First child does not work? Syntax error?

.social-share li: first-child { background-color: yellow; } the above doesn't work? First Child doesn't work? Syntax Error?Remove the space before :first-child ...! .social-share li:first-child {background-color: yellow;} <ul class="social-share&q

PHP: Add Div INSIDE Echo

I wish to add a div class INSIDE of this echo: <?php echo get_image(); ?> Not sure what I am doing wrong. The div class must be inside (wrapper is no good). Any suggestions? Here are some examples of what I've tried (none work): <?php echo '<d

Add a class to a clicked object

How to add class="active" to a clicked li object? It isn't currently working when I click the link. Please find below my code. <div class="nav-collapse collapse pull-right"> <ul id="menu" class="nav"> &l

How to scale images for consistent image size

I am putting together a slide presentation using a jquery plugin called 'slick' ( using django and a bootstrap 3 template. I've got a basic carousel working using a django template that looks like: {% load staticfil

How to merge classes in conflict?

I have 2 conflicted styles: Each style adds icon on component. How to add 2 icons at one time. P.S. Now I have following css: .term-list .jp-container ul li.not-moderated { background: #ffb2b2 url(../images/not-pas.png) no-repeat 360px center; } .not

another vertical alignment problem inside a div

i can never seem to get the vertical align attribute to work. i have a simple div with a small picture inside it (40px high) and i need the text to align vertically in the middle. can somebody shed some light on what im doing wrong here? thanks HTML:

The newsletter by email does not load css

I have created a webpage to use as an email newsletter. I have used basic CSS and tables in the code. When I copy the content from the browser and paste it into the email compose page, the CSS is not being loaded. I read a couple of other articles ab

Using external images for CSS custom cursors

Is it possible to use external image URLs for CSS custom cursors? The following example doesn't work: HTML: <div class="test">TEST</div> CSS: .test { background:gray; width:200px; height:200px; cursor:url('

Rounded lower corners?

I am currently having trouble with one section of my layout. My layout container is white with rounded corners and a drop shadow (which is working just fine). The thing is, I have a footer section inside the container div that is a light grey. I was

How to center a span in a TD?

I have a problem with a certain tag, grabbed from an external source. This code you will see is taken from another website, and you could also see a date (ex. 15 Juli MÃ¥ndag) There is dates all over the page, how could I center them with just CSS? Tr

Padding on select does not work in IE7

This is my HTML: <SELECT> <OPTION selected value=1>Date</OPTION> <OPTION value=2>Instrument ID</OPTION> <OPTION value=3>Efile ID</OPTION> </SELECT> and this is my CSS: select { border: 1px solid #CCCCCC; fon

Check the radio button on div click

I would like radio button to check/uncheck whenever i click it's parent div. Radio buttons are originally hidden. I was trying to achieve that by wrapping <label> around the div. It works, but jQ.toggleClass stops working. HTML <div class="b

JQuery Reduce and develop code

I want to expand boxes on click. For some reason, the code doesn't work. PS: I also want the expand to be animated, what do you think is the best way to do this ? Maybe checking for "expand" and then do an .animate ?

jQuery child & gt; parent & gt; child

I have this html-code: <div class="im"> <div style="height:220px">HELLO WORLD! <a class="close">X</a> <a class="open" style="display:none;">V</a> </div> </div&g

How to move html elements with scroll?

I want to create scroll behavior like what can be found here. If you scroll down the page you will notice the crabs, sharks, waves etc are animated whenever the page moves. How can this be achieved? Is this a script or CSS animation? Edit: text bubbl

RGBA background with IE filter alternative: IE9 makes both!

I'm trying use make a div's background transparent using a mixture of CSS3 rgba() and microsoft's filter property like this: div { width: 200px; height: 200px; /* blue, 50% alpha */ background: rgba(0,0,255,0.5); /* red, 50% alpha */ filter: progid:D

Faking max-device-width

To implement mobile website it would be useful to set max-device-width in my browser. I know plugins to fake the user-agent. It this also possible for the max-device-width? I would prefer to use a regular browser like Firefox, IE, Opera, ... instead

Customize the link using css

I have a link with the following format: a:link { color: #034af3; } a:editedLink { color: #FFFFFF; } along with the above I want to have a link with the following and I want to use both of them in my page depending upon my requirement. How can I do t