how to match the exact timestamp of the database with my date

Hi i have doubt regarding how i can exact match my database timestamp with my date i'm getting date from my URL query string which looks like this 2017-07-19 and my stored date in my database is 2017-07-19 13:40:23 Below query returns 0 results despi

PLS-00103 Met the symbol & ldquo; BEGIN & rdquo;

This may be a repeat question but I'm very new with pl sql so I'm going to ask it anyways. I wrote a function that is supposed to determine if a varchar2 contains all alpha characters. It is defined as... CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION isAlpha (al IN VAR

Access a table during the trigger

I have three tables: Customer(CustomerID,Name) CustInvoice(InvoiceID, CustomerID (FK to Customer), CustName) ProductOrder(OrderID,OrderDate,CustomerID (FK to Customer)) I want to write the following trigger: "Whenever there's a new order in ProductOr

how to handle friend requests in sqlserver

I have a requirement in my app where one user can send the friend request to another user. We use SQL Server database as the backend. The structure of the table is like this. CREATE TABLE FriendStatus (FriendStatusId BIGINT PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY(1,1),

Enter data into the database by many users

Each of the salesmen should make a forecast of his sales. I know how he may input data directly from Excel sheet to SQL table. Do I need to create different tables - one table per salesman? At the end I need to aggregate all the forecasts. Is it poss

Problem with Android SQLite: "No Column" error

This question already has an answer here: When is SQLiteOpenHelper onCreate() / onUpgrade() run? 12 answers I'm making the app that stores a list of the user's purchases in a SQLite database in android. A problem I'm having is I can't delete any of t

SQL to search a table and make a record by field

I have three tables in my database. Table one effectively contains two fields: |Datetime| |Set| Table two is a lookup table which matches a number of parts of a set to a set number: |Set| |Part1| |Part2| |Part3| |Part4| I want table 3 to have a recor

MySQL result at VB.NET table

I am creating a program in VB.NET which uses an online MySQL database to retrieve certain data. I have now succeeded in connecting and getting some basic stuff out of it. Now, what I want to do is that when an user presses a button it has to update t

Error connecting to the DotNetNuke database Installation

I have been trying to install DNN 7 but it got stucked at the first step of installation. Giving the error "No valid default database connection detected. Standard Database setup option is unavailable Database Connection Error" ERROR:Index #: 0

Find the average rating of each SQL movie

I'm currently taking the online standford class on databases, If you could help me solve this sql problem I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry I'm a complete noob. Table Movie: mID | title | year | director Table Rating rID | mID | stars | ratingDate

C # database problem

Could somebody tell me why this isn't adding the values to the database. The form runs fine and doesn't return any errors. private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(); SqlCommand command = n

Work with the database in Windows Phone

I am a absolute beginner in Windows Phone Development with a basic idea in C# & Silverlight . I am building an application which will require some basic database functionality . Then , I discovered that SQL Server is not compatible with Windows Phone

How can I see the SQLite database (no emulator)?

For development , sometimes we need for a faster programming , the SQLite database state of our programs . But i can only extract database if it's on emulator , not mobile . Then my exactly question is ┬┐Is there a way to see the android sqlite db or

The best way for Unique Random String for MySQL long table

I know how to create random chars both at PHP and MySQL but the question is that I have to create a 4 char random string for a table of 10 thousand or so rows. What way is the best to make sure it will remain unique? I can use a longer string if I ne

How does the store procedure really work?

am used lot of time , i know the diff between sql query and sp , SQL query will be compiled everytime it is executed. Stored procedures are compiled only once when they are executed for the first time. This is general database question But one big do

Creating a multidimensional array from the database

I really hope someone can help me with this. I'm struggling with it for nearly two days now... I have a DB-table "Device" and a table "Connection". I'm using it to visualize my company's network. To pass the data to the JS-framework I

Where to connect to DB in MVC

I am using php and building an MVC for my web application. I am to the step where I need to connect to my DB, look at the current URL, compare that to data in my DB, and then return the correct content from my DB to the user. My question is, where sh