how to match the exact timestamp of the database with my date

Hi i have doubt regarding how i can exact match my database timestamp with my date i'm getting date from my URL query string which looks like this 2017-07-19 and my stored date in my database is 2017-07-19 13:40:23 Below query returns 0 results despi

Date of printing and scanning

I want to read a date from a text file in a single variable/array in this format : Thu Feb 05 16:48:30 2015 to print i used : fprintf (savegame,"Played Date : %s ",ctime(&time1)); but what to do scan ? Edit : Ok . so i probably said somethin

django python convert values ​​from date to month or days

Suppose I have two dates.. date1 and date2 I want to subtract date2 from date1 and whatever comes the result I want to convert it in date.. Like: if (date_1 - date2) > 4 months Here how can I convert the resultant date into months or you can say in d

MySQL - create a line and update if it already exists

I have table with 4 columns: Date, John, Frank, Anthony I want to make a form which can be filled in by these 3 people everyday and store these values in the database. When John fills in the form today, a new row should be created with the date of to

How to calculate with different columns of dates

I have a df called t_compl with three columns of dates. date_op_indl date_compl usdato.x 1984-11-22 1984-11-22 1983-09-07 2004-11-16 NA 1994-10-27 1996-09-10 1996-09-10 1982-11-09 1986-05-24 1986-05-24 1982-11-22 1989-08-22 1989-06-13 1983-02-11 I wa

From month Name and year Get this month's date range in SQL

I have Month Name And Year from that I want Date Range of that Month. Input @Input=August 2014 Output @fromDate=08/01/2014(MM/dd/YYYY) @toDate=08/31/2014 Please Help me to do thisTry This DECLARE @SystemDate DateTime, @StartDate DateTime, @EndDate Da

Sort table elements by date

I have the following array. dates = ["6/23/2014", "8/5/2014", "8/19/2014", "6/26/2014", "8/19/2014", "8/19/2014", "7/8/2014", "6/3/2014", "7/30/2014", "7/3/2014

Convert 31/07/2010 to Date format as 2014-07-31

Is there a function wich can convert a date in format like : 31/07/2014 to a format date like 2014-07-31 I want to do this because in my sql query when i put the date in the format with " / " it doesn't understand te format :/ I have this messag

PHP date of database as time stamp - add X hours

I have Googled and I give up, here goes... I have always had issues dealing with times/timestamps etc, I am trying to pull a date from my database in SQL TIMESTAMP format, this is what I have so far... $db = $row_rsSearch['created_date']; $newdate =

compare dates in JavaScript using the moment with langs

I have two dates namely newdate and haha. newdate will be today's date (current date) and haha date can be any.The below code is not working for me as i have provided newdate : 07-Feb-2014 10:04 haha :03-Feb-2014 00:00 its always coming to else part

How to get the current year using css?

I was appending copyright message to web page while printing, i have used following code @media print { .page:after { content: "© 2013 Copyright message"; font-size: 14px; position: absolute; } } Is there any default way to get the current year

Display of today's date

In my program I am trying to display today's date in a day//month//year layout. I've tried using many different ways but I keep getting errors about unsafe use of cTime. Is there a simple way of getting my program to show the date: time_t t = time(0)

Groovy timestamp conversion that returns incorrect values

I'm trying to convert a timestamp to a date with format DD/MM/YYYY using Groovy To do this, I initially get a Timestamp value returned from a database query. It has the format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.S (the .S is actually a milisecond I guess) So I crea

Number of a specific weekday between two NSDates

How can I find the count of a specific weekday occurring between two NSDates? I have searched for quite a while but came up with only solution in which number of total weekdays have been counted, not only the one specific week day.The idea of the fol

Date up to April 1, 2013 instead of March 31, 2013

I have these two functions that creates a new string in the correct format (mm-dd-yyyy) but right now it seems to not work so well... when I input the date 31-03-2013 which is a valid date, it comes out with 04-01-2013 as in the first of the month af

JSTL date format templates apply to a text field?

I have gone through all the formats and able to work with them. All examples shown are for just displaying only.. But If it is a text field then how to change the apply the date pattern.. Eg: <input type="text" value="parsedDate"/&g

is not a valid value for the date

I'm using spring ws 2.0.2.RELEASE I have a web service that creates a sales order Two of the elements in the SOAP call are dates: <ns3:requestedDate>2012-06-06T01:00:00.000+10:00</ns3:requestedDate> <ns3:orderDate>2012-06-06T10:25:09.681

Use Java regex to validate the date from a long string

I'm trying to write a Java routine that can parse out dates from a long string, i.e. given the string: "Please have the report to me by 6/15, because the shipment comes in on 6/18" The regex would find both 6/15 and 6/18. I've looked on Stack Ov

Formatting an Android character string

Does anyone know how to format a string that contains a Date? i have a string that includes a date and time that has been passed from a Json feed. which looks like this 2012-06-11 14:00 the problem with this is its the wrong way round how do i format

Codeigniter date-compare database

Im having a problem comparing dates in a database to a week from now using activerecord. I'm trying to return a list of events with their start date less than a week from now. The event_start_date is in the format of 2011-06-30 09:00:00 $this->db->s

How to convert the Date represented in String in milliseconds?

Possible Duplicate: how to convert java string to Date object In my Java code I have input String like 05.10.2011 which I need to convert to milliseconds. So: String someDate = "05.10.2011"; I have to convert to match milliseconds format. String

How to calculate the difference between dates in PHP?

Possible Duplicate: How to calculate the difference between two dates using PHP? How to calculate difference between the dates? Is there any default function for to calculate the date differences?.. Thanks Ravidate_diff() example: $datetime1 = date_c

How can I find the number of days between two dates?

I have two Dates. How can I tell the difference between these two dates in days? I have heard of SimpleDateFormat, but I don't know how to use it. I tried this: String fromdate = "Apr 10 2011"; SimpleDateFormat sdf; sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(&q

JQuery FullCalendar JSON date issue

I am integrating jQuery plugin FullCalendar, overall it has been really straightforward. I however have ran into a problem with adding events to the calendar. I am using ASP.NET MVC 1.0 and have found and followed this post. I am returning JSON to th