studio date selector android not on dialogue

How can I create a Date time picker that is not on a dialog. Do you guys have an idea? Like this Any suggestions could help alot. Thanks!You can add below line in your xml file. <DatePicker android:id="@+id/datePicker" android:layout_width=&q

Hardware Design Date Picker for Angular 2

Is there any resource for material design date picker component in angular 2.I searched a lot but no good results found .angular 2-material-date-picker is not a good solution in the context of material design , the style is not looks like material de

angular material date selector field empty value

I want to get date of birth of a user, with predefined min and max date which is working fine. And the date format i want is DD-MM-YYYY, for this i have defined following in config; app.config(['$mdDateLocaleProvider', function ($mdDateLocaleProvider

DatePicker does not work when I used Fragment

i set DatePicker it is working in Activity when i used Fragment it generating the errors like Error:(63, 61) error: incompatible types: MainActivity cannot be converted to Context Here i paste the complete code. MainActivity.Java package com.example.

can not update and create using datepicker in jquery and jtable

I have got problems with date field. When I create a new record or update an existing one, the date field is saved as 000-00-00. With the datepicker when I select any day ,It is stored in table with value (0000-00-00). The DB field is date type. I do

Show current date AngularJS

I want that when the user navigates to my page to see the current date displayed in my html as a default value. This is my html for the date picker select: <div class="row"> <div class="col-lg-12"> <div class="panel

How to make a DatePicker disabled as its activated

Is it possible to have a DatePicker object in JavaFX disabled, looking like an enabled DatePicker? Or, how to disable the popup window for the selection of the date ? I tried with: myDp.setDisable(true); myDp.setStyle("-fx-background-color: white&quo

can not load datepicker in ajax tab

i can't have a datepicker work inside tab loaded via ajax. here the script on my main page: <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" /> <title>Studio90DMS - Ricerca Generale</t

Does jquery datepicker require any img files to work?

I am new to datepicker and jquery ui and trying to understand it. I took the example from source and made the following test.html I was under the impression that the as datepicker is a widget it should work out of box

PHP jqSuite date selector dialog format does not work

I have jqSuite up and running, everything works great, except when I'm trying to edit a date. The date source format is YYYY-mm-dd (MySQL), and when displaying, I use the following, which works perfectly for displaying. "formatoptions"=>array

The date picker always displays from year 0 when you open

When load the page, I've set the date to datepicker.. But when it's pop up, it always show from january 0(year). why is like that. I am using Bootstrap datepicker. **In my text box the date is 28 nov 2013 . But this date is not highlighted in datepic

Date Picker in Android (ShowDialog () error)

I have searched in many sites for date picker in android, but all sites are providing code which contains showdialog(), and eclipse is mentioning that showDialog is deprecated. So anyone please help me with basic date picker. I'm new to android devel

Positioning the Bootstrap Datepicker Angle User Interface

I am having a "small" issue with the angularjs ui datepicker. I need to indicate somehow, if an input with a datepicker attach, should show the popup from the bottom-left corner of the input (as default) or if I want it from the bottom-right cor

Javascript date formatting

I've tried my level best but couldn't get the result. What I need is the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Here is my current code: function AddDays(days) { var thisDate = new Date(); thisDate.setDate(thisDate.getDate() + days); var dd = ( thisDate.getFullY

How to get datepicker value in date format?

I have a problem with my Datapicker i use the code for getting date,month & year shown below DatePicker datePicker; datePicker = (DatePicker) findViewById(; int day = datePicker.getDayOfMonth(); int month= datePicker.getMonth() + 1; i

In what format is 1339698600000 = June 15, 2012?

I am using bootstrap-datepicker and get a value of 1339698600000 for the selected date of 15th June 2012. What dateformat is this? How do I convert it to human readable format? Is there any resource where I can find many more formats?That is the numb

JQuery DatePicker ReadOnly

When I make my datepicker read-only, I see that the user cannot type anything into the text box. $("#datepicker").attr('readonly', 'readonly'); However, they can still change the value using the calendar. How can I hide the calendar so that user

JQuery DatePicker Highlight Date onSelect

Hi I am trying to create a date range selector. below is the given code which I need to fill in. How do I highlight all the Selected date $(document).ready(function () { $("#fromCalendar").datepicker({ numberOfMonths: [1, 6], stepMonths: 1, auto

Dynamically change highlighted dates in Jquery Datepicker

hi I have a Jquery Datepicker object that is created fine with no highlighted dates and a particular minDate. I want to add a highlights to this datepicker based on an AJAX call made by the user, but the only way I can see to change the highlights is

Expected error of jQuery object in page with main site

The error i get seems to be centered around jquery finding what it's in (window,document, etc.). Right now i'm just trying to implement the jQuery datepicker. the project has a master page, where i placed my script references. <head runat="server&

Detect the last week of each month with javascript

what would be a way in javascript to detect the last week of each (current) month. Or last monday of the month?I would suggest to get the number of days in the month and then loop from the last day until getDay() gives back a Monday (1) or Sunday(0)