Get the current Google date and time in Android

I have some experience in Android application development. Now we developed an Android application where we need the exact date and time from Google or the internet. Already I test some code from Stack Overflow and from some other sites, but it did n

mysql - select the join query in a table

I want to ask about how to join this queries? The first i get from my table calendar when all Monday fetch out and the first in the month. SELECT calender As Firsts FROM calender WHERE calender >= '2017-03-01' AND calender <= '2017-03-31' AND DAYOFW

Converting the date format to Perl

Am new to Perl, I need a help to achieve below requirement with date format conversion. Input date value --> 1/2/2015 (ie d/m/yyyy) Output date value --> 2015-02-01 (ie yyyy-mm-dd) What i tried so far is , First extract data , month and year values

update date of sql oracle

My table table1 has the column date_txt which includes 2/16/2011 12:00:00 AM - column date_txt is VARCHAR2 (250 Char). My table table1 also has the column date which is a DATE. I would like to "update" my field: The final output should be: table

Automatic insertion into the database every month

I want a functionality that insert data every month... I have some idea to implement this that is as follow.... When User Create 'INVOICE' at that time the 'INVOICE' automatically generated every next month once user create it. Let have some code...

What is the best way to sort a table from TIME to JAVA?

I have an array of time like this Date[] arrival = new Date[n] how to sort them in ascending order without using inbuilt Array.sort methods. public static void sortArrival(Date[] arrival,int len) throws NullPointerException { for(int i=0;i<len-1;i++)

Get java sql time and insert it into a table

Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance(); java.util.Date now = calendar.getTime(); java.sql.Time currentTimestamp = new java.sql.Time(now.getTime()); Date date = new Date(currentTimestamp.getTime()); SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yyy

The Days in Months function has only one use

I'm using the following function to determine the number of days in a month: function daysInMonth(month,year) { return new Date(year,month,0).getDate(); } Now when I do the following for example, it works great: var currMonth = currDate.getMonth(), c

Pandas merge on the name and the nearest date

I am trying to merge two dataframes on both name and the closest date (WRT the left hand dataframe). In my research I found one similar question here but it doesn't account for the name as well. From the above question it doesn't seem like there is a

Get a year and a month of a number of months in Python

I'd like to write a function which: takes in parameter: a number of months (int) returns the year (int) and the month (int) of the timedelta between now and the number of input months. Example : we are in may 2014, so: myfunc(0) should return (2014,

toLocaleDateString () does not return the format dd / mm / yyyy

Hi I have used toLocaleDateString() to display a date from a rss feed,t its not showing dd/mm/yyyy format in all browser, safari and mozila its showing differently but chrome it is showing correctly.This has already been answered before: According to

Split date from DateTime

I need help on splitting the date from the below image file. Please help me to extract date alone. I had call this value in my grid view as.. date = c.transactionDate, in my grid if i select today's date it display yesterday date.. My break Line disp

Input dates given as the strings find age in days

I have a procedure that calculates age in days. I am thinking of using it to help me calculate my pay days. I want it to ask for date 1 and then date 2, which would also be the current date. However, I want it to be fancier and not even ask for date

How to format my date with SimpleDateFormat?

I'm trying to set a date format, but when i run this code String oldstring = "2013-01-1"; System.out.println("oldstring = "+oldstring); Date date = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-mm-dd").parse(oldstring); System.out.println("

Convert a long value to a date?

I have a date stored in long value i.e. 20130228 and I need to perform operations on it such as adding 30 days or 50 etc. Any suggestions on how to convert it to something more suitable?You could extract the year, the month and the day and then add y

JS Date function does not work in Safari

I am making an rails app and getting a date back from the server from an ajax call. The received date from the server is 2012-12-23 18:44:00 UTC. When I do this newYear = new Date(data) (where data is the received date) I get Sun Dec 23 2012 19:44:00

Excel display nth day of current month

I have a list of recurring bills. Some are on the 1st of every month, and some are on the 15th or 16th etc. What I want to be able to do is display this day within the current month. So if it is February, and the bill recurs on the 9th every month, m

Write dates and ints to an existing .pdf file

I have an existing pdf that I am filling out dynamically in java. I have all the fields that require strings set up and working, but the fields that use int or date dont seem to work. Here is the relevant code: response.setHeader(contentDisposition,

PHP date () - insert into a MySQL database

I'm having a little bit of trouble with getting an incremented date into an MySQL database. The field is of type DATE. First of all I increment the date with the following code: if($_POST['membershipLength'] == "6 Months") { $renew = mktime(0, 0

php var in year and month

$date ='20101015'; how to convert to $year = 2010,$month = 10, $day =15 thanksYou can use the PHP substring function substr as: $year = substr($date,0,4); # extract 4 char starting at position 0. $month = substr($date,4,2); # extract 2 char starting

Use jQuery / JS to determine the DAY OF THE WEEK

Is there a method using either JavaScript or jQuery to determine what day of the week it is? For instance, if the date a user picks in the box is a Sunday, I can alert them. Thanks new Date().getDay(); //0=Sun, 1=Mon, ..., 6=Sat See also: Javascript