Round in Java without using special functions or formatting

I have a class project where my teacher wants me to use type double for my numbers but it is required that I do not use and special functions or formatting when roudning amounts to the nearest dollar. Here's what I have so far: //Variable Declaration

Change the first character of the text in $

I am working on one of my android project. what I want is to keep first character as $ in my Edit text and user should not remove this first character by pressing back button of soft keyboard. any help will be appreciated.I think for this you have to

cakephp and XE Currency Converter?

I would like to have the XE Currency converter integrated in my website, but would like to have the output on my website same page and not being redirected to the XE website, how to realise this? with iframe? Please could you provide me with an examp

Zend Framework - 'LEV' Currency Not Found

I have the following code for the Bulgarian currency 'lev'; try { $currency = new Zend_Currency("lev"); } catch(Exception $e) { echo $e->getMessage(); die; } Which throws an exception Currency 'lev' not found How can I fix this, USD and GBP a

Currency at the chain

Normally I would use string.Format() to get a formatted string. But I got the requirement that all amounts should be printed as text and not digits. i.e. something like: Format(3000, "us"); // => Resulting text: "three thousand dollars&q

How to manage countries that use multiple currencies in .NET?

I have an application where I want to format a currency using the country's native currency formatting. Problem is, certain countries use multiple currencies, but .NET only assigns one currency per country. For example, Romania uses EUR and RON. When

How to round up currencies in gridview to significant digits?

I have a gridview pulling from a SQL table and it contains varying dollar figures. They're in thousands, millions or billions. I'm currently using {0:c0} but I'm interested in slimming this down so that I will show only three significant figures. For

How can I scan from an online xml currency feed to the wp7 app

So I know that the file is being read as I tested displaying the data in a textblock but can not seem to dissect the xml into parts that I want, ie, currency name and rate, and then add these to a list for selection and after perform currency calcula

Require 2 decimals after the point in PHP?

I'm working with currencies so for example - 5 is OK as it is interpreted as 5.00. But 5.005 is not as it has too many digits after the point. How can I restrict the amount of digits and show an error if there's too many? Thanks $x = '5.005'; // decl

Is there a Money class for JavaScript?

Disclaimer: complete rewrite for clarity as of 10/14/2011 Given the number primitive in JavaScript is an IEEE 754 64-bit floating point (known in other languages as a double), and using floats to model currencies is a bad idea, is a Money prototype (

Restrict Allowed Characters in TextBox (Money Amount Entry)

So I have a Subtotal TextBox where an amount like $546.75 can be entered. Now, I want to make sure that only numbers, ONE decimal, One Dollar Symbol and commas allowed only every 3 places (100,000,000). Is this possible? Maybe not the commas, but at

Display currency symbols in a grid

I am retrieving data from sharepoint library in a table. For currency column, i set it as indian currency. And i set spfield.dataformatstring as {0:c}. It is by default showing $ symbol instead of indian currency symbol. How can i show the actual cur

Changing the ASP.NET culture based on a dynamic value

I have a web application that tracks financial data. I would like to have the option where a user can edit their currency via dropdown. The different currency types will be held in a database and a user can then select which currency they wish to use

ExtJS Extends NumberField to CurrencyField

There is a very nice Answer how to enforce decimal precision in NumberField: How do I force the display of a decimal in an ExtJS NumberField to a certain precision?. But it only works half way. I would like to do 1 step more and implement a thousands

Do minority monetary units have an ISO standard?

ISO 4217 defines 3-letter currency symbols: EUR USD LKR GBP Do currencies' minor units (cent, pence) have a ISO or similar standard, too, that defines codes for those sub-units like ct p ?The standard also defines the relationship between the major c

Currency validation

Please help with me writing a JavaScript Validation for currency/money field. So please provide any regular expressions if u have :) Also, for my region, don't need any currency symbols like '$' in the field. Only decimals are to be included for vali

Currency mask with jQuery

I'm using the jQuery calculation and have just about everything working properly, but I need the total to display as 99.90, not 99.9 (for example). So .toFixed() isn't working for some reason when it should be! I can't find a mask that would work wit

What is the best layer to use for formatting currency numbers?

I use Javascript on frontend, C# as middle layer and Oracle 9i as DB. What is the best practice when formatting numbers with 2 decimal precision into a currency? And what layers should be preferred amongst any of these three layers? Keeping in mind t