Powershell - Regex Date Range Replace

I have an input file which contains some start dates and if those dates are before a specific date 1995-01-01 (YYYY-MM-DD format) then replace the date with the minimum value e.g. <StartDate>1970-12-23</StartDate> would be changed to <Start

How to retrieve the year from DATE in POSTGRESQL

Date is in 'YYYY-MM-DD' text format, now I need to extract the year part which must be in numeric. I need this conversion to be done in single step, Since I need to use in other application where i cannot create new variable. TO_DATE(t0.AESTDTC,'YYYY

php form with two validation dates (before sending)

I'm trying to create a validation for an "", but I can't understand how to. The form has two dates: DateStart Datestop (must be after Datestart). These variables are stored as associative array (routine['col'] =>'val'). I created this: <fo

Oracle Date Conversion Produces 2000s Instead of Required 1990s

During execution of below query, the output is 2090. select to_char(to_date('10-OCT-90', 'DD-MON-YY'), 'YYYY') from dual; Required output is 1990, the date in the snippet is Birth Date. EDIT: The input date is fetched from a table, so the date is in

PHP - Getting the difference between two datetime in seconds

I have a datetime value I want the difference between that datetime and datetime now .. I tried to convert it to timestamp and calculate the difference but I got a negative value. How to get the difference in seconds ? <?php $datetimenow = strtotime(

get the current date of the internet in android

I want to know if there is any API/class in android which can give us the original date as I do not want to get the date/time from android device.You can get UTC time from http://www.timeapi.org/utc/now and convert it to your local time format.

How to set different widths for date-select?

I have variations of this line in different places: <%= f.date_select :deadline, :order => [:month, :day, :year], class: 'date-pick', id: 'goal' %> I tried to change the width by making different id's for select or date-select or date-pick but to

Why does the Calendar class (Java) reset its fields?

I am trying to set properties for a Calendar class instance. But each time I get to Dec 30, it resets to the next year. Is this a draw in the Calendar class? public Calendar setCalendar() { String Date = "2013-12-30"; int yyyy = Integer.parseInt

Comparison of file creation dates in VBScript

This may be very obvious to someone out there but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to solve a bug in VBScript. Within the script, I am running through a bunch of .zip files in a directory and processing ones whose creation date is within a specifie

Date Request with Switch Box Function Does Not Work

I've created a PHP code that checks the day of a month. Depending on the daynumber a different colorcode should be generated in my CSS. Today is the 8th January, so in this case the hex #FFD500 should be the value of background-color. Even though ech

IST date format analysis

I'm using Talend 5.5. In my project there is a part which I need to convert dates in IST format to this format: "yyyy-MM-dd" . For example: wed 0ct 08 00:00:00 IST 2014 TO 2014-10-08 I placed this code in a tMap component: new SimpleDateFormat(&

analysis dates in Java

I have a date stored in my database as a string 14/08/2010. I want to parse it into a date in order to compare it with the current date. This is what I did but it doesn't compile I don't know why: try{ date = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MMM/yyyy").

Converting milliseconds to a Date object

I am having following code to convert milliseconds to Android Date object. Date dateObj = new Date(milli); But problem is that my milliseconds value is having GMT value added in it before i pass it to Date class, add when i print this date object i c

C # date based on the loop

I am writing an application in c# that needs to execute a code every two or three months etc. based on what month the item was added. For example if the month was February it would be represented as an int with the value 2. Therefore, it needs to run

Inconsistent Date Analysis with Missing Time Zone

In doing some testing I've found inconsistant behavior between browsers with the following javascript new Date("2013-09-10T08:00:00").toString() In IE and Firefox the result is "Tue Sep 10 2013 08:00:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)"

Javascript date formatting

I've tried my level best but couldn't get the result. What I need is the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Here is my current code: function AddDays(days) { var thisDate = new Date(); thisDate.setDate(thisDate.getDate() + days); var dd = ( thisDate.getFullY

Ruby date range includes a specific day

If I have two dates ie. checkin = Date.parse('params[:checkin]) checkout = Date.parse('params[:checkout]) How can I check to see if between those two dates there is a Monday? Any suggestions? (checkin..checkout).any?(&:monday?) Also, I'm not sure if

How to get datepicker value in date format?

I have a problem with my Datapicker i use the code for getting date,month & year shown below DatePicker datePicker; datePicker = (DatePicker) findViewById(R.id.dateselect); int day = datePicker.getDayOfMonth(); int month= datePicker.getMonth() + 1; i

Rails 3 DateTime comparison w / date in an ActiveRecord query

I'm trying to search a model for any dates equal to a specific date while omitting the timestamp. In Rails I could simply execute this as DateTime.to_date == somedate, however I don't think it's quite as easy to formulate in SQL where I wouldn't be a

Java: Get a time interval

I am on a project to capture the interval time in hh:mm. I have 2 buttons named btnTimeOut & btnTimeIn both capturing the system time when clicked. The requirement is to get the interval between the btnTimeOut & btnTime in hh:mm, etc. 12:30 - 10:0

Is Date.today in UTC?

Calling Date.today in Ruby returns the current date. However, what timezone is it in? I assume UTC, but I want to make sure. The documentation doesn't state either way.Dates do not have timezones, since they don't represent a time. That said, as for

Strange things happen with time

I have recently bought VPS hosting and I assume, that it has problem with time. It sometimes changes, I guess. What could it be? How can I check whether it is true or not? Or it is just an error with my code? Thank you.I am still not sure of the exac

A drop-down list with a list of the beginnings of the week vb6

I have a drop down box in my vb6 form, I was wondering if there was an easy way to have it display the dates for the week beginning for the next 4 weeks. e.g. if it was running now it would have 19/4/2009 26/4/2009 3/5/2009 10/5/2009Here is a simple

Calculating the PHP date

What is the best (date format independent way) in PHP to calculate difference in days between two dates in specified format. I tried the following function: function get_date_offset($start_date, $end_date) { $start_time = strtotime($start_date); $end

sql missing lines when grouped by DAY, MONTH, YEAR

If I select from a table group by the month, day, year, it only returns rows with records and leaves out combinations without any records, making it appear at a glance that every day or month has activity, you have to look at the date column actively