Divide the dataset into 60%, 20%, 20%

I am trying to move from 2 sets of data to 3 sets as explained in the above question. Following is the script I used: set.seed(125) d <- sample(x = nrow(db), size = nrow(db) * 0.60, ) train60 <-db[d, ] valid40 <-db[-d, ] Is there a way to modify

Implement data in Java without database

I have a set of data which is in short: person1;age;mark person2;age;mark person3;age;mark .. How can I work with this set of data in java in the same way as in a database, but without using a database?If you want to persist the values only during th

Multiply values ​​in the same position in R

I am working in R and I have two datasets. One dataset contains a contribution amount, and the other includes an include/exclude flag. Below are the data: > contr_df asof_dt X Y 1 2014-11-03 0.3 1.2 2 2014-11-04 -0.5 2.3 3 2014-11-05 1.2 0.4 > inex_

Categorized dataset for emotion recognition

I work with some research educational task and need dataset with classified facial emotions to train classifier. For example, gender classification is simple: I can create csv file, and mark any file with image as 0 or 1, according to gender. Somethi

View data in Crystal Reports when multiple DataSet tables

I am using Crystal Report with VS 10, I have added DataSet. Now if There's only One Table in DataSet then data is being displayed, while if i add Two Tables with Link, then Data is not being display. And i am taking fields from this table of DataSet(

Filtering datasets with 1e6 elements on periodic values

A data set can be approximated by the following : total_elements = 1e6; maximum_value = 1e13; mySet = randperm(maximum_value,total_elements); or one million unique random values in sequential order from low to high with values in the range 1 to 1e13.

DataTable Merge Issue (s)

I have two datatables which I want to merge. I know there are a lot of methods 2 for loops and dataset merge and linq. But I found out all of them needs to know exactly how many columns that each datatable has. My case is a little bit different. I am

& ldquo; using & rdquo; keyword in C # with dataset

I have a small confusion with the IDisposable interface and the using keyword in C# on which classes we could use it. using (DataSet studentDS = GetMyStudentDS()) { // here comes some code } I found that Classes inherited from DataSet class are not f

SAS: Data step and additional line

i have an data step. data One; set Two; /*some code*/ run; How to add additional row after last row of new table? Is it possible to do optimal? (One table may have many rows ~ 100k - 10M) Thanks! ( it is TOTAL row, yes )Simply appending the total lin

Fill the dataset with the table names from the stored procedure

I have a stored procedure that returns multiple tables. It populates my dataset correctly but it names my tables [Table,Table1,Table2,...]. Is there something I can add in the database layer (to my stored procedure) that will name the tables properly

News Article Data Sets

I am doing a project in news classification. Basically the system will classifying news articles based on the pre-defined topic (e.g. sports, politic, international). To build the system, I need free data sets for training the system. So far, after f

Custom sort order for the dataset after running the query?

I want the result set of a database query to have a certain order. The information I want to order by is not contained in the database, but dynamically generated in code (so I cannot use ORDER BY). Is there a way to sort a dataset after executing the

Can not Print Worksheet Using ExcelLibrary

i am using this Create Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) file from C# What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Create a spreadsheet using excellibrary 2. Open the spreadsheet in Excel 3. Try to print the spreadsheet What is the expected output? What do you see

Get a dataset to build association rules with Weka

Where can I find data to construct association rules with Weka? The data could be on any topic.Apart from the example dataset used in the following class, Association Rule Mining with WEKA, you might want to try the market-basket dataset. Also, pleas

Viewstate in a .ashx manager?

I've got a handler (list.ashx for example) that has a method that retrieves a large dataset, then grabs only the records that will be shown on any given "page" of data. We are allowing the users to do sorting on these results. So, on any given p

DataSet disconnected

DataContext/Entity Model always read data from Database. is there any way DataContext/Entity Model will read the data from DataSet. ThanksCheck out Linq-to-DataSet LINQ to DataSet makes it easier and faster to query over data cached in a DataSet obje

Enter dataset data and view in datagridview

I am working in VB.NET and I have a simple requirement: I have added a MDB file to a DataSet and it contains 21 tables. I have a DataGridView and a ComboBox on my form. I was able to get the ComboBox populated with the table names available in the Da

Process with gigabytes of data

I am going to start on with a new project. I need to deal with hundred gigs of data in a .NET application. It is very early stage now to give much detail about this project. Some overview is follows: Lots of writes and Lots of reads on same tables, v

C # XMLDocument to DataTable?

I assume I have to do this via a DataSet, but it doesn't like my syntax. I have an XMLDocument called "XmlDocument xmlAPDP". I want it in a DataTable called "DataTable dtAPDP". I also have a DataSet called "DataSet dsAPDP". -

How to refresh relationships in a dataset?

I a working in VisualStudio 2005. I have a dataset with sevaral datatables in it already. I had to modify the database to add a new foreign key that I forgot about. How do I get visual studio to recognize the new relationship?.Net does not load FK re