Search a directory for files created between two dates

I am trying to search for all files in a specified folder, which were created between two dates. The dates are selected from two datetimepickers. I found this for C#: var directory = new DirectoryInfo(your_dir); var files = directory.GetFiles() .Wher

Date in Excel not recognized as date

When I open a file which contains a column with dates, Excel does not recognize these cells as dates. The dates in the cells looks like : 31-Mar-16 23:51 I have tried with text-to-columns and datevalue although this does not solve the problem. I also

Calculate the date difference in Drupal views

I need to calculate the difference between two Date fields in Drupal 7 views. How do I do this? Have installed Views PHP but can not figure out how the Date Fields works. I have search for this and tried some snippets but now I give up. The two Date

How to select by MAX date in the CI active folder

Hi my table structure is given below login_session_id, user_id, created_date, ci_cession_id, user_agent_string The created_date field is mysql_date_time. I want to get the latest row from this table (based on the created_date field). How to do it wit

Variable test against the table in PHP

Im thinking I should be using in_array() but for some reason it is giving me inaccurate information. I looked through the array_search() and array_key_exists() but it looks like that is only helpful if I have a key and value in my array which I dont.

how to get the right date difference

i want to compare a date with the current date and do something if the difference is 2 months or 6 or a year .. but i have a problem how to get the correct difference for example if the current month is 02 2015 and the other month is 10 2014 i will g

Calculate the Delta time in R data.table

I have a data table of basketball player data which includes the game date for each game and multiple players. I want to create a column that computes the number of days since the previous game. I'm using the data.table package in R. PLAYERID GAME_DA

Time difference in milliseconds?

jsp code: String activationkey=request.getParameter("activationkey"); System.out.println("key is=="+activationkey); CustinfoDao custinfoDao = new CustinfoDaoImpl(); CustomerInfo cust=custinfoDao.getDateByActivationKey(activationkey); D

Start the calendar on Monday

I made calendar with help this tutorial: ..But this calendar start week from Sunday, I want to start week on Monday.. I tried to change the values ​​in the functions set object Gregori

Convert the date of the default locale to English

I have saved dates by formatting them using SimpleDateFormat. DateFormat dateForm = new SimpleDateFormat("HH mm ss dd MMM ''yy"); String dateOutput = dateForm.format(new Date()); This uses the default Locale of the device, for example French or

php check multiple dates in the table are in a date range

I have an array structured like this: Array ( [0] => 24-12-2013 [1] => 25-12-2013 [2] => 26-12-2014 [3] => 27-12-2013 [4]) I would like to check if any of the dates in the array are within a given date range. The date range is structured like

tint2 - short date?

How to shorten the format of the date on this format? 09:58 @ nie 20 paź This is the configuration file: #--------------------------------------------- # CLOCK #--------------------------------------------- time1_format = %H:%M @ %A %d %B time1_font

Extract month and day from date using Perl

I have a data file that has Dates listed. The dates are in the format as m/d/yyyy. An example is shown below: 1/1/2011 1/10/2011 10/1/2011 10/10/2011 My question is, how can I extract the month and day, so I can store it in a different file in two se

calculate the date -10 days

I am new in batch script. Currently my file is showing in below format. i want the details output where date should be 10days before the currentdate (means date-10). Currently its is showing in latest date 00000064 xxyz 2013-06-17 14:37:11 00000065 x

Date class error in Java

I have Date today=new Date(); which returns the current date.. but when i try to display date,month,year separately with the help of DateFormat mmFormat=new SimpleDateFormat("MM"); System.out.println(mmFormat.format(today.getMonth())); DateForma

C ++ date & amp; time with milliseconds

Requirement I need to retrieve the date and time including milliseconds in C++11 on Windows. If possible, beginning earlier than 1970. I also need to be able to extract year, month, day, hour, second and millisecond from the date/time variable. What

subtract two days from the current date in milliseconds java

This question already has an answer here: Java - Subtract Days from date [duplicate] 6 answers I am trying to do something really simple. I am trying to subtract 2 days from the current day. I get the number of hours from the UI. So in this example,

Get a specific day between two dates - the fastest method?

I'm looking at what the best and quickest method is to get all the days (mon, tues, weds) between two particular dates. The days are passed as parameters to a webservice as a comma-delimited string, eg mon,tue,wed, This is pseudo-code at the moment.

convert date data to mysql date format

I want to convert the data on which I have the format $dateToday = date("d-m-Y"); so the value of $dateToday is 27-12-2012 Then I want to save it to the database with the mysql data type date. How to keep the value of 27-12-2012 it can be stored

Java gets the half-month number

I would to get the number of the half month od the year starting from a date. For example, I have 13-Mar-2012, and I have 6 as result. I've tried with Calendar class, but doesn't work properly: Calendar cal = (GregorianCalendar) Calendar.getInstance(

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01843: Invalid month

I am getting the following error when inserting data into my oracle database. java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01843: not a valid month In database date is as: dd-MMM-yy (06-MAR-12) I am converting 06-03-2012 to dd-MMM-yy by the following method: String s=

What is the query in sqlite3 to retrieve data by month

I am struck with a problem. I have used sqlite3 for inserting, saving and retrieving data. I am aware of the query to retrieve data, i.e SELECT * from tableName. But I have a date saved for every reminder and the format I saved was @"MMMM dd", i

How can I check the first Saturday of the month in PHP?

I need to make a simple if statement for a daily cron job to check if today is the first saturday of the month. How would I modify the following code to do that instead of just running on the 1st of every month? if (date("j") == 1) { // run cron

What is the best java date recurrence pattern calculator

Anyone know of a (reliable) date recurrence calculator, we're trying to implement something in our app which would allow a schedule to be created, similar to those for recurring meetings in Outlook. We have tried chronos but discovered some cases whe