX,13-10-15,13-10-15 A,2,Y,DetailsOfY,13-10-15,13-10-15 A,2,Z,DetailsOfZ,13-10-15,13-10-15

Migrating a schema from one database to another

As part of some requirement, I need to migrate a schema from some existing database to a new schema in a different database. Some part of it is already done and now I need to compare the 2 schema and make changes in the new schema as per gap finding.

SQL stuck with this one

I need to select rows from a table where only one row exists with that ID. Example Table, with two columns. ID first and timestamp. so first row is ID 1, Timestamp 01/01/2013 ID Timestamp 1 01/01/2013 2 02/02/2013 3 04/02/2013 3 07/02/2013 4 20/03/20

Filling a MySQL database from a DB2 database

I currently have a script for populating a MySQL database from a DB2 server. It works, but it seems to be inserting the rows into MySQL at an extremely slow rate. The server process is executing at ~1% CPU while the script is running, and I'm wonderi

How to concatenate multiple lines inside a single line in SQL?

This question already has an answer here: DB2 comma separated output 8 answers How do I concatenate multiple rows into a single row using SQL? My database is DB2 TableFoo ------- Id Name 1 Apples 1 Tomatoes 1 Potatoes 2 Banana 2 Peach I want somethin

Speed ​​up a Java application

How to Speedup a Java application? I am working on an Java application, which parse Cobol files line by line, extract the necessary data from them and populate into DB2 database. If there are more files to parse, then the application takes more than

How to convert VARCHAR to TIMESTAMP in DB2

I have a varchar value in BD2 Table like below format 121226145503+0530 I want to convert this varchar value to time stamp format like below 2012/12/26 14:55:03 In DB2 9.7, you can also use the TO_DATE function: date(to_date(column_with_date,'DD-MM-Y

SQLSTATE 7003 When Unloading the Table in JCL


ExceptionInInitializerError for db2

I have the simplest JDBC program to read data from a DB2 (or other configured) instance. When I attempt to run it from Eclipse OR from the command line, the connect fails, throwing a SQLexception Class.forName(jdbcDriverClassName).newInstance(); The

PHP / DB2 error while preparing the statement

I am getting this error when trying to db2_prepare() a statement with PHP 5.3.3 I've done other db2_prepare statements without error, any idea what might be wrong here? "Error: 42601: Token '?' was not valid. Valid tokens: ROW ROWS. SQLCODE=-104"

SQL select the first row records for a specific column

I realize my title probably doesnt explain my situation very well, but I honestly have no idea how to word this. I am using SQL to access a DB2 database. Using my screenshot image 1 below as a reference: column 1 has three instances of "U11124",

Truncated output DB2

when i make select (command prompt WinXP) like: db2 select message_data from messages where message_id = 20043 i get output + 'Output is truncated' message. message_data is LONG VARCHAR > 30000 characters If i do like: db2 select message_data from me

delete a large number of rows from a table

We have a requirement to delete rows in the order of millions from multiple tables as a batch job (note that we are not deleting all the rows, we are deleting based on a timestamp stored in an indexed column). Obviously a normal DELETE takes forever

DB2 query set from .NET

I am attempting to run a parameterized query against a DB2 database from .NET using the Client Access ODBC Driver using the following code: var db2Cmd = new OdbcCommand("INSERT INTO presnlats (LAT) VALUES (@LAT)", db2Conn); db2Cmd.Parameters.Add

DB2 Double Data Type

In one of my tables in DB2, I see the column datatype as double as length 8. How many decimals precision would this column have? (There is one other data type DECIMAL where I can specify the length 8 and precision) What about double?And the other bit

Is there a way to enable / disable constraints in db2 v7?

I have to copy tables from an Oracle database to a db2 v7 one, and in order to do this (avoiding millions of drops and creates) I'd like to know if db2 has a feature like Oracle to enable / disable constraints temporarily without dropping them. Thank