Higher and lower than the column in Datagridview VB.Net

I have 3 columns in datagridview lets call it column 0,1 and 2 and here what it looks like. My question is how can I make the column 0 turn to color orange when column 2 is greater than column 1? For example the Banana Catsup 4 kg column 2 has a 5 an

Custom DataGridView column duplicated when used in Designer

I made a custom DataGridView component which has a standard DataGridViewImageColumn inside. A new property changes the visibility of the column when i don't need in in a particular table. I add the column in the constructor and update it on CellForma

Make all datagridview columns sortable

I have a Windows form with a datagridview. The ideal situation: User clicks on any of the nine columns, and the program sorts all the data, if the clicked column contains numbers, I would like the lowest number on the top. If the clicked column conta

How to find which control called ProcessCmdKey

Using VS2010 framework 4 VB.net. I have a text box and a datagridview control on a form. I need to trap a CR (enter key press) in the following cases: 1) When the cursor is in a cell on the datagridview. 2) When the cursor is in a text box. 3) When t

DataGridView Custom Column with special properties

I can't seem to find a working solution. I have a custom datagridview cell based on the DataGridViewTextboxColumn. I'm using VB 2005 for this. I'm trying to implement a design-time property I can use to store a SQL statement to be used by the cells i

How to add an image in my DataGridViewImageColumn?

I have a field DataGridViewImageColumn, and for each line of the field, depending on a condition, I add a different image. Anyone know how I can do this in Windows Forms? if (dgvAndon.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells["urgencyOrder"].ToString() == "1&

Read-only DataGridView & ldquo; bug & rdquo;

I have a datagridview to display some data. Some rows between data are separator rows so those are readonly. In some cases the whole datagridview might be readonly. But when I switch it back to readonly = false, all the rows are editable. Is it possi

New items added on the datagridview can not be seen at runtime

I have a program that inserts data in access database and the user can view the newly added items in a data grid view. After i add new items to the database it cannot be seen in the datagridview while the program is running. I have to stop the progra

WinForm link radio button

I use VS2010 and then drag and drop Member datagridview to design view. After that I drag and drop name member textfield to design view and then try to edit and save. It's work properly. And then I drag and drop sex radio button to design view. But b

VB.NET - Adding DataGridView Columns to a List

I have a program where i let the user dynamically add DataGridViews to the interface, those are also added to a list for easy management. All of the DataGridViews have their own datasources. I am using a Databinding source to get different DataGridVi

Delete new unverified lines from DGV

I have unbound DGV and I wants to remove unwanted last row of it on DGV Leave EventHandller. How to do it?. I know to add new rows to dgv by programmatically and setting the property AllowUserToAddRows = false. But my question is : is it possible to

Can not Select a Checkbox in a DataGridView Containing Data

I've a DataGridView which is working perfectly fine. I use it just to show data. Now I want ability to select rows by check box and perform an operation for only selected rows on click of a button (this button is out of the grid on the same form). Fo

C # switchbox loop for Datagridview cells

I am working on a form with datagridview and webbrowser controls. I have three columns as URL, username and password in datagridview. What I want to do is to automate the login for some websites that I use frequently. For that reason I am not sure if

C # Winforms DataGridView Time Column

How to show a Time-picker column in DataGridView? I don't need to pick Date. I only need time to be selected.Actually, there is a better way than creating a custom DataGridView column. What I currently do for my application is when the TIMESTAMP colu

Hierarchical Gridview

I need to bind hierarchical List object to a Gridview (Hierarchical in windows form). How can this be achieved - any examples ?? Ex: of list object List of CargoMovement => Cargomovents and each CargoMovement has List of Transactions thanks for helpI

Get the index of the dataGrid flex cell

Can you please suggest me that how to get cell index(row & column index) of flex datagrid cellTake a look at http://siphu.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/get-selected-cell-value-of-datagrid-in-flex/, hope this help you!