External WPF binding styles without XAML tag

If I have a WPF DataGrid that looks like this: <DataGrid x:Name="DataGridQ" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Grid.ColumnSpan="2"> <DataGrid.Resources> <Style TargetType="{x:Type DataGridRow}"> <Sette

Validation of Datagrid SQLite

I have a DataGrid on a WPF form that has the ItemsSource property set to a DataTable. This DataTable is populated from an SQLite table, and I'm displaying one of the columns by using a DataGridTemplateColumn that is filled with a ComboBox. The ComboB

IsReadOnly exception of the WPF data grid

I have a datagrid where i have added a Checkbox column. I want the entire datagrid to be IsReadOnly except the Checkbox column. I have tried: <DataGrid x:Name="DataGridView_Customer_Information" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin=&qu

Read text from TextBox in DataGrid MVVM (wpf data binding)

I have a datagrid of rows which contain data read from a web server and values I want to write into a webserver. I write the values in getting the user to input a number into the appropriate column and click an adjacent text box; <DataGrid x:Name="

View an image in a DataGrid column

I'm trying to display an image in a DataGrid-Column next to other data. My model looks like this: public class Person { public string Name { get; set; } public string Address { get; set; } public Bitmap Image { get; set; } } The ViewModel: public Obs

Add a line to the C value of the unbound database

How can I add a DataGridRow to an unbound DataGrid? I know it's a good idea to use data binding to a DataTable, etc. but if I wanted to add a Row manually to a DataGrid that I've already added columns to, how would I do that? Google doesn't seem to h

Regex consecutively-replaces separate values

Reading a raster grid file into @grid containing arbitrary numbers, like 82 8 98 98 42 12 3342 321 34 34 09434 9232 (and many more of those rows). Herein, I do like to replace some numbers, like 34 with 42. But only single, separated numbers! Eg. I d

Datagrid linking several properties of an object to the column

I have an object with several properties. However some of these properties contain information of the same group so to say. I would like to show these properties in a table in a way that in the same column i could put the properties of the same group

Filter elements in VB.net datagrid in WPF

WPF/VB.net newbie here. I'm trying to filter rows in a datagrid and having a fun time. I've managed to create a list of objects and use the itemsource property to get the datagrid to populate. Now I have a checkbox that for arguments-sake I want to c

How to clear a data grid view

I am trying to populate a DataGridView based on the selected item in a ComboBox, I have this part working. However, I need to be able to clear the grid before adding the new data from a new item rather than it just adding on to the end. How do I clea

Button interaction in a DataGrid column template

In a C# WPF program I have a grid that I have successfully populated with my data. One column has a button that I want to link to an edit page. The code is below. var col = new DataGridTemplateColumn(); col.Header = "Edit"; var template = new Da

ComboBox does not work in DataGrid

I am missing something very basic, my comboxbox never appears, can somebody please look at the following code and tell me what I am missing, I have tried both .Select and ComboBox as type and I ma using dojo-1.5 var layout4 = [ { field: "abbr",

Flex checkbox itemrenderer in DataGrid

in my flex application im using a datagrid which has three coloumns first column is for checkbox as itemRenderer and other two columns are editable. my requirement is now when i fetch some data from DB the datas will be populated in datagrid, 1.after

SL4. Binding by ElementName Does Not Work in DataTemplate

There is an another headache with DataTemplate. Description: Using Silverlight 4, Mvvm, etc. (standart set of developer tools for Silverlight LOB applications). List of entities is succesfully binded to DataGrid. One property (nullable bool BoolValue

WPF DataGrid header

I'm working with a WPF DataGrid which presents a set of imported files into the program. Everything works fine but I've faced a problem sorting file sizes when the header is clicked! The normal sorting method cannot differentiate between 12*GB and 12

How to sum values ​​in the datagridview column

Hi i need is to sum the value of the column 2nd the grand total must be done CUSTOMERNAME MONEY DATE RAJA 1000 5/22/2011 RAM 15872 12/28/2010 RESHMA 12542 10/15/2010 POONAM 12345 2/25/2011 SANDEEP 54543 5/15/2011 96,302 where 96302 is the sum of the

Update the WPG DataGrid source on a modified cell

I am new to the WPF ,and i use it to build a point of sale system. I have a DataGrid control in the main window bound to an ObservableCollection of Item, the cashier will enter/scan the items to be sold the default quantity for each item is 1 but it

Formatting the contents of a data grid

I have a wpf datagrid (.NET 4.0) that contains raw data from a database, and some of the fields need to be formatted to display in a meaningful manner, for example 3 fields containing Year / Month / Day could be formatted together to produce a proper

Datagrid's results do not make sense

I've been working with the DataGrid in WPF with great results. However, it is now giving me unexpected results after some changes. BEFORE: I had a DataGrid on a page. The DataContext was set to a List object that was created from a class that existed

Flex - Vertical alignment problems of the Datagrid header text

I'm having some issues aligning the header text of a datagrid. I'm using an embed font for the header text, and when applying the css, the header text behaves as if I'd set the text vertical align to top. I'm trying to vertically center the text, but

How to display a calendar in an ASP.NET Datagrid?

How do I pop-up a calendar inside an ASP.NET + C# Datagrid?You could just make it a text field, and then use one of many javascript libraries for calendars/datepickers. Here is a list of 50 of them, with ratings and some basic info. You'll need one m

Hierarchical Gridview

I need to bind hierarchical List object to a Gridview (Hierarchical in windows form). How can this be achieved - any examples ?? Ex: of list object List of CargoMovement => Cargomovents and each CargoMovement has List of Transactions thanks for helpI

How to manually add data to a DataGrid in Silverlight

I have found that datagrid columns can be dynamically created and bound in Silverlight. However I can't find a way to bind data to those columns. If I try to bind any type of object with AutoGenerateColumns = true, then the names of each property of