Change the web page search in the page result style using css?

In an Electron webview using findInPage, can you use css to change the result colors? In the above image, the current find result is highlighted in orange while additional results are highlighted with yellow. I'd like to tweak the styling of both of

How to target the 7th child only

Problem I have the following code that displays the navigation bar that is provided by Mura: #$.dspPrimaryNav( viewDepth=0 , id='navPrimary' , class='nav navbar-nav nav-nowrap' , displayHome='never' , closeFolders=false , showCurrentChildrenOnly=fals

The section is still off the screen at 100% width

I am having some trouble with sections on a web page. My first section is floated left and the section below I am having trouble with. I have tried clearing the second section which causes the placement of it to be behind the one above. If I then use

jQuery - Navover hover did not show

I'm building simple web template from scratch. I use old style jquery to make a hover on navbar to show list <li>, but it is working only on About us column and isn't working on Product column. What is wrong? How should I do it? HTML page <!DOCTY

CSS calculation percentage divided by x then minus 1 px?

Im use CSS calc to make 7 items the correct width to sit side by side: width: calc(100% / 7); This works fine in most browsers but sometimes IE rounds up, making the last item clear to the next line. How can I subtract 1px from the width? width: calc

image positioning / div height with flex display

I like the positioning of the two box class div's with justify-content: flex-end but I'd like to center the top img-container div vertically in the remaining space above but I'm not sure if this is possible, preferably without javascript. The layout

How to set different widths for date-select?

I have variations of this line in different places: <%= f.date_select :deadline, :order => [:month, :day, :year], class: 'date-pick', id: 'goal' %> I tried to change the width by making different id's for select or date-select or date-pick but to

Why the margin: 0 does not work on the buttons?

I want two buttons to be displayed right next to each other, with no border in between. The buttons are: <button class="tButton">1</button> <button class="tButton">2</button> My naive approach for the css is: .t

Is there a Bootstrap css file ready for use with the prefix

I have web application which uses Foundation. I am not good at foundation and i have to develop few pages where i want to use Bootstrap but i dont want to mix with other company css. SO i was looking if i can wrap all bootsrap inside some class like

Fixed width at the second td in the editable table

I want to have a fixed width for my editable table, but I also wanting to set different width for each TD. In my attempt I am able to get the table set at a fixed width, but this causes the width of the TDs appear to be 50% instead of the 80% - 20% I

Transparent div with a big picture behind the effect

I've looked around but it doesn't help that I don't even know the name of the effect. What is the effect called which has a transparent div section with a large image behind it. It's similar to a paralax effect but I don't think it falls under that c

The background color is leaking in the transparent color

I have managed to get the background-border transparency working perfectly but now I can't get the content to appear white by any means without it overlapping into the border image. Here is what I have: What I need is this but wher

Add code to toggle the image while the song is playing

I use this code to play and pause song samples, and there are multiple instances on the page. I would like to append some code after that changes the background-image of this instance only of the .playback class to pausebutton.gif and the

Problems with a 3-column layout with fixed left side

I have a problem making a 3 column layout. I have tried all examples now online - used Google. None of this seems to solve my problem. What I try to do is easy for people with knowledge. Make a 3 column fluid layout that cover the whole screen. Left

Select content on the left

Bit of a weird question. Is there any way to select (either via jQuery, JS or CSS) divs which are on the left within a container? I'm working on a site here which has the divs set in masonry so there's not an odd, even or every X

CSS & ldquo; no repetition & rdquo; does not work in IE

Working with a bit of in-line CSS within a CMS (fun!). This chunk of code works as it should in Chrome and Firefox, the background image occurs just once. But when the page loads in IE 9, it's as if the no-repeat value is ignored and the background i

Why should not I use style IDs using CSS?

Possible Duplicate: Why selecting by ID is not recommended in CSS? I've been reading in countless threads and articles that I should NEVER use the "id" attribute to give css styles but classes instead. I know classes are reusable, but just that

Border of the image around the php image

I am trying to figure out how to create an image border around an image as well as adding text to the border (as shown below) from a mySQL database using PHP i have looked around but cant find anything like what i want to do. Thanks in advance http:/

Facebook Style State Entry Border

I tried to figure it out using Firebug, but no chance. How is the Facebook status input border wrapped round the autosize input? Particularly, I am interested in the small triangle joined into the border. Using Firebug, I managed to find the triangle

How to dynamically load CSS rules in Webkit (Safari / Chrome)?

I currently have issues in Webkit(Safari and Chrome) were I try to load dynamically (innerHTML) some html into a div, the html contains css rules (...), after the html gets rendered the style definitions are not loaded (so visually I can tell the sty