The Oracle date is converted to datetime in python

When i use trunc function in oracle and run the query in oracle developer i get only date value from the datetime field. for eg below query Select trunc(min(Transaction_Date)) as StartDate, trunc(Max(Transaction_Date)) as EndDate from table1 returns

DateRange on two columns and with a column for the main report

Need little help with date range conditions for two columns along with one extra condition on third column, I want to to apply range query on two columns. It works fine if I don't put third column for one more condition along with date, but if I put

How to read a nullable DateTime using SQL Data Reader?

I've declared a nullable DateTime? NextUpdateproperty in my model and database. I can update the DateTime value fine on my DB as it allows null for this field. But when I try to get the value of NextUpdate field from the database using SQL Data Reade

C # Same dates, 2 tick values

I'm creating a CRUD with and Entity Framework. When I try get LastModification DateTime for same User, I get two differents values. I don't know why I get two differents values for same Datetime.There is a difference of milliseconds in both d

get the current date of the internet in android

I want to know if there is any API/class in android which can give us the original date as I do not want to get the date/time from android device.You can get UTC time from and convert it to your local time format.

Get time differences in javascript

I want to get the difference between two dates in days, hours and minutes. I tried to do this using the ms from January 1st 1970 like this: var d = new Date() daydiff = ~~((d.getTime()-(Date.parse(SavedReminders[i][7]))) / 86400000); hourdiff = ~~((d

Oracle Timestamp to DateTime SQL Server

I have multiple statements from oracle database and I need to use them in SQL Server insert into COMENZI (NR_COMANDA, DATA, MODALITATE, ID_CLIENT, STARE_COMANDA, ID_ANGAJAT) values (2456, to_timestamp('08-11-1998 07:53:25.989889', 'dd-mm-yyyy hh24:mi

Java Simpledateformat Time Issues

SimpleDateFormat sdf1 = new SimpleDateFormat(yyyy-MM-dd kk:mm:ss); SimpleDateFormat sdf2 = new SimpleDateFormat(yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss); Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance(); Date d = cal.getTime(); System.out.println("Current Time is:"+d); System

Strange error while analyzing the channel so far?

When I try to parse date like this: DateTime t1 = DateTime.ParseExact("August 11, 2013, 11:00:00 PM", "MMMM dd, yyyy, hh:mm:ss tt", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); It works correctly but when I do thing like this :

DateTime loop in C #

Probably friday's are bit hard to think about logic. May be this might be simple logic. My issue was I've a yesterday's date time. I've hourValue from 7,8,9...23, 0,1,2,3,6. DateTime yesterday_datetime = DateTime.Now.Date.AddDays(-1); DateTime todays

Set a parameter within a date

I'm writing a script in SQL Server that should insert some data (DUH). My problem is that the MONTH of the date (the one in bold) has to be SET every time to a different month. It should be something like '2011-@month-27', but that doesn't work of co

Stop the code after a period of time

Possible Duplicate: Stop running the code after 15 seconds I am dealing with the code of a packet sniffer and I just want to make some modifications to it. Now I am trying to edit it so that once I start the program, it will only capture the packets

Why does DateTime add a T separator to the timestamp?

My code: print DateTime->now; Response: 2012-08-17T20:16:37 Why is there a T? Is there an option I have forgotten?The T is just a standard (ISO 8601) way to delimit the time. To use a different format, consider using strftime or format_cldr. For exam

PHP Convert the date and time of the string to MySQL DateTime

I have two text fields, one for the date in 08/01/2012 format and a second field containing the time. I currently have the time field in the format 09:41am but I have some flexibility with it's format (if 24hr is easier for example). I was planning o

Change the time vector

I have a vector of time (format h,min,sec,msec). TIME_= [120844.950000000 120853.870000000 120854.120000000 120854.370000000 120854.620000000 120854.860000000 120855.100000000 120859.980000000 120900.220000000 120900.490000000 . . . 121024.420000000

WP7 DatePicker, TimePicker Data Link

I'm building an application that needs to display and accept dates from my model ( which is retrieved from a database). The model exposes a property called EntryTime: private DateTime entryTime; [Column] public DateTime EntryTime { get { return entry

change the local date

Can someone tell me how to switch the locale date format in Symfony2? no matter what I set in config (framework.session.default_locale), this always returns week days in english ( I would need the weekday in german language): $start->format("D d.m

Comparison of PHP / MySQL schedules

I have an idea for a project that I am currently working on, I am however struggling to find a way to implement this in PHP/MySQL. I have a database with a list of activities that a tattoo parlour has, basically he works from 9 to 5 and when an event

Effectively display strtotime () in a MySQL / PHP query

This is my PHP/MySQL query, as mentioned at Displaying links in PHP/MySQL?: I'll admit, I've forgotten how to use the strtotime() function effectively, as I want to show my show times in this format: 06:00 10:00 (without

Saving dates in SQLite?

I've found this from this link: 1.2 Date and Time Datatype SQLite does not have a storage class set aside for storing dates and/or times. Instead, the built-in Date And Time Functions of SQLite are capable of stor

ActiveRecord does not set a date / time field

I have a datetime field called time in my MotionRecord model. I try to set it using this command: MotionRecord.create({:time=> "2010-10-15 15:10:24", :chart_id=>1}) Oddly enough this results in the following input: <MotionRecord id: 1,

Python, Django, datetime

In my model, I have 2 datetime properties: start_date end_date I would like to count the end date as a one week after the start_date. How can I accomplish this?If you always want your end_date to be one week after the start_date, what you could do, i

How do you get the current time?

How do you get the current time (not date AND time)? Example: 5:42:12 PMDateTime.Now.TimeOfDay gives it to you as a TimeSpan (from midnight). DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm:ss tt") gives it to you as a string. DateTime reference: https://msdn.micro